Names for Pug: see a selection of 100 options to call the small breed dog

 Names for Pug: see a selection of 100 options to call the small breed dog

Tracy Wilkins

The Pug dog is a lovely and docile companion and will surely be the happiness of the house. After all, having a dog is always a joy. But with the euphoria of a new four-legged love at home comes the question: what dog name to choose? For this difficult mission, you can take into account the main characteristics of the breed or even be inspired by characters from books, series,movies and even food names. Thinking of helping you in this task, the Paws of the House has gathered 100 options of names for Pug. You will surely find one for your new friend, check it out!

What to consider when choosing names for a Pug puppy?

The personality of this small dog is able to conquer anyone and can be taken into account when choosing the name of your pet. The Pug dog is a great companion animal: he is simply that little dog who is in love with his owner. The Pug dog breed usually carries a characteristic of sociable behavior, relating to any person, be it elderly,The Pug even tends to get along very well with other animals.

In addition to taking personality into account, when naming your new friend it is important not to give names that resemble commands or names of other pets in the house. Names like Magenta, for example, can be confused with the command "sit" and Pistol can sound like "roll". Also, don't forget to have common sense when naming your four-legged love and don't use prejudiced terms. It isYou obviously don't want your Pug to have a dog name that sounds negative, so never use unethical terms that have any discriminatory undertones.

The best dog name options are those that are short and end in vowels, as they may be better understood by the Pug puppy.

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Breed characteristics can help when choosing Pug dog names

If the goal is to have a name that super matches the pet, the characteristics of the breed can help a lot. The Pug is known for its companionship, energy and small size. Both physical and behavioral characteristics can serve as a perfect dog name inspiration. Don't forget to let your creativity flow. See some suggestions:

  • Joy Pug : there is no name that suits a dog of the Pug breed more, after all, he will be the joy of the house;
  • Flea : is a fun name for small, fussy puppies;
  • Popcorn : the best name for cheerful and playful puppies like the Pug;
  • Spark : the perfect name for the Pug who never misses an opportunity to play with his guardians;
  • Madruga Pug: in addition to being a great name for that puppy that wanders the dawn in search of fun, it can be an option that goes very well with the black Pug dog;
  • Coffee : for that four-legged friend who raises your energy;
  • Vibrate : the puppy that makes a vibe in the house deserves that name.

Pug names inspired by celebrities and famous characters

Letting creativity flow is essential when naming your dog. Using celebrities, athletes and characters from books, movies and series can be a great option. These references can generate a funny dog name and make living with your dog even more fun. See some options with this universe as inspiration:

  • Rihanna;
  • Messi;
  • Beyoncé;
  • Lexa;
  • Gandhi;
  • Pelé;
  • Britney;
  • Shakira;
  • Madonna;
  • Senna;
  • Newton;
  • Frida;
  • Batman;
  • Capitu;
  • Flash;
  • Hulk;
  • Jellyfish;
  • Iza;
  • Joelma;
  • Mulan;
  • Shazam;
  • Velma;
  • Vittar.

Names for male Pug

  • Cotton;
  • Angel;
  • Alvin;
  • Bento;
  • Cadu;
  • Dante;
  • Flip;
  • Comic;
  • Greg;
  • Collar;
  • Hero;
  • Izrra;
  • Jerry;
  • Koda;
  • Lupi;
  • Kid;
  • Morpheus;
  • Oto;
  • Olaf;
  • Paco;
  • Peba;
  • Rui;
  • Rafa;
  • Raj;
  • Rob;
  • King;
  • Rich;
  • Ringo;
  • Rifus;
  • Xodó.

Names for female Pug

  • Ariel;
  • Ariana;
  • Mulberry;
  • Babalu;
  • Bebel;
  • Beautiful;
  • Bibi;
  • Bolata;
  • Brenda;
  • Breeze;
  • Crystal;
  • Celeste;
  • Duda;
  • Duchess;
  • Flora;
  • Gigi;
  • Ginga;
  • Gucci;
  • Jade;
  • Jorja;
  • Kiara;
  • Beautiful;
  • Moon;
  • Luna;
  • Manu;
  • Maya;
  • Monalisa;
  • Mafalda;
  • Pamonha;
  • Nugget.

Classic dog names great for Pug

  • Bel;
  • Ball;
  • Bidu;
  • Billy;
  • Chico;
  • Bob;
  • Cocoa;
  • Lola;
  • Max;
  • Rex.

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