Grey cat: which breeds have this coat color?

 Grey cat: which breeds have this coat color?

Tracy Wilkins

The color of a cat's coat is usually a characteristic that draws a lot of attention from cat lovers and often becomes a criterion when buying or adopting a pet. Gray, orange, black or white cats: there are colors for all tastes. Today our focus is on those who have always dreamed of having a gray cat to call their own. Usually rarer, thesepussies spread beauty and exuberance wherever they go. Therefore, we have separated the main breeds with this coloration and some characteristics of these kittens. Just take a look!

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Think of a charming gray cat: this is the Korat breed. With a coat that is always gray and varies from short to medium, the felines of this breed attract attention wherever they go and are not usually shy at all. On the contrary, they are friendly, calm and very playful, especially when the game in question involves chasing objects, such as balls or stuffed mice. The Korat is a catgray furry who is driven by his natural instincts and this is very clear in living with him, but he also loves to spend quality time around the family.

The Korat gray cat, besides being known for its exotic coat, also carries another characteristic that fascinates anyone: its greenish eyes. Bright and mesmerizing, the Korat's gaze in contrast to the fur makes the kitty passionate and it is very difficult to resist such beauty. So if you have always dreamed of having a gray cat breed and green eyes, this may be the one for you.But how much does it cost to have such a pet? When it comes to the Korat, this peculiar "gray cat with green eyes" breed, the price ranges from R$ 1,000 to R$ 2,000.

2) The Chartreux cat is calm and friendly, known for its "smile"

Chartreux? Korat? Many confuse the names of grey cats, but they don't belong to the same breed - grey cats have a lot of variety, although few people know that. So, besides the Korat, another all-grey cat that has many admirers around the world is the Chartreux. The cat became known because its facial features often give the impression that it is (almost) always smiling.

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Charismatic and very friendly, the Chartreux grey cat is a great companion to have at home and hardly demands much attention. Reserved and silent, this breed of grey cat does not meow for nothing and knows how to manage very well on its own, without depending so much on its family. But, of course, like any other pet, the Chartreux also needs to be treated with a lot of affection and love.

Another point that usually draws attention to the kitten is that, in addition to its coat, this is a gray cat with a yellow eye. The tones can vary from golden to amber, but they certainly bring a differential to the gray cat. Yellow eye stands out and leaves anyone fascinated. When it comes to the Chartreux breed gray cat, price can reach R $ 3,5 thousand.

3) The Russian Blue cat is more independent and wary of strangers

As the name implies, the Russian Blue is a breed of grey cat from Russia that is also highly sought after because of its appearance. The "bluish" grey cat has a short, double-layered, very dense and soft coat. So even with very short and close-to-the-body hair, the abundance makes this a very cute and furry grey cat! Just like the Korat, this is a breed"gray cat, green eyes".

The "gray blue" cat - as it can also be called - is not so outgoing, but it is very faithful and loyal to its guardians. These felines are super shy and suspicious when around other people, but they are incredibly loving and affectionate when alone with their family. This does not mean that they are necessarily dependent on their guardian. In fact, the gray furry cat can manage to beentertains very well on its own.

And it doesn't stop there: the Russian Blue cat is also quite intelligent, which makes it easy to teach the feline tricks and commands. Yes, it's true: feline training is possible, and the gray Russian cat is a great candidate for it - you'll be surprised. However, it's important to assess whether you really want to have one of these at home. Because it's a gray exotic cat, the price of the Blue cat is very high.Russo is a bit more expensive and can reach R$ 5 thousand.

4) Nebelung: felines of this breed have a long, silky coat

Although it is often mistaken for a mongrel, the Nebelung cat is actually a gray cat breed that came from crossing the Russian Blue with other similar felines. The big difference between these breeds, even, is in their coat, since the Nebelung is a gray cat that has longer and silkier hair than the blue-colored cat breed. Despite this, they do not require carevery specific, plus weekly brushing to remove dead fur.

The Nebelung cat has that desirable yellow-eyed grey or green cat appearance that makes anyone fall in love with the breed. He is quite shy but easy to get along with overall. He is not the type to go around making friends with any strangers, but he is completely affectionate with his family and loves to give and receive affection whenever possible.

If you don't know which breed of cat is all gray, the Nebelung is one of them! And the best of all is that if you are interested and already want to have a little friend like this to call your own, you don't have to go looking on the internet "gray cat breed price", because in the case of the Nebelung, value is affordable: from R $ 750 to R $ 1.500.

5) Persian: the darling of humans can also be found in gray color

The Persian cat is one of the world's favourite breeds, and it's no wonder: in addition to the characteristic face and fluffy coat, these felines have a docile, calm and sociable temperament. Generally, the Persian is most sought after in white, but it's important to know that there are other coat colors available, such as the grey furry cat. There are different shades, from the light grey Persian to the dark one -However, for those looking for a short-haired grey Persian cat, it will be more complicated, as the typical coat of this breed is long and very dense.

The Persian cat is a great companion and gets along very well with all kinds of people, including children. However, a special attention that the guardian must have is with the brushing of the Persian's hair - gray cat or any other color - which require special care to always remain beautiful and silky.

