Is it okay to delay dog dewormer?

 Is it okay to delay dog dewormer?

Tracy Wilkins

Dog deworming is one of the main ways to protect your friend from a number of diseases and ensure his well-being. Therefore, keeping your dog's deworming up to date is the first step in keeping him healthy. Still, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is possible that delays happen for different reasons. To better understand the consequences this can bring to your dog, you canpet and how to act in this case, follow the article below!

Puppy worming: delay puts your pet's health at risk

Like vaccines, deworming for dogs is essential for maintaining the health and longevity of your pet. Therefore, especially when pets are puppies, it is important that the schedule is followed. Delaying deworming, however short, can expose your puppy to various diseases, such as giardia, canine heartworm, Toxocara canis In addition, the absence of the drug can leave the animal's body with reduced antibodies, since production is stimulated with the regularity of dewormers. So remember: the dewormer should be given to your dog as soon as possible.

When to give puppy dewormer?

If you have doubts about when to give deworming to a dog, know that the medication can be administered in the first days of the animal's life. Deworming can be started at 15 days of life - divided into three doses so that there is no risk that your puppy will suffer an intestinal obstruction. After 15 days, it is essential that the dose be reinforced to ensure that the parasite has been removed.In addition, it is important to remember that the worming medicine does not compromise the effectiveness of the vaccines, so it is not necessary to wait to deworm your puppy until after vaccination.

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How does the dewormer schedule work for dogs in adulthood?

After the application of dewormer in puppies, many owners end up forgetting to continue using the medicine throughout the pet's life and that is where the danger lies. As worms are parasites that continue to prowl the environment, it is essential to follow the correct frequency so that your pet's health remains protected. Therefore, the ideal is to keep the dewormer 30 days apart untilThen, with the dog already adult, it is important to evaluate the routine of the animal to define the routine of use of the medicine. If your friend has access to the woods or has the habit of sniffing feces, the dog dewormer needs to be administered every three months. Dogs that go out little and have almost no contact with other animals, can take the medicine at the interval of 6 in 6 months or more.up to once a year.

What to do when the dog dewormer is delayed?

Although it is not ideal, there are a number of factors that can cause the guardian to miss the deworming period or the deadline for the first phase reinforcement. When this happens, it is important that protection is continued. This is because the animal must always be immunized even if two months or a year have passed from the correct date. In such cases, it is worth consulting a veterinarian and a doctor.Generally, when it comes to an adult dog, it is okay to deworm after the deadline. However, the puppy may need to repeat the first dose of the dewormer when there are delays.

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