Advantages and disadvantages of dog newspaper

 Advantages and disadvantages of dog newspaper

Tracy Wilkins

After adopting a dog, one of the first steps to be taken is to choose where the animal's bathroom will be. This way it is possible to teach the dog to pee and poop in the right place from an early age, facilitating the education process of the puppy. However, a very common doubt among all guardians is in relation to the material chosen to meet the needs of the pet. An old newspaper forDoes it solve the problem or is it better to invest in other products for this purpose? What are the advantages and disadvantages? We answer all these questions below!

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Is regular dog newspaper harmful to your pet's health?

For those who cannot afford to invest in more elaborate materials for the dog's bathroom, newspaper turns out to be a great option, mainly because of its low cost. It also helps in emergency situations (such as when the hygienic mat runs out) or for travel, for example. However, this is not the most hygienic alternative and not the healthiest either.

This is because the newspaper has a very low liquid absorption capacity, so when it comes into contact with dog pee, the urine remains on the surface and risks running off to the sides. Another issue to consider is that the newspaper also highlights the smell of pee in the environment. As for the dog's health, the biggest problem is the occurrence of allergies and dermatitis caused by contactwith the inks from the newspaper printing.

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Pet newspaper for dogs: learn more about the product developed exclusively for dogs

Very similar to traditional newspaper, an interesting option is pet newspaper. But what is this product about? It's quite simple: pet newspaper is nothing more than an ecological paper that has been developed exclusively to be the bathroom of the dogs. In addition to being produced with recyclable and biodegradable material, which helps to preserve the environment, the product has a very specific odor that can be used in the bathroom.attracts the canine sense of smell, making it easier to educate the dog to go potty in the right place. And it doesn't stop there: the absorption capacity is much greater than that of traditional newspapers.

How can I get my dog to go potty in the newspaper?

First-time parents often have a hard time teaching their dog to pee and poop in a proper place, but it's not that difficult - it just takes a little patience, especially in the case of puppies. To begin with, the ideal is to invest in a routine, so that it is possible to stipulate more or less the time when the dog goes to the bathroom. Thus, whenif it's close to his time to pee and poop, just direct him to the place. Creating commands for this type of action is also something that works, since dogs can assimilate some words easily: "pee" and "newspaper" are good options.

In addition, positive stimuli are a great way to encourage your pooch to continue using the toilet the right way. Praise, treats and cuddles always work, and your four-legged friend will love to realize that they are pleasing you!

Tracy Wilkins

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