Step by step: learn how to de-flea a dog in an emergency

 Step by step: learn how to de-flea a dog in an emergency

Tracy Wilkins

Seeing a dog choking is heartbreaking for any pet parent. The situation happens when something is obstructing the air passage, usually because the dog ate or bit something it shouldn't have or fed too fast, causing the food to end up in the wrong place. When we see a dog coughing as if it were choking, struggling to breathe, vomiting...,drooling excessively, restless and constantly putting his paw in his mouth as if trying to remove something, the puppy is probably choking.

When you find a choking dog, what to do immediately? The best solution is always to take the animal to the vet to be cared for by professionals. However, in an emergency there may not be time for this and the guardian needs to do something quickly. In this case, knowing how to choke a dog can be the salvation of your pet. But as it is something serious, it is important to do thisTo help you, Patas da Casa shows you a step by step on how to quickly, safely and efficiently unleash a dog. Check it out!

Step 1: To start degassing puppy, inspect the animal's throat

"I saw a choking dog: what to do?" First of all, stay calm, as desperation can end up hindering the process. The first step of how to choke a dog is to inspect the pet's throat. This is important to try to identify what is making the dog choke. Open the dog's mouth and direct a light (like a cell phone flashlight) into the animal's throat.

Step 2: Hold the choking dog's mouth open and try to remove the reason for choking with tweezers

If you have visualised the reason for the throat obstruction, you can try to remove it manually. At this point, it is easier to rely on the help of another person: one holds the animal's mouth and the other removes the object. But if you are alone, hold the choking dog's mouth with one hand and remove it with the other. With sterile tweezers, remove the object that is causing the obstruction.Never use your own fingers, as you may end up pushing it further in, making the situation worse. This tip is good if you want to know how to unstick a dog with a chicken bone or other objects that are clearly visible. However, it can be difficult to hold a coughing dog as if it is choking or the guardian may not feel prepared to do so, and it is not always possible to do sovisualize the reason for the choking, in which case proceed to the next step of how to unstuff a dog.

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Step 3: Hold the choking dog with its back to you and hug it, pressing its abdomen upwards

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If you have done the previous steps and the object is still stuck (i.e. the dog is still making noises as if it has choked), it is time to move on to the last attempt. This is the Heimlich Manoeuvre, which consists of applying pressure to the abdomen to force out the object that is obstructing the air passage. The first step of how to unstick a dog using this manoeuvre is tohold the dog so that it is facing away from you and support the animal's body on your chest. Then, hug the animal from behind, positioning your hands below the rib of the choking dog.

Apply upward pressure on the animal's abdomen to try to push out the object that made the dog choke. Perform the movement a few times until it is expelled through the dog's mouth. This technique of how to degas a dog should be done calmly. Do not apply too much force to the pet as this can end up hurting it. Care must be redoubled in the case of small dogs, which are more likely to choke.fragile.

Step 4: After completing the whole process of how to de-flea a dog, take the animal to the veterinarian

I've done all the techniques and I still see the dog choking: what to do? Take the animal to the vet immediately. The dog making noises as if it has choked when the object has not been expelled means that it is still stuck and needs to be removed in another way. Immediate medical attention is essential, as the obstruction of the airway leaves the dog with difficulty in breathing.If this goes on for too long, the puppy may even die. So don't hesitate and take him to a veterinary emergency.

In addition, the vet should not only be visited if you are unsuccessful. Even if after performing the step by step how to unclench a dog you manage to clear the throat successfully, you should take the dog to the vet. This is important because the object may have caused some injury to the esophagus.

If you notice your dog making noises as if it has choked even after clearing, take it to the vet again. The throat may have a wound or some part of the object may have become lodged there. Knowing the step by step how to unstick a dog with chicken bone, pieces of toys or even food is the best way to prepare yourself in case you get stuck.encounter this situation, which happens when we least expect it.

Tracy Wilkins

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