Are nylon dog toys safe for all ages and sizes?

 Are nylon dog toys safe for all ages and sizes?

Tracy Wilkins

Dog toys are important at all stages of a pet's life. They serve to entertain, distract and even expend a puppy's energy. In addition to the well-known balls, there are several other types of accessories for pet fun. Nylon dog toys can be found in different models and shapes and are very suitable,especially for dogs that love to chew everything. But is the choice of material recommended for pets of any age or size? The Paws of the House gathered some information on this subject!

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Are nylon dog toys suitable?

If you have been researching the safety of dog toys, you have certainly come across the indication of nylon toys. The material is highly recommended precisely because it does not present much risk to dogs. This type of toy does not release large pieces, which leaves the pet's play free from the risk of choking. In addition, nylon parts are not abrasive and do notThe material is also easy to clean and does not soil furniture and fabrics.

Are nylon dog toys safe for any pet?

Anyone who has a lot of experience as a pet parent knows that the size and age of the dog is decisive when choosing various accessories. A toy for a large dog is not the most suitable for a small dog, and vice versa.

Nylon is a material that is usually very hard. Usually, the packaging itself indicates for which age and level of force (whether it is for strong, extra strong or moderate bite) the toy is recommended. However, indications for elderly dogs are hardly found, which as a result of age the teeth become weaker. Therefore, harder materials are dangerous for puppies moreThe most important tip is that from the moment the dog is considered elderly, the guardian opts for puppy toys, or those with a moderate bite indication.

When buying a nylon dog toy, another thing you should pay attention to is whether the object is the right size for your furry one. Ideally, the toy should be at least twice the size of the dog's mouth. This will prevent the animal from trying to swallow the object and experiencing complications.

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What is the importance of dog chew toys?

Nylon bones and other options that serve for the dog to play gnawing help in cleaning the teeth and also keep the gums healthy. The nibblers are recommended mainly in the first phase of life, where the animal goes through the change of teeth. This type of toy helps to relieve discomfort from the new teeth being born. Therefore, the nibblers (not necessarily nylon) are themost suitable puppy toys.

Tracy Wilkins

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