Golden Retriever: see a gallery of 100 photos of the world's friendliest large dog breed

 Golden Retriever: see a gallery of 100 photos of the world's friendliest large dog breed

Tracy Wilkins

Golden Retriever photos are not deceiving: besides being big and furry, these dogs exude joy and friendliness wherever they go. Just seeing a picture of the breed makes people fall in love, and after getting to know the personality of the Golden dog in more depth, this charm becomes even greater. Faithful, obedient, intelligent and very docile, the Golden Retriever - puppy or adult - is an augur for all ages.hours and adapts very well to different types of families.

To help you get to know the breed better, the Paws of the House gathered 100 photos of the Golden Retriever with various curiosities about this furry dog. check it out below!

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What to expect from the Golden Retriever and how is the coexistence with the pet?

Many people are already dazzled just by seeing the images of the Golden dog. But did you know that in everyday life this little dog can be even more surprising? Well, it's true: in addition to being among the most intelligent dogs in the world, the Golden Retriever has a very docile, calm and easy to deal with personality. They are dogs that have a great ease of relating to humans and animals, make it easy for them to get along with you.whether they are part of the family or not.

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The Golden Retriever gets along very well with children and the elderly. In addition, they are not usually suspicious of strangers, but it is important that, like any other dog, it is socialized beforehand.

Another good news is that this is a great dog for an apartment, even with its large size and high energy level. The only caution, however, is that the guardian must commit to walking the Golden Retriever breed daily, as well as offering an environment enriched with physical and mental stimuli - here, toys and games play an important role. But don't worry: the dogThe Golden is not usually a lot of trouble, is not stubborn and does not bark often, so coexistence tends to be quite peaceful.

Golden Retriever: puppy price is varied

For those who are interested in acquiring a Golden puppy, the price is not the most expensive and is in the range of R $ 1.500 to R $ 4.000. This variation happens because of the genetic conditions of each pet (puppies descended from champions are always more expensive), as well as physical characteristics (colors and sex of the dog influence the value). In addition, if the animal has already been vaccinated, dewormed and / or dewormed, it is possible to get a Golden puppy.castrated, also tends to be a bit more expensive.

In any case, we remind you that the value of a Golden Retriever is not usually much higher or lower than that. If it is, redouble your attention and care! Always look for a reliable dog kennel with good references so as not to finance places that mistreat animals.

Tracy Wilkins

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