What are the Maine Coon colors?

 What are the Maine Coon colors?

Tracy Wilkins

That the Maine Coon is the largest cat in the world you may already know, but it is not restricted to this striking feature alone. The colors of the Maine Coon cat also attract attention, as many variations are accepted. White, black, orange and other colors are possible, although some are rarer than others. Mixing shades prevails most of the time, so it is more possible tofind a bicolor or tricolor cat than a gray Maine Coon altogether. If you were curious to know the colors of the largest cat in the world, see more information below!

Maine Coon: breed colors do not follow a set standard

The explanation for the Maine Coon having so many color possibilities probably lies in its origin. Among the curiosities about the Maine Coon, there is speculation that it is the result of the cross between the American Shorthair Cat and the Angora. Another famous version states that it was brought to the Americas by European Vikings and conquered the state of Maine, in the United States (which named the Maine Coon).So it was possible to close a physical pattern, but not a defined color palette.

In any case, the coloration will always depend on the coat of the parents, which predominates over the kittens. That is, if the parents have the white gene as dominant, the tendency is for the litter to have white Maine Coon kittens and so on.

Far beyond colors, Maine Coon has striking physical features

The Maine Coon is one of the best-known furry cats among cat owners and this fame is due to its very striking physical characteristics. Its height, for example, is usually 48 centimeters - just to give you an idea, most cats are no more than 25 cm. The weight of the Maine Coon can exceed 10 kg and the large paws support this kitty that also carries a long and dense coat. whilethe Maine Coon's muzzle is pronounced and it looks angry, but don't be fooled: they are very affectionate! The Maine Coon's tail also tends to attract attention because of the amount of hair, which resembles a feather duster.

Maine Coon cat: do colors impact a kitty's personality?

Cat colors and personality go hand in hand, because the shade of hair is formed by the combination of genes that can interfere with the pet's behavior pattern. But in general, the Maine Coon's personality is sociable and needy. He loves to follow his owners around the house and hates to be alone, and can even develop separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. Another characteristicof this kitten is its intelligence, which allows it to adapt quickly to everyday situations and even be able to learn to walk.

Maine Coon: coat of the giant cat breed requires care

The Maine Coon's hair requires a strict hygiene routine: daily brushing, occasional baths with dryer finishing, biweekly nail clipping and cleaning the eyes and ears with cotton and physiological solution are recommended. The price of the Maine Coon costs between R $ 3 thousand and R $ 7 thousand and it is recommended to always look for reliable and certified catteries so as not to compact with animal abuse.So, as well as thinking about names for Maine Coon cats, consider researching the cattery well before adopting one of the world's largest cat breeds.

Tracy Wilkins

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