American dog: which breeds originated in the United States?

 American dog: which breeds originated in the United States?

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When we talk about "American dog", the breeds that come to mind are usually the American Pitbull Terrier or the American Bully. But anyone who thinks that they are few is mistaken, not least because the United States of America is the country that concentrates the largest population of dogs in the world. So it is no wonder that there are several examples of American dog scattered around. The North American country is the cradleof many dogs and several variations of dog breeds that came from other countries. Did you know, for example, that the Boston Terrier is an American dog? Learn more about it and other types of American dog below!

1) American Pitbull Terrier is the most famous breed among North American dogs

The American Pitbull Terrier is the most famous American dog breed that exists today. In the old days, it was often used on farms in the United States as guard dogs for cattle and sheep. Over time, the American Pitbull Terrier dog breed has become a great companion dog. Many people believe that the Pitbull is brave, but it's all just an old stereotype that comes from the United States.The personality of the dog depends mainly on the way it is raised. In fact, this dog American breed is friendly, affectionate and extremely companionable.

2) American Staffordshire Terrier is strong but very docile and friendly

The American Staffordshire Terrier dog breed is another type of Pitbull. Its origin comes from the cross between the Bulldog and the Black-And-Tan Terrier. The aim of the breeders was to originate a fighting dog, which this American dog was unfortunately forced to be for a long time. The truth, however, is that this American breed dog is loving, docile and very playful. The dog breedThe American Staffordshire is attached to its guardian and always wants to protect its family. Its athletic and muscular build is a striking feature. Despite looking a lot like the American Pitbull, the American Staffordshire dog breed is a bit smaller and calmer.

3) The American Bully dog breed is a type of Pitbull that can have different sizes

The American Bully dog breed is another type of Pitbull of North American origin. It is believed that this dog originated from the cross between the American Staffordshire dog breed and the American Pitbull. With a cheerful personality, the American Bully resembles its Pitbull "brothers" in appearance. The difference is mainly in size. While the other dogs of the breed are more like the American Bully, the American Bully is more like the Pitbull.The American Bully dog breed can have different sizes: American Bully Micro, Pocket, Classic, Standard, Extreme and XL. In other words, it can be both small and very large!

4) The American Cocker Spaniel is similar to the English Cocker

The American Cocker Spaniel appeared after the English Cocker Spaniel was taken to the United States, where it underwent changes that gave rise to the new dog. The American breed of Spaniel dog is very similar to the English, mainly because of its famous large, drooping ears. The personality is also quite similar: they are playful, agitated, sociable and attached to the family. The dog of the breedThe American Cocker Spaniel, however, has a smooth and long coat, unlike the English version (wavy and short). In addition, the American dog breed is slightly smaller.

5) The Boston Terrier is one of the American dog breeds created from the English Bulldog

As its name suggests, the Boston Terrier is an American dog that originated in the state of Boston, in the United States. It is believed that it was created from the cross between the English Bulldog, the Bull Terrier and other Terrier-type dogs. It is very common to confuse this American breed of dog with the French Bulldog. However, the Boston Terrier has a thinner build than the French Bulldog, which is quite large.The American Boston Terrier dog breed is quite small and has a quiet, loving personality, making it the ideal companion for homes with children, the elderly and even other dogs.

6) The Foxhound is an American dog with great hunting skills

The Foxhound is a classic American dog. The nose of the dogs of this breed is amazing, being an animal often used for hunting. The name Foxhound means foxhunter, an activity that was considered a sport, especially in rural areas of the United States. Because it has a strong instinct, this breed of American dog must go through a socialization process as a puppy. theThe American Foxhound is an energetic dog who loves to play - that's why he gets along so well with children.

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7) The American Bulldog is a breed of dog that almost went extinct

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The American Bulldog is known for being the largest of the Bulldog types. The American Bulldog breed can measure up to 70 cm and can reach 55 kg. This American dog is a descendant of the English Bulldog. With a more athletic build, the American Bulldog is also famous for its droopy cheeks. Bred as a hunting and herding dog, it can be a little suspicious, but it is also very affectionate and calm,An interesting fact is that the American Bulldog almost became extinct after the Second World War, but fortunately managed to be saved by breeders.

8) The Alaskan Malamute is an American dog accustomed to icy climates

This is yet another American dog breed named after its home state. The Alaskan Malamute has its origins in the icy territory of Alaska in the United States, where it is mainly active in sled transportation. This is a dog breed descended from wolves, having many physical similarities to them. The Alaskan Malamute is also quite similar to the Siberian Husky, anotherA dog accustomed to cold weather, it has a semi-long coat with a dense layer of undercoat that protects it from the extreme cold of the region. It is a confident, independent and dominant American dog, but at the same time affectionate and loving with the family.

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