6) English Shorthair Cat: a gray cat that has everything to win you over

Of English origin, the English Shorthair cat has a short to medium-length coat that is dense and quite thick. This grey cat breed needs routine grooming, as the breed sheds a lot of hair, especially at the change of seasons. Yes, that's right: as incredible as it may seem, shorthair cat breeds sometimes require more grooming than cats with longer coatsIt is something that varies according to the genetics of each animal.

Overall, the English Shorthair cat is a great four-legged companion who loves spending time with their family and gets attached to their guardians very easily. However, these pets also need their own space from time to time and the family should respect that.

When it comes to the English Shorthair cat, price is stipulated by the breeders of the breed, but it usually stays in the range of R$ 4 thousand - so it is good to plan financially before deciding to have such a pet. Also, when it comes to the English Shorthair cat, value should not be based only on this, as the animal requires other basic cat care, just like any other catpussy.

7) The gray Angora is a hit among gray cat fans

Whoever wants a grey cat or cat certainly thinks of the Angora. This is a breed that has a huge variety of colors, and the gray cat is one of them. With a very elegant posture, big eyes and a royal way, the Angora gray cat is one of the biggest darlings of the cat owners on duty - as popular as the white or black feline. And there are plenty of reasons for that, right?

The personality of the grey cat with yellow eye is very friendly and sociable. He loves affection, although he is not a big fan of cuddling. In addition to all the sweetness, the Angora is very intelligent and loves a good challenge. They learn everything very quickly and like to be stimulated constantly, although the grey cat does not appreciate many changes in his routine.

So if you are looking for a gray furry cat, Angora breed will surely be a great choice to accompany you on a daily basis! When it comes to this gray cat kitten, price can reach R$3 thousand - but remember: the values are usually influenced by the color of the coat.

8) Gray and white cat: Egyptian Mau breed has mixed tones

Have you ever wondered if there is a breed of gray and white cat? Well, there may be some animals with these mixes, but the Egyptian Mau is one that draws a lot of attention. Although this kitten does not have such well-defined colors, it is spotted with stronger shades of gray and whitish tones - especially in the region of the paws and face.

As its name reveals, this grey and white cat originates from Egypt. It has a medium-sized coat, with a very fine and soft texture, and is all spotted, as already mentioned. Fortunately, this is a cat that does not need such frequent brushing - twice a week is enough. The Egyptian Mau has a charming personality, and is very outgoing. It makes a point of participating in everythingthat happens and does not usually isolate itself from humans, as many felines do.

If you are looking for a short-eared gray cat like the Egyptian Mau and want to know how much this beautiful kitten costs, prepare your heart: because it is an exotic and unusual gray cat, the value can be frightening. The Egyptian Mau gray cat kitten costs at least R $ 6 thousand and can reach R $ 10 thousand, depending on its characteristics.

9) Siamese: oddly enough, this can also be a gray cat breed

Many don't even know it, but the gray Siamese cat is a possibility. Called "lilac" or "blue", this is a kitty that certainly doesn't go unnoticed in places. Like any other Siamese, the coat is well marked in the region of the paws and face, but the rest of the body is covered in a very light gray tone. Unfortunately, the dark gray Siamese cat cannot be found, or thatwould de-characterize its standard - the very dark coat would be confused with the typical markings of the breed.

With a very agitated behavior, the gray Siamese cat will love to play and have fun with your family. He seems to have an energy that does not end much, so it is good to direct all this to the right toys and activities. The catification of the house, even, helps a lot to spend the energy of this gray cat - but do not be surprised if, out of nowhere, he decides to be more quiet, ok? Sometimes the catSiamese also enjoy their moments of peace.

If you are a fan of the breed and want to have a gray furry cat of the Siamese breed, you may already be wondering how much it all costs. Well, this is a super popular breed in Brazilian homes, so it is to be imagined that its value is not so exaggerated. The Siamese can cost between R$ 1 thousand and R$ 3 thousand in catteries.

10) Stray: the gray cat without a defined breed can be a pleasant surprise

In addition to the breed options, gray cats can also be mutts. If this is your choice, you can be very happy, because what will not be lacking is diversity! There are all possible types of coats for the famous cats without defined breed (SRD) - also popularly known as mutts - and you can choose that friend you have always dreamed of. There is a dark gray cat, a light gray cat,gray cat with white, gray and black cat, "blue fur" cat (which is a gray cat with shades of blue); in short, it's a huge variety!

Oh, and best of all: as mongrels are always a surprising figure and do not follow the same pattern, you can also choose kittens according to the type of coat or eye color. There are shorthair gray cats, as well as longhair gray cats. As for the look of the pet, there are several options: in addition to classic colors that resemble the Korat - gray cat, green eye - and the Chartreux - the cat with the green eye -.gray cat with yellow eyes -, there is also another combination that is very successful, which is the gray cat with blue eyes.

So our tip is: if you are looking for a grey cat, breed is not always the most important thing. SRD cats are such amazing companions that you won't want to trade them for anything in this world, even if they don't belong to a single grey cat breed. It is true that personality can vary a lot, but growing up in a loving and caring environment every kitten becomes a great friend.

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