Have you thought about buying a dog water fountain? See the benefits of the accessory

 Have you thought about buying a dog water fountain? See the benefits of the accessory

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It's no news that hydration is as important for dogs as it is for humans. Animals need to drink an adequate amount of fluid per day to keep their bodies healthy, hydrated and away from some health problems, such as kidney failure. Generally, owners opt for jars of water to hydrate their pets, but what if we told you there was another way?The dog water fountain is an accessory that ensures that the water is always fresh and can attract even those animals that do not like to drink water very much.

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Why invest in a dog water fountain?

Dogs can't always drink the right amount of water per day, so what do you do when that happens? A good tip is to invest and try a dog fountain. Very common among kittens, this type of drinking fountain encourages dogs to drink more water. The reason for this is quite simple: the constant circulation of the water allows it to always be fresh, which ends up awakening the dog's appetite.In addition, the dog water fountain avoids waste and has a relatively low energy expenditure, even if it is plugged in all the time.

There are several models of water fountain for dogs in the shape of a fountain with different shapes, sizes and materials. That is, the tutor has a range of options at his disposal, just know how to choose the one that best suits the dog.

Discover the different models of water fountain for pets

- Stainless steel dog fountain:

The dog water fountain made with stainless steel is the most recommended model and the most beloved among pet guardians. In addition to keeping the water fresh for much longer, a great advantage of this type of material is that this dog fountain can be easily sanitized with boiling water and has a high durability and resistance, in general. Another point worth mentioning is that,unlike the plastic water fountain for dogs, the stainless steel model has no pores, which makes it difficult for microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria to proliferate.

- Plastic dog fountain:

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This type of dog water fountain is usually a valid option for those who do not intend to spend a lot on the accessory, since it is usually cheap and easy to be transported to other places, such as trips and outings. However, it is a model that should be avoided, as plastic contains chemical compounds that can be harmful to dogs' health in the long run. If you arebuy a plastic dog fountain, it is essential to choose one that is BPA free. In addition, a major disadvantage of this drinking fountain is that when cleaning, it can end up suffering some scratches, which end up being a perfect hiding place for the proliferation of bacteria.

- Aluminum dog fountain:

The water fountain for dogs made with aluminum is another model that is not usually one of the most recommended because, just like the plastic drinking fountain, aluminum can also suffer some risks when cleaning and this ends up requiring more frequent maintenance of the accessory. In addition, another disadvantage is that this dog fountain ends up releasing aluminum into the water over time, leading to the loss of water.doggy to a poisoning condition.

- Ceramic dog fountain:

This model of water fountain for pets is a great option, especially for those who like a more elegant and charming aesthetic. In addition, the filter present in this type of drinking fountain is excellent for leaving the water always clean and fresh. But, when cleaning, it is also important to pay certain attention not to scratch the material. Another issue worth mentioning is that the dog fountain ofceramic is more fragile, which means that it can be destroyed more easily, and is also heavier and more difficult to transport to other locations.

Water fountain for dogs: how to choose the best one for your friend?

To choose the best water fountain for dogs, it is important to observe your friend's needs and analyze how much you are willing to spend on the accessory. There are more expensive models and cheaper ones, and this will usually depend on the type of material, size and shape. Some are more detailed, and others simpler, and this greatly influences the final price of the product. BesidesIn addition, it is important that it is of a suitable size for your friend, so don't buy a very exaggerated model if you have a small dog at home, for example.

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