Lucky adoption: black cat guardians detail affectionate cohabitation

 Lucky adoption: black cat guardians detail affectionate cohabitation

Tracy Wilkins

The charm of black cats with blue eyes is undeniable, isn't it? Those who have one at home guarantee: they are very affectionate! Linked to myths, black cats carry a lot of sensitivity, in addition to a unique beauty. Not to mention that the routine with them can be super fun! Although some superstitions associate the black cat with Friday the 13th and bad luck, this pet has everything to become your great friend.We talked to guardians of this feline and found out more details about living with a black cat or kitten. If you are part of the admirers of these animals, follow the article below!

Day-to-day life with a blue-eyed or yellow-eyed black cat is easy, according to owners

There are black cats with blue eyes and this beauty is a rarity. But the other felines with this coat still enchant several homes and their owners claim that they are very companions! "They like to stay around me while I sleep or work," details Cristiane Neves, who is the guardian of Serena and Joaquim. Luan Duarte also has two black cats, Yang and Tahanni. He explains the "black cats"."They are playful, they like affection, they meow through the sachet, they are curious and love to explore," he says.

Tutor of seven cats, including two Maine Coon cats and Luna, a black kitten, Paula Maia talked about how loving and crazy the feline is for a cuddle: "Luna has been with me for years, she was the first kitten I got. She is very friendly, loves to ask for affection, knead bread and has a very low purr, at the same time she likes her corner. But she also won't leave you alone until she's done.stop everything you're doing to give her affection," he says.

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And Dayse Lima, who grew up surrounded by cats of this color and is currently the tutor of Salim and other felines, with whom she shares a calm routine: "It's quiet. We have always had black cats at home and they are very docile too!".

Black cat charm: blue eyes, green... Are they really more affectionate?

They say that the black kitten is more affectionate than the others and Dayse does not deny this fame: "All the black cats we have had are extremely affectionate." Luan, on the other hand, says that there is no lack of support from his little duo: "When I get sick or sad, they (Yang and Tahanni) notice and stay close to me looking as if to say: 'calm down that everything will be fine'".

Paula, guardian of Luna and Rony Weasley, an orange cat, points out that they are very friendly and that they do not leave her: "They are the most affectionate in the house. They do not ask for affection all the time, but they are always around and asking for a lap." She takes advantage and reports an episode in which Luna, who had difficulty socializing with the other cats, treated Rony very well: "When he got sick, she took on a very special role.She stopped being angry with him and put him at ease. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen," she says.

And Cristiane describes how graceful her black cat is: "He has a habit of jumping on my neck. It's a comedy and sometimes he surprises and scares me with his sudden jumps. He also has a funny way of lying down that everyone who sees it finds very funny," she says.

Black cat: green eye is elegant and reveals fun pets

It's not just partnership that black cats live for and guardians tell how they also love to get into mischief. Paula Maia, for example, has a list of little Luna's antics. One of them was a miscalculated jump that resulted in a love mark: "I was distracted and she fell on my face. Luckily, I had my glasses on, but it left a scar on my forehead. At the time, it was tragic, but today I laugh."begins.

Paula also says that even her girlfriend doesn't escape the black kitten's antics: "She won't let my girlfriend play video games. Every time she turns on the device, Luna immediately puts her paw on the off button," and continues: "She has a very funny habit of opening the water filter. Instead of drinking from the kittens' fountain, she loves to press the water filter button and drink right there. She knows itIn other words, besides being playful, black cats are very clever!

Cristiane's Joaquim, on the other hand, is very sociable: "He has a habit of jumping on visitors and sometimes makes me embarrassed with his sly face. I have a lot of fun with his pranks", while Luan can't resist any feat of his cats: "The least thing they do I'm already drooling and taking pictures."

Luck, bad luck, Friday the 13th, black cat... what is the relationship between the animal and superstitions?

When it comes to reasons to have a black cat, Dayse recalls how lucky she was to adopt one: "We can say that due to superstition they protect us from evils, because they are great companions and are very beautiful! Super worth having one at home".

It turns out that many legends surround black cats. In fact, felines are seen as mystical beings and even a black and white kitten carries symbolism. However, black kittens come last in the adoption queue. But the lucky ones who take one home, do not regret their decision: "Luna was abandoned, as a baby, along with other kittens. All the other kittens are black.When I heard about it, I didn't hesitate and adopted her. It was love at first sight. Black kittens have a lot of love to give", Paula assures.

Luan comments on superstitions: "I think it's very important to break this taboo that they bring bad luck. On the contrary, just like any pet they will bring you joy and satisfaction every day of your life." Especially on Friday the 13th, care for the black cat must be redoubled. On this day, do everything to keep him safe at home.

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"Black cats are among the most rejected cats. The two cats I have left over from those I took from the street and could not adopt. They suffer a lot of prejudice, and they deserve a lot of love" concludes Cristiane, who has seven cats and is a protector of felines in the region where she lives.

So if you can't resist the cuteness of a black kitten photo, just take a look at Adota Patas and have a black kitten to call your own. And if you're unsure about what to name your kitty, just follow some tips for black cat names.

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