What can be the cat with yellow eye patch?

 What can be the cat with yellow eye patch?

Tracy Wilkins

A cat with a runny eye is a more common situation than we might think. But did you know that the color and appearance of the discharge can reveal a lot about the health of your four-legged friend? It's not always something to worry about, but the guardian has to know how to differentiate between a cat's runny eye and a more serious problem to seek help. This is the case, for example, when we find the cat's eyeWatery eyes and yellowish or greenish patches. To find out what the situation indicates, we have gathered some important information on the subject. check out!

Why does the cat's eye keep reddening?

Not all cat eye discharge is a cause for concern. Although it is commonly associated with eye diseases and other problems, it is sometimes the result of a natural process of the body. You know when you take a nap or wake up in the morning with a small accumulation of eye discharge in the corner of your eye? This also happens to kittens! But it is important to be careful: cat eye discharge is only a result of a natural process of the body.normal when it has a white, hardened color and is located outside the eyeball.

Cat with yellow patches may be a sign of infection

When located further into the cat's eye, the remella usually indicates some problem with the pet's vision. In these cases, it is common to come across a more yellowish or greenish secretion. But what can a cat with yellow eye remella be, anyway? In addition to eye diseases - especially feline conjunctivitis - there is also a risk of viral or bacterial infections, such as therhinotracheitis, the help of a professional is necessary.

Other symptoms - such as the cat watering - should also be noted. If you find your cat's eye watering and itching, be sure to consult a veterinarian specializing in ophthalmology to have the correct diagnosis and know what is the most appropriate treatment for your four-legged friend.

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Learn how to clean cat earwarts and take care of your pet's eyesight

Every pet parent needs to learn how to clean kitten and adult cat eyes. The first step is to separate what you will need to clean them: cotton (or gauze), saline solution and a clean towel. Next, you should wash your hand very well with soap and water so as not to handle the animal's eyes with dirty fingers. After that, just moisten the cotton or gauze with the serum and place it on the eye.a few seconds on one of the cat's eyes. When the cat's remella is softer, just remove it.

Finally, repeat the same process in the other eye, but without using the same piece of absorbent cotton or gauze. This avoids carrying infections from one eye to the other.

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