Gray dog: which breeds can be born with this color?

 Gray dog: which breeds can be born with this color?

Tracy Wilkins

Just as there are gray cat breeds, it is also possible to find a gray dog around. But unlike felines, there are few breeds that carry a unique color pattern. The best known is the Weimaraner, but some specimens like the Schnauzer and the Shih Tzu can also have grayish strands. Dreaming of gray dog can be a sign that you are not dealing with some problem, butcan also mean that a puppy of this color is approaching in your life. See below what are the main gray dog breeds!

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Weimaraner: in addition to being a gray dog, blue eye draws attention

The Weimaraner is a gray dog of German origin. It has a large size and can reach up to 67 centimeters in height, in addition to weighing between 25 and 40 kg. The breed is strong and muscular, but one of its most striking features is the dog's coat, always short, dense and gray in color. In addition, the contrast with the animal's eyes arouses many looks, since the Weimaraner usually has a blue or blue eye.light amber.

About the personality of the Weimaraner, it can be said that energy is the best word to describe the little dog. They are energetic dogs but at the same time they like to please humans and are quite intelligent as well.

Schnauzer is a very cute gray dog breed

The Schnauzer is a dog that can have different sizes: miniature, standard or giant. Regardless of the size, the breed maintains some standard characteristics, such as hair color. Gray is usually present, with the salt and pepper variation (gray and white dog) being the most common, but it is also possible to find the breed in black and gray or totally black colors.

The Schnauzer's personality is considered strong and dominant, so the guardian must have a firm hand when teaching the dog what is right or wrong. In everyday life, the breed is witty, cheerful and fearless. It is also a great dog for families with children.

Another well-known gray dog is the American Bully

The American Bully is a breed of greyhound that looks rough, but has everything to win many hearts. To begin with, it is a muscular type of Pitbull that can be intimidating at first, but it has a docile, affectionate and companionable personality with the family. The important thing is to know how to train it correctly, always with positive reinforcement, to avoid any reactivity.

Although it is considered a medium-sized dog, the American Bully is divided into different sizes (not officially recognized), and can measure between 35 and 56 centimeters. The dog's coat is short, creeping and slightly rough. All colors are accepted - including the gray dog - with the exception of merle.

Gray dog breed: Great Dane can have this variation

The Great Dane is part of the group of giant dogs and can also be considered one of the greyhound breeds. This is a dog that impresses with its size, as it can measure between 75 and 80 centimetres and weigh between 45 and 60 kilograms. As for the colors of the Great Dane, there are five official standards - and the greyhound is one of them. The others are: harlequin, golden, brindle and black.

Despite its impressive size, the dog breed has a very friendly and partnered personality. The Great Dane is the kind of dog that is docile and even a bit of a goofball, being very calm, good-natured and gentle on a daily basis. It is the same breed as Scooby Doo, and he certainly lives up to the cartoon character!

Italian Greyhound is a very athletic gray dog

The Italian Greyhound - or Little Italian Lebrel, as it is also called - is the smallest of the Greyhounds. It has a height that varies from 32 to 38 centimetres, and can weigh between 3.5 and 5 kg. But even small, it is an athletic dog that can reach high speeds, just like other dogs in the group. It also has short, fine hair and can be found in different colors: greyhound, blackhound,Yellow and fawn are some possibilities.

In everyday life, the behaviour of the Italian Greyhound is passionate! They are very loving dogs and easily attached to their family. Therefore, they do not like to spend a lot of time alone and usually the Italian Greyhound chooses a favourite family member. They also have a fair amount of energy and need stimulation.

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Gray is one of the colors of the Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is one of the most popular dogs among Brazilians, and it is not for less: in addition to its compact size, the personality of this little dog is full of attributes. But, what few know is that this is a breed that has an immense variety of shades! The colors of Shih Tzu are very diverse and cover more than 10 different patterns, such as the gray, white, black, brown, caramel dog breed,bicolor or tricolor.

To top it off, the breed's friendly, cheerful and sociable temperament are qualities that everyone looks for in a four-legged friend. The Shih Tzu is a great companion dog and gets along well with different types of people, from children to the elderly.

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