Friday the 13th: black cats need to be protected on this day

 Friday the 13th: black cats need to be protected on this day

Tracy Wilkins

Friday the thirteenth is a nightmare for any black cat guardian because of very misguided superstitions. Considered a symbol of bad luck in some cultures, including Brazil, the black cat becomes the target of mistreatment and even death in rituals that take place on the date. To give you an idea of the severity, protectors and shelters even avoid donating black cats in the days leading up to the "day of the black cat".This all started hundreds of years ago and, unfortunately, some legends perpetuate it to this day. Unlike the superstitions out there, the black cat is affectionate and companionable, so they should be protected on Friday the 13th.

Thirteenth Friday: black cat care is a must

Truth or myth, many people take advantage of Friday the 13th to mistreat their pets - black dogs can also be victims on the date. It is worth remembering that any practice against dogs and cats is an environmental crime under the Animal Mistreatment Act. So, during Friday the 13th, black cats need to be protected:

- Indoor breeding, in addition to protecting your cat on Thirteenth Friday, prevents it from catching serious diseases, being run over or poisoned, and getting into fights.

- The cat screen at home will prevent escapes in everyday life, especially on Friday the 13th.

- Cat adoption is a loving gesture, but avoid giving away black kittens in the days leading up to Thirteenth Friday. They may be used in rituals of mistreatment.

- If you find a lost or abandoned black cat, take it to a safe place.

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- If you see any suspicious signs involving black cats, try to rescue it or call the authorities.

But where did the association of the black cat with Friday the thirteenth come from?

Black-coated felines were not always seen as a threat or a sign of bad luck. In Ancient Egypt, for example, all cats were treated as gods and a sign of good luck, especially those of black color, which was venerated due to its air of mystery. But everything began to change in the Middle Ages, with the growth of Christianity that considered other religions a heresy - including the black cat.This came to fruition when Pope Gregory IX declared that black cats were the embodiment of evil beings.

Then, the inquisition persecuted and executed many women considered witches and their cats, especially the black ones, were also targeted. It turns out that these women knew natural medicine and knew the hunting power of felines to keep rats and other pests away from home. So they kept one around.

Finally, in the 14th century came the Black Death that decimated much of the European population - which only made matters worse, as they believed that this pandemic was a punishment of the felines. But in fact, the contagion of the disease was done by fleas on contaminated rats.

The most famous story about the number 13 is in the Last Supper, which had thirteen disciples and took place on a Thursday before Passion Friday. Astrology, which works with 12 signs, argues that one more constellation is not harmonious. It was from this series of ideals and superstitions that the idea that a black cat is a bad omen and that crossing one on the street (especially on Friday) was born.13) is not a good sign.

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Friday the 13th: is a black cat bad luck or good luck?

This whole myth spread around the world as European colonization carried its beliefs elsewhere. Unfortunately, this story of Friday the 13th and the black cat is the strongest, as other cultures believe they are very lucky. Sailors, for example, love a kitty on the boat, either because it keeps them away from pests, or because they believe they bring protection during the storm.In fact, a very interesting fact is the record of the military Winston Churchill stroking Blackie, a black cat that survived the Second World War. And some places believe that gifting newlyweds with a black cat breed will bring much happiness and harmony

Lucky adoption: black cats will bring joy and harmony to your home

Few people know that the color of a cat's coat can determine some personality patterns. And it's not even a myth! The explanation lies in the formation of the animal's genes. Black cats are usually more tame and trustworthy. In addition to loving affection, they also love to play and do not dispense with the company of their pet guardian. However, they can be suspicious and intuitive, so they will always be there for you.If you don't have one at home, consider adopting a black cat!

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