What is the English Bulldog's personality like?

 What is the English Bulldog's personality like?

Tracy Wilkins

The English Bulldog is one of the most adorable and endearing dog breeds out there. "But aren't they grumpy?" - that's what many wonder, mainly because of the breed's typical grumpy face. The truth is totally different from that: anyone who has the chance to live with an English Bulldog dog knows well how loving and playful these animals can be. ButDespite this, there are some points of the English Bulldog dog breed's temperament that are annoying to deal with, such as stubbornness and jealousy. But nothing that all the love of a passionate tutor does not relieve. Are you curious to know more about this dog? Get ready because we have prepared a special article on a subject that everyone wants to know about the English Bulldog: personality!

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Personality: The English Bulldog has a calm and docile temperament.

Anyone who sees an English Bulldog from afar usually associates the grumpy face of these dogs with a difficult personality to deal with. Fortunately, appearances are deceiving and this does not match reality: the Bulldog puppy is one of the best possible companies to have around. The English Bulldog puppy also has a very calm and peaceful temperament, which makes it very easy to live with your dog.He is a gentle, loyal and very reliable breed. He can also be a little lazy, as this dog is not as active as other breeds in adulthood.

English Bulldog: dog gets along well with all kinds of people, but can be jealous of other pets

Whether it's a child, an adult or an elderly person, the English Bulldog can get along with all kinds of people and has a very kind, sweet and affectionate personality, especially with its family. In fact, the English Bulldog is great at making friends with other pets as well - as long as they are not dogs, because they can show jealous dog behavior if they perceive that the otherpuppy is "stealing" the attention of humans.

English bulldog: jealous personality of the breed requires socialization

Socialization is an essential process for the English Bulldog dog breed, mainly because of its jealous personality. A puppy that is socialized from an early age tends to have fewer problems living with other dogs, for example. Interaction with children, the elderly and all kinds of people is not usually a problem for the breed, as this is a dog that usually gets along well with other people.However, the socialization process of the English Bulldog puppy helps to further encourage sociable behavior.

English Bulldog needs daily exercise to burn off energy

The English Bulldog is one of the brachycephalic dog breeds and, because of this, physical exercises should be light and moderate. Despite the limitation that brachycephaly causes, the frequency of activities should be daily, mainly because the adult English Bulldog has plenty of energy for walking. However, be sure to take into account the physical conditions of your friend. Always opt forfor activities at a time of day with a milder temperature so as not to demand too much from the English Bulldog.

The English Bulldog dog breed is intelligent but stubborn

The English Bulldog puppy is a sweetheart, but know that the breed tends to be a little stubborn. Training is not one of the easiest tasks to be performed, especially if it is done only in adulthood, when the dog has already developed and has its own personality. Therefore, to avoid possible behavioral problems, it is recommended that the English Bulldog be trainedIn addition to showing your puppy what is right and wrong, this is the most effective way to set the necessary boundaries.

What to expect from the English dog's personality besides stubbornness?

As stated above, stubbornness is a standout point of the English Bulldog puppy and adult personality. But besides stubbornness and jealousy, the breed is also known for other traits. The English Bulldog is known to be a bit rough around the edges when it comes to playtime and, despite being very friendly, is not usually the least bit delicate in interactions. This has a lot to do with what it means toBulldog. The term "bull" in English means "bull." From this you can already see a little of what this dog is like in its activities.

The same behavior can be seen in other "Bulls" breeds, because even with the differences between English Bulldog x French Bulldog, there are some similarities between them. The breed was made to use the jaw a lot, which ends up generating a more destructive behavior. It is common for the furniture and walls of an English Bulldog guardian's home to have many bite marks from the English Bulldog.doguinho.

How is the behavior of the English Bulldog puppy?

If you're planning to buy or adopt an English Bulldog puppy, you'd better be prepared! These little dogs have a lot of energy to play and have fun at this early stage, which is when their energy is at its highest. If the house has children, even better, as this is a combination that works very well together. In addition, it is important to invest in toys appropriate for the age of the puppy.animal, such as nippers, since the English Bulldog puppy has a habit of biting everything in sight during teething.

English Bulldog puppy: breed price can reach R$ 8.000,00

In addition to the personality and characteristics, there is another thing that is much sought after by the Bulldog breed of dog: price of the puppy. It is evident that even if you have fallen in love with this puppy and are very willing to have a specimen of the breed as a family friend, it is essential to calmly evaluate the decision. Adopting a dog is something that demands many responsibilities and after separating the puppy from the family.The price of an English Bulldog puppy is usually between R$ 3,000 and R$ 8,000. The investment must be planned, especially since the life expectancy of an English Bulldog is between 8 and 10 years. Still,who is an English Bulldog guardian knows that the value of the puppy is more sentimental than anything else.

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