Pinscher 0: learn more about this small breed dog that is the darling of Brazil

 Pinscher 0: learn more about this small breed dog that is the darling of Brazil

Tracy Wilkins

The Pinscher 0 dog is living proof that size does not matter. Despite its compact size, it has everything to occupy a large space in your heart and in your family's life. The Pinscher breed - 0 and any other size - is one of the most popular small dog breeds in Brazil, and there is no shortage of reasons for this. The Pinscher 0, in particular, has a personality that captivates anyoneFearless and loyal, the dog of this breed will do anything to protect those he loves whenever necessary.

How about getting to know the Zero Pinscher better? The dog's value, as well as his personality, may surprise you! O Paws of the House has prepared a complete guide about the breed with everything you need to know about the Pinscher: life expectancy, physical characteristics, behavior, Pinscher care, price and much more!

Pinscher 0 puppy: characteristics go beyond the small size

In general, the Pinscher is already quite small, but you can find size variations among the animals of the breed. From Pinscher 0 to Pinscher miniature, the big difference between these pets is the minimum and maximum size reached. Although it is not an officially recognized nomenclature, the Pinscher 0 dog breed, as well as the others, is a term that has become popular among Brazilian breeders. Thismakes it easier for families to find the smallest possible dog of the breed.

Pinscher 0 puppy, as its name suggests, is the smallest of all Pinschers. In adulthood, it is common for its weight not to exceed 2.5kg. Moreover, in the zero version, Pinscher has a maximum height of 15 centimetres. It is basically a dog that fits in the palm of your hand!

To give you an idea, the difference between sizes of the Pinscher 0 breed dog is not very significant compared to the Pinscher 1, for example. In fact, what separates one classification from the other is only 5 centimetres (or a little more). So don't be fooled by a "big" Pinscher 0: sometimes this puppy simply belongs to another standard.

Often associated with a miniature version of the Doberman, the zero Pinscher has a rough, harsh coat that is mostly black with brown spots. It is usually quite skinny, has pointed ears and eyes slightly out of their sockets.

In some cases, in addition to the black Pinscher 0, it is also possible to find specimens of the breed in shades of brown. Pinscher 0 puppy has only these coat patterns, okay? Even if some guardians like other colors, such as white, purebred Pinscher 0 puppy will never be white. If properly cared for, a Pinscher's life expectancy can reach 15 years of age, so it is quite common for a Pinscher 0 puppy to be white.the Pinscher will be your companion for a long time.

Learn more about the origin of the zero Pinscher!

According to experts, the Pinscher - 0, 1, 2 and miniature dog - is a dog of German origin that emerged more than 200 years ago. There are few records of how exactly the breed came into being, but what is known is that the Pinscher dog - zero and other sizes - has already been depicted in several ancient paintings. This is what leads one to believe that the Pinscher breed - zero or otherwise - has been with us for quite some time. NoIt is no wonder that even before the First World War, the little dog was already very popular in Germany. Shortly afterwards, the breed arrived in the United States and conquered the whole world.

Pinscher 0: personality of the breed is marked by protective instincts

The Pinscher 0 breed dog is practically a guard dog because, despite its small size, it is pure courage and has a very protective side. This type of behavior is soon associated with the image of a brave Pinscher 0, but the truth is that the dog's bravery is much more linked to its protective instinct. That is, the dog of this breed will not advance on anyone without reason, butif Pinscher 0 thinks that the owner is in danger, he can, yes, face dogs bigger than him or strangers. So, when it comes to the zero version, Pinscher dog proves that size is not a document!

But don't think that the reputation of nervousness defines this breed, see? As the photos show, Pinscher 0 is also a great cuteness and super companion to humans. They are attached and show immense affection for their guardians, always wanting to be by their side. It is only important to be careful because both the dog number 0 and the other variations have a very territorial side. Therefore, thePinscher 0 will not hesitate to bark if he feels his space is being threatened.

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To avoid this type of behavior, socialization with strangers and other animals should happen when the Pinscher 0 puppy is still young. This helps the puppy to get used to the presence of other people and pets from an early age. In fact, one of the most striking traits in the Pinscher 0 personality is his intelligence! He learns commands super fast and is very skilled. Therefore, thetraining the Pinscher dog breed number 0 is not a difficult task, and it is essential to avoid unwanted behavior.

See pictures of Pinscher 0 and fall in love!

