White worm coming out of the cat: what to do?

 White worm coming out of the cat: what to do?

Tracy Wilkins

Worms in cats are unfortunately a frequent problem in the feline world. The enormous variety of types of this parasite and the ease of contagion mean that there is a relevant incidence of cases of cats with worms. Symptoms can vary, and in certain situations, the owner can see the worm in the cat's faeces. When this happens, it is normal for the owner to be frightened and not toAfter all, what is the white worm coming out of the cat? And what to do when faced with this situation? The Paws of the House explains you below!

What can the white worm coming out of the cat mean?

There are many types of worms in cats which are divided into round (cylindrical in shape) and flat (flattened in shape). In both cases, most parasites choose to lodge in the animal's intestine. Therefore, finding the worm in the poop of the infected cat is not so uncommon. In the case of the white worm in the cat's faeces, it is the tapeworm, a type of flat worm that has a large size.ability to attach to the walls of the intestine.

This worm has a very long length (can reach 20 cm) and feeds on the animal's blood. The color of the tapeworm is whitish and that is why we have the white worm coming out of the cat. These small pieces that are eliminated in the cat's poop are actually segments of the worm called proglottids. It is common to see these small larvae in the cat's feces and also in the anus region of the animal.

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Cat with ringworm: symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort

The presence of the white worm in the cat's faeces is not the only symptom of this disease. As we explained, most parasites (such as tapeworm) choose to lodge in the intestine. This is why the symptoms of tapeworm in cats do not vary much. Usually, they are related to intestinal problems. In a picture of tapeworm in cats, more common symptoms are: vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, loss ofweight, fever, hair thinning, bloated belly and listlessness. In addition to the presence of larvae in the cat's faeces, the poop may also show blood in some cases.

What to do when you notice worms coming out of your cat?

Seeing a white worm coming out of a cat is not a pleasant sight. As it is an unusual situation, it is normal for the guardian to despair at first. However, it is essential to remain calm. The first thing that should be done when not only noticing this but any of the symptoms of worms in cats is to take the pet to the vet. There, the doctor will evaluate the animal and perform tests to obtain a concrete diagnosis.During the consultation, tell the specialist everything: if there is white worm coming out of the cat, if there is blood in the cat's stool, if the cat has vomiting and/or diarrhoea... don't leave anything out! All these details help a lot in diagnosing worms in cats and in defining the most appropriate treatment.

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White worm coming out of the cat: how to treat this problem?

It is very important to start treatment quickly to stop the white worm coming out of the cat. How to treat worms after all? Cat worms are treated with the use of dewormers for cats, which are medicines specially made for the purpose of fighting these parasites. There are different types of dewormers and it is the veterinarian who will indicate the most suitable one (no moreIt is worth mentioning that cleaning the environment is also essential in the fight against worms in cats.

Cat worm in humans: is it possible that the parasite also affects people?

Not all cat worms are passed on to people. However, contamination of cat worms in humans is possible for some types of parasites. Among them, we can mention Echinococcus, a worm belonging to the tapeworm family. For this reason, we say that worm infestation caused by Echinococcus is a type of zoonosis. Most often, the contagion of cat worms in humans happens after the contact of theIt is for this reason that it is so important to sanitize the environment when you have cases of cat with worm in the house. In the case of cat worm in humans, symptoms are very similar, with emphasis on diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, abdominal swelling and tiredness. Just as we can see white worm in the cat's feces, it is also possible to find these dotswhite in human feces.

Application of dewormers helps prevent worms in cats

The prevention of worms in cats is done with the use of dewormers. The same product that cures worms is responsible for preventing them. It is recommended that dewormers for cats be applied while still in the kitten, from 30 days of life. Then, it is necessary to take two more doses with an interval of 15 days between them. Then, the kitten will only need to take a booster in a certain periodNo kitten is immune to worms, but indoor breeding greatly reduces the chances of contracting these diseases as there is less risk of contamination indoors.

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