See 7 small dogs that are pure courage: Yorkshire, Pinscher and more fearless dogs!

 See 7 small dogs that are pure courage: Yorkshire, Pinscher and more fearless dogs!

Tracy Wilkins

Adopting a dog can be a real box of surprises! After all, each breed has its own particularities regarding appearance, special care and, above all, temperament. Therefore, when choosing a new member for the family, it is worth directing the choice of breed according to what you expect from the pet. If you are looking to find a companion for all thehours and a true guardian for the house, the ideal is to bet on a very brave pet. Many people are mistaken to deduce that the bravery of a dog is synonymous with large size and, therefore, end up giving up on the idea. However, this is far from the truth! Did you identify with the dilemma? So, check out this list of 7 small dogs full of bravery!

1) Yorkshire Terrier

Like any good terrier, the Yorkshire is an active, energetic and very courageous dog. Although he is tiny, the dog does not seem to be afraid of anything and faces any challenge that comes his way! The pet is very determined and behaves like a true guardian of the family. Owner of a liveliness to envy many a big person, the Yorkshire is also a great oneexplorers: they don't think twice before going through every room in the house and love to discover new corners. They are always on the alert and, as if they weren't aware of their own stature, they don't hesitate to face possible threats.

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2) Pomeranian Lulu

Some puppies are afraid or nervous before going for a walk with their guardians on the street. This is definitely not the case with the Pomeranian Lulu! The dog is extremely active and courageous, which explains his euphoria when he realizes it's time to take a walk outside the house. All this disposition needs to be controlled by the owner so that it does not turn into an unpleasant behavior, with signs of anxiety.stress or aggressive attitudes.

Lulu da Pomeranian puppies are also not afraid to live with other animals of different sex and size. Quite the contrary! Being a very dynamic pet, the lulu usually gets along well with larger dogs. After all, big dogs tend to put up with the hectic pace of the little one full of energy. Being always alert, the pet usually does not make a point of sparing barking, but,on the other hand, is generally quite docile and affectionate.

3) Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is yet another proof that size is not an issue. The dog, which can measure as little as 29cm in height, is always ready to face any danger! Especially if the well-being of its preferred humans is at stake. The possible threats to its guardians are even one of the main reasons why the puppy may end up exaggerating the noise. Very confidentand fearless, courage is what will not be lacking among the puppies of the Lhasa Apso breed!

4) Pinscher

It is very likely that you have seen a Pinscher put the greatest moral and intimidate another dog of larger size. Well, nature knows exactly what it does! The animal is known for its personality full of courage and boldness. Precisely because of this fearless character of the dog, it is necessary to be very careful during walks with the pet. After all, nothing prevents the pet from trouble withsome other pet or simply decide to invade a street full of cars.

Owners of Pinscher dogs need to be firm and show who's in charge at home. It's serious, see? If you give in, the little animal will paint and embroider with your family. On the other hand, even if they are quite stubborn, pinschers also have an enviable loyalty. In fact, this is one of the characteristics responsible for turning the dog into a great guardian (or mini guardian).Dogs of this breed tend to be suspicious and always on the alert, further proof of their courage. After all, it is not easy to sustain such an explosive temperament!

5) Maltese

The Maltese's calm and gentle appearance can disguise his courage and bravery. The little furry one does not have the habit of fearing the presence of other dogs. Quite the contrary! It is best to keep an eye on the pet so that he does not go around making a mess with bigger dogs. The bad part of all this bravery is due to the noise. Unfortunately, the Maltese does not contain his barking when he sees the need to get out of the way.impose, but ends up working as a great alarm against the presence of strangers and possible intruders.

6) Chihuahua

The Chihuahua's cute face can fool a lot of people! However, a friend is a friend: the pet's charming appearance should not be seen as synonymous with fragility. The breed is very intelligent, active and courageous, with attitudes that could be considered dangerous in a larger animal.

Do you know that dog that is not aware of its size? It is the Chihuahua! The pet will not flinch before challenging anyone, both people and other dogs. The puppy is very devoted to its owners and, with proper training, can assume a more obedient and calm posture. Intelligence to learn is what is not lacking!

7) Miniature Schnauzer

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The Miniature Schnauzer's courageous and exploratory instinct makes it common for them to interact with larger animals. The important thing for Miniature Schnauzers is to play and have fun, regardless of the size of the dog in question. Always vigilant and fearless, the Schnauzer is extremely active. It is worth mentioning that play should be done carefully! HisProtective personality can end up causing the pet to react badly to more "rough" activities.

Tracy Wilkins

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