Is a cat carrier that opens from the top better?

 Is a cat carrier that opens from the top better?

Tracy Wilkins

If you intend to open the doors of your home to a feline, you should know that an accessory that cannot be missing from your shopping list is the cat carrier. Unlike dogs, who have the habit of walking on the streets more often, most cats are raised indoors and have almost no access to the streets for safety reasons. Therefore, any exit must be done with the cat carrier.Cat will use it for going to the vet, trips, outings and more.

Of the various models that exist, one of the most practical is the cat carrier with top opening. See below how it works, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the product and what to take into account when buying the best accessory for your pet!

Cat carrier that opens from the top: how does it work?

At first glance, the top-opening cat carrier is not much different from other models, as they often share the same design. Both have a front grille and several side "holes" that allow air to circulate, preventing your kitty from feeling suffocated. But if you pay attention, the top-opening model has a difference that makes it easier - and much easier!- when removing your kitten from the accessory: it has a "little door" at the top.

Another possibility is that, in some cases, the cat carrier box instead of being completely screwed on, is only with safety latches on the sides. That is, it is possible to remove the top of the box entirely when picking up the animal. This is something that greatly improves the experience of veterinary appointments (especially when it comes to a cat afraid to go to the vet).doctor or who gets very stressed by any kind of outing away from home).

As it is a product that opens more easily than those that are screwed, it is important to pay special attention to the material of the cat carrier that opens from above, which must be resistant enough to carry your pet. Seeing reviews on the internet is also a good strategy to know if the product is really safe.

5 advantages of the top-opening cat transport box

  • Provides greater freedom for the kitten;
  • Improves the well-being of the animal inside the cat carrier;
  • It is more ventilated and illuminated than other models;
  • It makes it easier for the animal to get in and out of the crate;
  • It makes visits to the vet less stressful;

What to take into account when buying a cat transport box?

With the transport box, the cat can be taken anywhere more easily and comfortably. However, when purchasing the accessory it is important to take into account some factors, such as the size and material of the product. You should buy a cat transport box large enough to make your kitten comfortable, without feeling cramped or squeezed. The ideal is tothat, inside the box, he can stand up and walk around his body with ease.

The material is what will determine the strength and durability of the product. The more malleable models are suitable for small kittens or kittens; those with a more rigid material are better to support large and giant cats, such as the Maine Coon.

Tracy Wilkins

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