How does silica cat litter work?

 How does silica cat litter work?

Tracy Wilkins

Felines are extremely hygienic animals and that is why it is important to pay special attention when it comes to the cat litter box and the type of litter used. There are several options available on the market, such as wood pellets or clay. Silica cat litter has also become quite popular, but is it the best choice? Although it is an excellent option,especially for those who spend the day away from home, this is a cat litter that requires some attention.

Litter box: cats need a suitable place to go potty

The cat litter box is one of the most important accessories when it comes to routine care. By instinct, felines have the habit of burying and hiding their feces and urine. So, nothing better than a suitable place for them to do this, right? There are several different models of cat litter box, but this should not be the guardian's only concern. The choice of the type of sand is also a very important one.fundamental, as some cats adapt better to specific materials, and a favorite for many has been silica.

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For those looking for a practical cat litter that doesn't need to be changed very often, silica litter is ideal. Although it is a little more expensive than the others, it is a very worthwhile investment in the long run, and we explain why.

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Silica cat litter: learn about the advantages and how to use the product

Silica cat litter is made up of silica crystals or balls that have a high liquid absorption capacity, which means that the litter can be used for more than two weeks without needing to be replaced. It also has certain properties that completely neutralize the odours of cat faeces and urine. Felines therefore do not notice that the litter has not been replaced.changed and are able to do their business normally on site.

As this cat litter has a longer duration and does not need to be changed all the time, it is something that compensates for the fact that it is a little more expensive, compared to more traditional models. Therefore, this ends up being a great option, especially for those who need to spend more time outside the home or do not have much patience to change the cat litter box every day. Anyway, it isit is important that you remove feces frequently, not least to avoid bad odors and the presence of insects.

Silica sand: cats must not ingest the material

A very important caution with this type of cat litter is that the kitty cannot ingest the silica at all. They may even be tempted to, it is true, but it is up to the guardian to supervise and correct this behavior before something more serious happens. The same goes if you have a dog that likes to mess with the litter box. The problem with silica cat litter is that it hassubstances in its composition that are extremely harmful to cats and can cause poisoning or other problems in the intestine and kidneys if consumed.

Tracy Wilkins

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