Golden Retriever puppy: 6 important care in the first year of life of the breed

 Golden Retriever puppy: 6 important care in the first year of life of the breed

Tracy Wilkins

The Golden Retriever, puppy or not, is charming! The breed has a captivating, loving and super companionable personality - and all these qualities are already perceived from the first weeks. However, it is good to keep in mind that in the first year of the Golden's life, the puppy needs special attention. Whether in feeding, training or socialization, the tutor must beprepared to look after your new aumigo.

Are you curious to know what are the most important Golden puppy care? Below, we have prepared a short guide to help you in the mission of raising a puppy the right way!

1) The Golden puppy should not be separated from its mother until it is 2 months old.

It is necessary to wait for the right time before taking a Golden puppy home. In the first two months, the animal should stay with the mother and the litter. This is because breastfeeding is the main source of nutrients in this early stage, and contact with the mother and siblings is important to awaken the social side of the puppies. Thus, the ideal is that the pet is only separated after havingstopped breastfeeding.

It is worth remembering that if you intend to buy a Golden puppy, price usually varies between R$1500 and R$ 4000 according to the sex and genetic lineage of the animal.

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2) Golden Retriever puppy needs to be vaccinated from 45 days of age.

Vaccination is essential to take care of the health of puppies and adults, avoiding several dangerous diseases, such as distemper and parvovirosis. For those who have doubts about when they can vaccinate their Golden puppy, the ideal is to apply the first doses from 45 days of the animal's life. The V8 and V10 vaccines are divided into three doses with an interval of 21 to 30 days between each. You cannotdelay the puppy vaccine, or the vaccination cycle must be restarted. In addition to V8 or V10, the rabies vaccine is also mandatory.

3) Golden puppy food has to be appropriate to the age group of the pet

Taking care of the Golden puppy's diet is another important topic. After all, in order to grow strong and healthy, dogs need to follow a balanced diet rich in nutrients. After weaning, the Golden can start feeding with food. However, when buying the grains, the tutor needs to be careful and buy a dog food that is suitable for puppies and meets the size of the dog.In addition, the product must be of good quality, so the suggestions are premium or super premium feed.

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4) The Golden puppy must get used to bathing from an early age.

It is good to teach the Golden Retriever puppy some things from an early age, especially in relation to canine hygiene. That is, you must accustom the animal to brush its teeth, bathe, cut its nails, clean its ears and teach it to do its business in the right place. About bathing, we remind you that it is important to wait for the pet to be 2 months old before bathing the dogGolden Retriever still has very fragile skin and very low immunity in the first weeks.

5) Training and socialization are important in the routine of the Golden Retriever puppy

When it comes to education, the Golden puppy is very intelligent. He likes to learn and socialize, so it will not be a problem to invest in socialization and training of dogs of this breed. This is even the best time to educate the animal, since his memory is still "fresh" and ready for a lot of learning. Positive reinforcement techniques are the best way to put this into practice.

6) Do not forget about walks and games with Golden puppy dog

The Golden Retriever puppy is full of energy! In addition to having a curious and exploratory side, which is very typical of puppies, he has a high level of disposition that is part of the breed's characteristics. Therefore, it is important to know how to spend the Golden puppy's energy with games and other physical activities. Walks can start right after vaccination, but theEnvironmental enrichment with interactive toys and games is also very welcome.

Tracy Wilkins

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