Pinscher puppy: care and what to expect from the puppy

The Pinscher 0 puppy is a super fragile dog, and in the first few days will spend long hours sleeping and getting used to the new home. He will need a lot of attention in this initial moment since, due to his fragility, he may require more care, especially if there are sudden changes in temperature (the Pinscher 0 puppy feels very cold, both puppy and adult). In addition, he isa very smart little dog and attached to its humans, so it will love to be by your family's side whenever possible. It is indicated that both socialization and training take place while the Pinscher puppy 0.

Receiving a puppy - Pinscher breed 0 or not - is something that requires preparation. The first step is to establish a cozy and comfortable corner for the pet, with everything it needs: a bed, toys, food and water bowls, as well as basic canine hygiene items.

It is also important to take the Pinscher puppy 0 to the vet: after 45 days of life, puppy vaccinations can already be applied, as well as deworming. This helps to maintain the good health of the animal. It is worth remembering that after completing the vaccination schedule, vaccinations should be reinforced annually. With the right care, the Pinscher's lifespan can be 15 years (or even more!).

4 curiosities about the Pinscher 0

1) Pinscher 0 dog names are often very funny because they always make a reference to their size or "nervous" temperament.

2) Contrary to what many may think, the Pinscher dog breed - number 0, 1, 2 and miniature - is not descended from the Doberman. Even with some similarities, the emergence of the Pinscher was earlier.

3) The lifespan of a Pinscher may surprise many people, but the truth is that most small dogs have a high life expectancy. Pinscher, because it falls into this group, actually lives long years!

4) For those wondering how much a Pinscher puppy - 0 and others - costs, the answer will depend on the size chosen! Generally, the 0 Pincher puppy is the most affordable of all.

Pinscher care is a way to maintain their well-being

  • Brushing: the hair of the Pinscher 0 dog does not usually fall out much outside the coat change phase, but should be brushed at least once a week to avoid accumulation in the corners of the house.

  • Bath: the Pinscher 0 breed dog requires regular bathing at least once a month or as needed. Do not forget to use specific pet products!

  • Ears: the ideal is to clean the ears of the Pinscher 0 at least every 15 days to avoid infections and inflammations in the place, such as otitis.

  • Nails: to ensure the comfort of the dog, breed Pinscher 0 need to cut their nails once or twice a month. You can choose to do it at home or take it to the petshop.

  • Teeth: be sure to take care of your Pinscher Zero's oral health on a weekly basis. This is the best way to prevent unpleasant problems such as tartar in dogs from setting in.

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  • Jokes: because it is very small, the Pinscher 0 must be treated delicately, so it is good to be careful with the roughest games that can hurt him. It is also important to have a routine of daily walks to keep him moving and away from sedentary or obesity.

  • Space for creation: because of its size, the Pinscher 0 is one of the most suitable breeds for apartments, having more quality of life in this environment than being raised in the backyard.

Pinscher puppy: price and care needed when opening doors

A very common question among lovers of the breed is: how much is a Pinscher 0? Because it is a small dog, a simple search on the internet for a Pinscher puppy can offer you values with a wide variation. However, when it comes specifically to the Pinscher 0 puppy, the price is usually at least R $ 600 and at most R $ 2 thousand. However, it is worth mentioning that it is good to look for a Pinscher 0 puppy.make sure that the animals (both puppies and parents) are well cared for before closing the deal.

The option of Pinscher 0 for sale is very eye-catching, especially for those who care about pedigree and want a purebred dog. However, in addition to the Pinscher 0 puppy to buy, another alternative is to look for people who are offering Pinscher 0 puppies to donate. Yes, that's right: in the case of the Pinscher 0, donation is another way to have a puppy of the breed. But remember:both animal adoption and animal purchase should be done responsibly and carefully.

Some people get confused and call him "Pint zero." Even if it's not right, since the breed name is Pinscher, it's okay if you search for "Pint 0 dog" in kennels or even on the internet, because everyone will know that it's about this fearless little dog!

Pinscher dog x-ray 0

  • Coat: short, smooth and dense
  • Colors: brown or black with brown spots
  • Temperament: protective, affectionate, restless and territorial
  • Level of intelligence: 37th in the ranking of canine intelligence
  • Energy level: high
  • Life expectancy: 15 years

Originally published on: 14/11/2019

Updated on: 28/10/2021

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