Dog jealous of children and babies: how to deal?

 Dog jealous of children and babies: how to deal?

Tracy Wilkins

Dealing with a jealous dog is never easy. The pet that feels jealous of the owner can show behaviors that hinder coexistence. Usually, the cause of the jealous dog is some change in the routine, such as new animals and people in the house. So it is not so uncommon for dogs to be a little jealous of the presence of new children. But how to end jealousy fromdog?

O Paws of the House talked to veterinarian and behaviorist Renata Bloomfield. She explained what can lead to jealousy in dogs, how to recognize if the pet is jealous or playing a guard role for the child and what to do to get around this problem. Check out the following article and understand once and for all how to deal with the dog jealous of children!

Jealous dog: why are some dogs jealous of babies or children in the house?

To know how to end dog jealousy with babies and children, the first step is to understand what is driving the pet to have this behavior. Most of the time, dogs welcome the arrival of babies and children, but in certain situations the animal may find the new dynamics of the house strange. "There are dogs that have a routine until the baby arrives and, when that child arrives home, the routineFor example: the animal no longer enters the room, no longer walks, no longer participates in the family's daily life ... ", explains veterinarian Renata Bloomfield. She points out that, many times, we think we have a jealous and possessive dog, but in fact he is just curious because he does not have much access to the baby. In this case, the dog knows that there is a new being in the house that heis unaware of it and just wants to get to know it.

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How to recognize a jealous dog?

It is very important to be aware of the pet's behavior to know what is really going on with it. Renata explains that the first point to observe is whether the animal is jealous or whether it is guarding the baby. Both cases deserve attention. "If you see that the dog does not let people or other animals get close to the baby, this can be a problem, but not a problem.A jealous dog can exhibit different types of behavior. Some become louder and start barking, whining and even growling at their owner as an attempt to get attention. Others can become more aggressive.

Veterinarian gives tips on how to deal with jealous baby dog, watch the video!

Make a safe introduction between the pet and the newborn baby

It is believed that the dog senses the owner's pregnancy even before the owner observes the first signs due to the release of hormones. The arrival of a baby, however, needs adaptation when you have pets at home. Guardians can, for example, include the dog in the preparations for the baby's arrival, such as having access to the room and already smelling the clothes. "You have to make the dog feel like a baby.animal feel part of the change, and not simply say that he can no longer enter that room ", clarifies Renata.

The right way to introduce the dog to the baby will make all the difference. The canine sense of smell is the tool that dogs use to get to know other people and animals. Therefore, the guardian can allow the animal to smell the baby little by little, always with supervision.

How to stop jealousy and get the dog used to babies and children in the house?

If you plan to have a baby someday, you can start this process of getting the dog used to children since the adoption of the pet. "Teach him the basic commands and take him to playgrounds that have children," recommends Renata. That way, you get the animal used to the noise of children and the arrival of the baby will not be such a sudden change. Here are some important precautions:

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  • Do not isolate the animal
  • Ensure there is no shortage of interactive toys for the dog at home
  • Saving time in the day to spend with the pet (including around the child)
  • Allowing the animal to sniff the baby's items before their arrival
  • Do not scold the animal aggressively.

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