How to use the washable hygienic mat?

 How to use the washable hygienic mat?

Tracy Wilkins

The washable hygienic mat is a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable mats. Usually made with materials with high absorption power, the accessory also prevents bad odors in the environment. Despite the great cost-benefit ratio, the washable dog mat requires constant care so that the puppy has a great experience when peeing and pooping. This item guarantees the well-being of the dog.and is usually an accessory that is easy for owners to manage.

The washable pet mat prevents bad smell and dirt, making the animal more comfortable to do the needs. Despite so many advantages, many people still do not know how the washable hygienic mat for dogs works. With that in mind, the Paws of the House has put together some information about the product, take a look!

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How does the washable pet hygienic mat work?

There is a question that many guardians ask about the washable hygienic mat: how to use the accessory correctly? This product is usually made of synthetic, waterproof or plastic material. In some cases, you can even find some models that imitate a garden grass for the dog, being even a more interactive way for the pet to do the needs.

For the use of the washable dog toilet mat to be done correctly, the guardian must choose a place away from where the animal makes meals to be the pet's bathroom. If the dog already knows how to pee and poop in one place, you should replace the old material for the mat gradually. Go interspersing the days between the washable toilet mat and the disposable one.

If you still haven't managed to teach your dog to go potty in the right place, it is important to observe the times he usually evacuates and urinates to indicate the new mat. Positive training techniques can be very important for this process. Remember to always reward when he gets the place right, this will help him learn. At the time of reward, anything goes.Treats, cuddles and praise work perfectly well, the important thing is to attribute the accomplishment of the task to something positive.

Washable toilet mat: does the dog feel any different from newspaper?

Using newspaper for your dog to go potty is an old and cheap method. Despite the low cost, this alternative is not the most hygienic, nor the healthiest, for your pet. The piece of newspaper does not absorb the urine and ends up potentiating the smell of the dog's pee. The liquid still spreads and ends up wetting the pet's paws. You will need to wash the place where the newspaperis used every time, as the odor can become very strong.

In addition, due to the printing ink of the newspaper sheet, the puppy may end up developing skin problems and allergies. The puppy will certainly feel the difference from the washable material to the newspaper. With the carpet he will always be dry and will not have problems with pee residue on his paws - still, it is important to make a gradual transition.

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Washable pet mat: how to wash?

Even with the advantages of the washable product, it can smell like pee if sanitizing is not frequent. Washing can be done by hand or in the washing machine. Ideally, the item should be soaked in a bucket for about 30 minutes before sanitizing. It is recommended to have at least two or three units of the washable toilet mat to take turns. While one is washed, the other stays in the washing machine.Remember that routine is very important when it comes to dog grooming, so keep a regular cleaning schedule.

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