Bulldog Campeiro: learn all about the large Brazilian breed

 Bulldog Campeiro: learn all about the large Brazilian breed

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The Bulldog Campeiro is one of the main examples of a Brazilian dog! Despite not being as famous as the Fila Brasileiro and Fox Paulistinha, the Bulldog Campeiro also has its origins in Brazil. With a very muscular build, this dog draws attention wherever it goes, but also hides a calm and very loyal personality. Want to know more about this typical Brazilian dog? ThePatas da Casa tells you everything about the Campeiro Bulldog: price, origin, essential care, physical characteristics, temperament, curiosities and much more. check out!

The Campeiro Bulldog developed in Brazil

The Bulldog Campeiro is a breed of dog that originated in Brazil. There are some doubts as to the origin of this dog, but it is believed that it arose from the crossing of other types of Bulldog that came from Europe to Brazil in the 18th century. The most likely is that the Bulldog Campeiro dog comes from the cross between English Bulldog and Bull Terrier. The breed was often used in the countryside.Its strength and endurance, as well as its vigilant personality, made it a great livestock controller and a true guardian.

The Bulldog Campeiro was very common on farms, especially in the Midwest and South regions. Over time, the use of these dogs in cattle and in old slaughterhouses began to be frowned upon by the health surveillance, which began to regulate and impose laws for these places. Consequently, the breed disappeared and almost went into extinction in the 20th century. However, the Bulldog Campeiro managed to be rescued and replaced by the Bulldog Campeiro.Officially recognized by the Brazilian Confederation of Cynophilia (CBKC) in 2001, today it is still a more common dog on farms, but has already arrived in cities as a great companion dog.

The heavy, muscular body is the hallmark of the Campeiro Bulldog

The Bulldog Campeiro is considered a medium to large dog. The height of the breed is, on average, 53 cm. The Bulldog Campeiro is a naturally quite heavy dog. Its weight usually varies between 35 kg and 45 kg. Its muscular and strong body gives the feeling that the dog of this breed is even bigger than it really is.medium texture - not too soft and not too rough. The color possibilities of the breed are quite varied. Most of the time, we find a Bulldog puppy in brown, gold, cream, reddish brown or brindle colors.

The personality of the Bulldog Campeiro puppy is calm, faithful and a friendly one

  • Coexistence

Many people believe that the Campeiro Bulldog is a braver dog because of its strong and imposing appearance. However, this could not be further from the truth! The Campeiro Bulldog dog is a true companion for all hours! The puppy is known to be very loyal and faithful to the family. Living with this pet is easy because he has a calm temperament and loves to be around the family.side of the guardian, either playing or just keeping them company.

The Campeiro Bulldog puppy or adult is known to have a great relationship with children, as he loves to play and have fun with them. It is worth mentioning that the Campeiro Bulldog is always alert to possible dangers and is a great guard dog. Therefore, it can be a little suspicious of strangers. But if you wonder if the Campeiro Bulldog is a noisy dog, don't worry. Even though it is wellalert, it is a quiet dog that does not have the habit of barking a lot.

  • Socialization

The best way to raise Bulldog Campeiro is with socialization and training. The breed is naturally sociable, but, as we explained, it can also be a little suspicious of strangers. To mitigate this distrust, it is essential to socialize the Bulldog Campeiro puppy from an early age, as this has many positive impacts for the future. If you want to know how to raise a puppy ofBulldog Campeiro, it is necessary to take one point into account: this dog must be raised alone. The breed can be jealous and does not like to share its space with other animals. Therefore, the ideal is that he is the only dog in the family. If you want to adopt a Bulldog Campeiro puppy and you already have another pet, or if you live in a place where there are many animals, it is essential that socialization is carried out.This will help them grow up accustomed to the presence of other animals around them.

