Flea medication or flea collar: which method is best for your dog?

 Flea medication or flea collar: which method is best for your dog?

Tracy Wilkins

The flea collar and the palatable remedy are usually the first options considered by the guardian when it comes to treating a parasite infestation. The dog with ticks or fleas is very uncomfortable with the itching, which can even cause wounds on the skin, so the treatment has to start as soon as possible. The compressed remedy is the most classic option and that most people know. Theflea collar for dogs has become increasingly popular, mainly because of its duration, which is usually much longer in some versions. But after all, what is better: flea collar for dogs or the pill? We explain the advantages and disadvantages of both models and help you decide. After all, to choose between flea collar and medicine, you need to see which one is better.most suitable for your dog.

The flea collar for dogs releases substance that eliminates parasites

The flea collar has a substance that eliminates parasites without affecting the dog. Upon contact with the skin, the flea collar for dogs begins to release the active ingredients. The substance remains only on the outer layer of the skin, without risk of entering the pet's body, and is able to fight existing fleas and prevent new infestations. In addition to protecting against fleas, some variationsof the collar also act against ticks and other problems, such as the leishmaniasis collar.

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Just remember to buy the ideal size for your pet and cut off any leftover parts. Ideally, the flea collar should have a two-finger space between the neck and the collar to prevent it from being too tight or the substance from coming into contact with the animal. It is also good to pay attention to the protection period: it is possible to find flea collars that protect the animal from fleas.In addition to the dog version, the flea collar for cats also exists with a similar working principle.

In addition to the flea collar, a tablet remedy is effective in treating the parasite

Unlike the flea collar, the flea medicine acts from the inside out. It is a tablet that has an active ingredient capable of killing fleas and ticks without causing harm to the dog. When the dog swallows the palatable tablet (i.e. it tastes more attractive to dogs), the active ingredient is released into the bloodstream and absorbed into the animal's cup. As soon as a tickor flea comes into contact with the animal's skin and bites it, is exposed to the action of the active and dies. In addition to killing fleas and ticks that try to attack the dog, the flea tablet remedy also has a preventive effect. Usually the palatable tablet has an action ranging from 30 days to three months.

Flea collar for dogs vs. palatable remedy: find out the advantages and disadvantages of each one

The flea collar for dogs has the advantage of having a longer duration of protection. There are models that leave your pet protected for up to 8 months! The medicine has a shorter time, protecting for a maximum of up to 12 weeks. The tablet has the advantage of being easier to apply, being a good way out when the infestation is already well established. However, you need to make sure that the pet has swallowed it.So, if your dog has a lot of difficulty swallowing pills, this may not be the best choice.

The flea collar is also practical, but it should not be used by nursing bitches and puppies in the breastfeeding phase. To use the flea collar, the puppy must be from 6 weeks old. The flea collar for dogs does not cause any problems to the animal. However, if the pet has an allergic reaction to it, it is necessary to remove it and look for another model or option of flea collar.In addition, if there is more than one animal in the house, it is necessary to keep an eye on it so that one does not lick the body of the one with the flea collar. Dog can end up ingesting the active if there is no attention.

Flea collar: price is higher than the pill, but better value for money

In the case of the flea collar, the price varies according to the protection time of the product. Models that protect for a month are cheaper than those that protect for longer. The flea collar usually costs from R$60 to R$250 - there are variations in age, size, model and time of action that can decrease or increase the value. The flea medicine for dogs varies mainly...It is possible to find options for R$50 and others for R$150. That is, there is not much difference in values between the two. However, analyzing the cost-benefit, the flea collar has a much longer duration.

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Cleaning the environment is key to keeping fleas away from your pet

It doesn't matter if you opted for the flea and tick collar or the long medicine: you need to clean the environment. Fleas and ticks stay in the place for a long time, so you need to do environmental control so that new infestations do not occur. It is no use treating the pet if the parasites remain in the environment. It is with this cleaning that the parasite eggs will disappear and end up in the environment.fleas, preventing both your pet and other animals from contracting the parasite. Both the flea collar for dogs and the medicine are effective in fighting fleas. Just choose the option that best suits your case.

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