Weimaraner puppy: 10 behavioral characteristics of the dog breed

 Weimaraner puppy: 10 behavioral characteristics of the dog breed

Tracy Wilkins

The Weimaraner dog is a large, athletic breed that originated in Germany. He easily wins over anyone with his friendly and playful manner, but he needs to follow a routine with intense physical exercises to cope with so much energy. The Weimaraner dog breed also has several other qualities that delight the guardians, because, despite his large size, he is basicallyGentle, affectionate and very obedient, the behavior of the Weimaraner dog always surprises those who are not used to the breed. Therefore, we have separated 10 behavioral traits of this puppy so that everyone can get to know him better.

1) Energy is the surname of the Weimaraner dog breed

Think of a puppy with a huge level of energy: that's the Weimaraner. With an athletic build and a lot of disposition on a daily basis, the puppy needs constant physical and mental stimulation. Therefore, in addition to daily walks, the ideal is that the Weimaraner puppy also lives in an environment enriched with toys, games and other physical activities.

In fact, it is worth noting that this is one of the best dog breeds for sports. Modalities such as cycling, swimming and hiking are perfect for expending the Weimaraner's energy.

2) The Weimaraner is one of the most obedient dogs there is

Another trait that draws a lot of attention in the Weimaraner's personality is its obedience. This is a dog that faces no problems being trained and usually learns new commands quickly. The desire to please and see their humans satisfied is something that contributes to this. However, some Weimaraner puppies can be more scattered than others, so the process of training them can be very difficult.In these cases, training is more delicate and the positive reinforcement technique is indicated.

3) Attached to family, the Weimaraner forms deep bonds with humans

It's not just the Weimaraner's size that impresses: this is a dog that also has a big heart. Extremely loyal to its family, the Weimaraner dog breed forms a strong bond with its humans. It always wants to be around and goes to great lengths to show how much it loves its guardians. For this reason, it's common for the Weimaraner dog, puppy or adult, to be a little needy: it's bothlove that does not fit in it.

4) Intelligence is one of the strengths of the Weimaraner dog

Believe it or not, the Weimaraner is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. In the ranking of canine intelligence developed by behavioral psychologist Stanley Coren, the German Shepherd ranks 21st. This ranking, in turn, takes into account various aspects of canine behavior, such as level of adaptation, trainability and instincts.

5) The Weimaraner is a little dog that hardly barks at all

Don't expect a lot of barking from a Weimaraner dog. Unlike other dogs, this is a pet that only barks when it deems it necessary, like when it wants attention from its owners, for example. Still, it's more common to find the Weimaraner crying than barking - yes, dog crying can be quite frequent, if the puppy thinks it's not getting the attention it needs or when it passes bya lot of time alone.

6) Weimaraner dog breed gets along well with children

For those who have a family with children, the Weimaraner can be an excellent companion! Despite its size, this little dog is very friendly with the little ones, as long as they know how to respect their space. Generally, contact with older children is not a problem, but it is important to supervise interaction with younger children because the Weimaraner is a strong dog and sometimes loses track of its strengthStill, the friendship between the dog and the child is guaranteed!

7) The Weimaraner puppy should be trained and socialized from an early age

The Weimaraner is known for its good behavior, but to ensure that he grows up well behaved and obedient, the ideal is to start training and socialization with the puppy Weimaraner. That way, the pet will already know from an early age what is right or wrong, and will always have that sociable side more in evidence. But don't forget that to socialize the Weimaraner with other pets, he needs tobe fully vaccinated and properly dewormed.

8) Separation anxiety can affect the Weimaraner

Because the Weimaraner is naturally attached to its humans, it tends to suffer a lot when it spends long periods of the day alone. It needs attention and contact with its family frequently so that it does not develop problems such as stress or separation anxiety. Therefore, in the case of guardians who need to spend a good part of the day away or who travel a lot, the Weimaraner dogHe can manage on his own for a few hours, but he doesn't cope very well with constant absence.

9) Socialization with other dogs is key for the Weimaraner puppy

Despite getting along well with children and strangers, the Weimaraner has some difficulty in living with other animals - especially canines. Therefore, knowing how to socialize dogs with other dogs is essential for the breed to be able to live in harmony with pets of the same species. Ideally, this socialization process should happen with the Weimaraner puppy, as already mentioned.

10) Weimaraner dog breed needs adequate living space

Active and energetic, the Weimaraner dog is not one of the most suitable breeds for those who live in apartments and very small environments. He needs a large space to run, play and exercise every day and thus have a good quality of life. But if you live in an apartment and dream of having a Weimaraner, no problem: the only care is to ensure that the puppy spends all the time he needs.energy daily so as not to get bored, with walks and other physical activities.

BONUS: To have a Weimaraner dog, price will depend on the characteristics of the pet

If you've fallen in love with the Weimaraner dog breed, it's normal to wonder how much a Weimaraner puppy costs. In this case, we have the answer: when it comes to the Weimaraner puppy, the price varies between R$ 2,000 and R$ 8,000. This variation depends on some characteristics of the animal, such as sex, lineage and hair color. In addition, if the Weimaraner puppy is already vaccinated and vaccinated, it is possible to buy a Weimaraner puppy.wormed, the value also tends to be higher.

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