Papillon: is the dog breed calm or agitated? Learn about the temperament and other characteristics of the puppy

 Papillon: is the dog breed calm or agitated? Learn about the temperament and other characteristics of the puppy

Tracy Wilkins

For those who like small dogs, the Papillon can be the ideal companion. The breed may not be one of the most popular here in Brazil, but the truth is that this little dog has all the qualities we look for in a dog. In addition to not taking up a lot of space, the Papillon - puppy or not - is a very loyal, docile and loving partner. To unveil the main characteristics of the Papillon.When it comes to the behavior of this puppy, Patas da Casa has prepared a super special article. Take a look and ask your questions!

Papillon: dog can win anyone's heart!

The Papillon dog breed may be small in size, but it has a giant heart! It's no wonder that it's so easy to fall in love with a Papillon dog: the little animals of this breed have a very particular way of winning over everyone around them. This is because, although they are always ready to receive affection, these dogs are also very understanding and do not become suffocating or even stifling.In fact, it is worth mentioning that, unlike more needy dog breeds that demand more attention, the Papillon can also handle some moments alone very well - and best of all: without destroying the house.

But beware: if you have a Papillon puppy, don't leave your little friend helpless, huh? Every puppy demands more care and it is essential not to let the puppy lack anything, especially in the part of giving a lot of attention and affection.

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The personality and temperament of the Papillon breed

People often have a view that smaller dogs are more agitated and noisy than the others. And it may be that some puppies are like that, but with the Papillon dog breed it is totally different. These animals are actually very docile and quite obedient - and it is very difficult to have any kind of behavioral problems with this breed. In fact, one of thehe great advantage of the Papillon dog is precisely its intelligence. It is not for nothing that they are on the list of the 10 most intelligent dog breeds that exist, right? These dogs are very easy to learn things and usually obey all the orders of their tutor.

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It is worth mentioning that, like every dog, it is a breed that needs exercise and play every day, especially the Papillon puppy. Although they are not very agitated, they also need to spend energy, right? So, in addition to daily walks, a good way to balance this is to invest in interactive toys that further stimulate cognitive skillsfrom your friend!

Papillon: breed adapts very well to apartments and small houses

Small, Papillon puppies can adapt very easily to any environment, so for those looking for puppies for apartments, apartments and smaller houses, this is great. The puppy really does not need a large space to have a good quality of life. In addition, one of the great advantages of this animal is that the Papillon puppy does not have the habit of barking withand only does so in really necessary situations, when he wants to alert his guardian of something, for example. For this reason, coexistence with dogs is usually quite peaceful.

Papillon: dog has an above average price

Because it is a breed that is still little known and consequently not so popular, the prices of a Papillon puppy are higher than usual. The Papillon puppy costs at least R $ 5,000 if he is of a more basic lineage. However, if he is descended from champion names, it can be even more expensive and, to buy the Papillon puppy, the value can reach R $ 15,000.

Tracy Wilkins

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