  • Training

Training is another essential process for those who are looking for the best way to raise Bulldog Campeiro. The animal tends to be calm on a daily basis and does not give much work, but training helps to alleviate certain behaviors of jealous and suspicious dogs. The best way to train Bulldog Campeiro is with patience and reward. Whenever the pet performs a taskThis helps the animal to see training as something positive. By following the tips on how to train a Bulldog Campeiro and performing socialization, the pet's behavior tends to improve a lot, which makes it even easier to live with the animal at home.

Curiosities about the Field Bulldog

1) The name "Country Bulldog" came about precisely because this dog was mainly seen living in the countryside.

2) The Bulldog Campeiro dog has no problem being left alone for a while, as it manages very well in the absence of the guardian.

3) It was the cynophile Ralf Schein Bender who saved the Field Bulldog from extinction in the 20th century. He rescued the few remaining specimens of the breed and managed to improve it until it was saved and officially recognized in 2001.

4) Nowadays, the Bulldog Campeiro dog is seen in urban regions, without being restricted only to farms. However, it is still indicated that the dog of this breed has a large space to live.

Know some care that should be taken with the Bulldog Campeiro dog

Brushing: The short hair of the Field Bulldog is easy to maintain, so brushing once a week is enough to keep the hair healthy.

Nails: It is important to trim the nails of the Campeiro Bulldog with some frequency. This dog is playful and in the excitement of play can end up causing unintentional scratches if the nails are not properly trimmed.

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Teeth: Brushing your Field Bulldog's teeth frequently is essential to avoid problems such as tartar in dogs, which causes a lot of discomfort to the canine dentition.

Ears: To avoid ear problems, such as the dreaded canine otitis, it is very important to keep this region always clean. The ideal is to check the dog's ear weekly and remove the accumulation of wax.

The Campeiro Bulldog is prone to obesity and dermatitis

The Bulldog Campeiro puppy is considered a naturally healthy pet. In addition to being physically strong, it also has an iron health. The life expectancy of the Bulldog Campeiro puppy is about 12 years. However, in order for the pet to remain healthy, it is essential to take the basic care essential to any dog: give all dog vaccinations (with annual booster doses), maintain theup-to-date deworming and regular visits to the veterinarian. It is worth mentioning that, being a naturally heavy dog, the Campeiro Bulldog has a certain predisposition to suffer from canine obesity. In addition, the folds on the dog's face can facilitate the appearance of dermatitis in the dog. Therefore, the tutor needs to know how to clean the dog's folds and keep them always dry, because theFinally, hip dysplasia can also be a frequent health problem in the breed.

The Campeiro Bulldog needs daily exercise and a balanced diet

The Bulldog Campeiro puppy needs to have an exercise routine. This puppy has great physical endurance, which allows him to perform more intense exercises, as well as walks and even trails with the guardian. The Bulldog Campeiro also needs to have its diet always very well monitored. The guardian must offer quality food and in the appropriate amount according to its size and age.The Bulldog Campeiro puppy, for example, should eat a specific food for its age group, as well as the adult or elderly dog. These precautions related to physical activity and feeding the Bulldog Campeiro are fundamental in preventing canine obesity and promoting a healthier life.

Bulldog Campeiro: price of the breed is not very high

Having a Bulldog Campeiro at home is synonymous with joy and companionship. Therefore, more and more people want to have this typical Brazilian dog in the house. But after all: how much does a Bulldog Campeiro cost? This dog has very affordable prices when compared to other breeds. In general, the average cost of a Bulldog Campeiro puppy is between R$ 800 and R$ 1,200. It is very important to have a Bulldog Campeiro.be aware of this estimate when buying a Bulldog Campeiro. A price much below this average may be a sign that the dog kennel is not trustworthy.

X-ray of the Bulldog Campeiro puppy

Source: Brazil

Coat: Short, smooth and of medium texture

Colors: Brown, golden, cream, reddish brown or brindle

Personality: Calm, loyal and companionable

Height: 53 cm

Weight: Between 35 Kg and 45 Kg

Life expectancy: 12 years

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