The 7 most intelligent cat breeds

 The 7 most intelligent cat breeds

Tracy Wilkins

Raising a cat is a surprise every new day. Despite being independent animals that do not submit to orders so easily, felines can surprise in the small gestures of everyday life. Wit is a hallmark of most cats, but some breeds stand out in terms of intelligence: whether it is adapting to changes, participating in games, receiving commands or evenOn the other hand, some felines can even be trained - and this is only possible with respect for their instinct and space. Want to understand how smart cats work and what the defining characteristics are? Enough more!

Smart cats: what characterizes this condition?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when determining whether or not a cat is intelligent. First, it is important to know that cats have 250 million neurons in their cerebral cortex - which are cells associated with the thinking and behavior of any living being.

Of course, genetics helps in these cases. Intelligent cat breeds often breed kittens with the same or higher level of intelligence, but it's not a rule that will apply to all felines. Good nutrition, accompanied by stimulation and also follow-up with a professional cat trainer, can make any kitty a true genius.

Intelligence in cats is related to interaction with other species, whether or not it can learn something when it is taught, whether it tends to adapt well to different environments, whether it vocalizes frequently and can establish communication, and even whether it is able to overcome its difficulties when it is alone.

Meet the top smart cat breeds!

1) Siamese cat is intelligent and curious

The Siamese cat is considered intelligent because it is very curious. Pets of this breed like to explore and know very well how to go after their goals - be it a toy or a tasty treat. You may even be able to train them, but they may show more stubbornness because they value independence. They are kittens who like to communicate a lot and with their meows they can establish a relationship with each other.very interesting communication with their tutors.

2) Burmese Sacred Cat is easy to adapt to change

Also called Burmese, cats of this breed have an ease of adapting to changes and rules of the family in which they live. Whether an adult or a child, it is an obedient feline that likes to learn a lot. It can be easily trained to do tricks and have certain behaviors. This breed is quite sociable with those who are part of its family circle.

3) The Angora Cat likes to be stimulated to learn

The Angora cat is so intelligent that it is not satisfied with its curiosity alone. This cat breed likes to be stimulated and to learn from its humans. In addition, the Angora loves a challenge that puts it to think! They are very active cats, who enjoy affection and company. Considered to be very communicative felines, they manage to establish good communication with their guardians to benefit their pets.In other words, the kitten of this breed will do anything to get what it wants. It can also and likes to go for walks, so it is worth investing in a cat training to make this moment pleasant for it.

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4) Abyssinian: cats of this breed are very investigative

Abyssinian kittens like to investigate and explore their surroundings. They are fans of exercise and companionship and if they are left alone for too long, they can even become depressed. The Abyssinian is also sociable with other animals, likes to learn tricks and play. It is a breed that has a very strong hunting instinct and therefore has fun in the games where it needs to gorunning after prey.

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5) Bengal, the smartest cat in the world!

Considered to be the most intelligent cat breed in the world because of their genetic cross between a domestic feline and a wild feline, Bengal cats are a real challenge. As they are very intelligent, they have a strong personality and end up doing what they want and when they want. Despite this, they know how to obey and can be trained to do many tricks and also walk in the street ofThis breed enjoys playing with their owners and interacting with lots of meowing. They may even have different types of vocalizations to enhance communication with their family.

6) Sphynx: intelligent and quiet cat who likes company

The Sphynx is very intelligent and appreciates guardians who take the time to teach them tricks and behaviors. They love to learn! On the other hand, the Sphynx does not like to be alone and loves its owners' lap - you will see it constantly asking for affection. Cats of this breed like to play and participate in family moments, either as company or as the center of the family's attention.attention.

Bonus: mongrel cat is a mix of the intelligence of several breeds

The mongrel is a mix of several cat breeds, so it's always a surprise! Because they are an undefined mix, they do not have a pattern of behavior, but it is worth betting on the company they have to offer and be surprised by everything they can do. Like all other cats, these cats can also be trained. If this is your desire, just look for a good trainer of cats.cats to help you with this task.

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