French Bulldog: what are the official colors of the dog breed?

 French Bulldog: what are the official colors of the dog breed?

Tracy Wilkins

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many colors of the French Bulldog there are? A walk in the park is enough to come across dogs with all kinds of coats and shades, but what few know is that the cynophilia bodies do not accept all these colors. French Bulldog, in fact, has a very well determined standard. To have a dog pedigree, the animal must correspond to the characteristicsdetermined by these bodies - and, in the case of Brazil, the person in charge of this is the Brazilian Confederation of Cynophilia (CBKC). See below what are the allowed French Bulldog colors and find out if your dog is within the accepted standard!

French Bulldog: official colors are fawn and brindle

Only two colors of French Bulldog are accepted: fawn and brindle. The coat may or may not be accompanied by white spots. In the case of the brindle, the dog has fawn hair with transverse grooves, a kind of dark streak, which gives a tiger-like appearance to the French Bulldog. The puppies also usually have a black mask, which may have spots on itwhite present or not.

Still on its colors, the most common French Bulldog to be found out there is the fawn, with shades ranging from the lightest fawn to the darkest. Like the brindle Bulldog, the dog with the fawn coat may have a black mask and have the hair marked by white spots.

5 French Bulldog colors that are not allowed, but exist

When it comes to the French Bulldog, varied dog coat colors are found, but not all are officially accepted. This means that if the puppy has a different coat pattern than what is recognized, it is not a pure breed and probably derives from crossing with other breeds. Here are some possibilities of French Bulldog colors that even exist, but are not part of itof the species' pedigree:

  • Black French Bulldog
  • White French Bulldog
  • Brown French Bulldog
  • Grey French Bulldog
  • Blue French Bulldog

How to know if the French Bulldog meets the official standard?

The characteristics of the French Bulldog are unmistakable! But if you are in doubt whether your dog has a pedigree or not, it is important to check if it has all the traits defined by the CBKC - and this goes for both the French Bulldog colors and other attributes. In terms of physical size, the male Bulldog should have a height of 27 to 35 cm at the withers, and females from 24 to 32 cm.(The weight should be between 9 and 14 kg for males, and 8 to 13 kg for females. The French Bulldog coat is short, bristly, soft and without the presence of undercoat.

Behavioral aspects are also important! The French Bulldog's personality is docile, sociable and calm. Dogs with an aggressive temperament or excessive shyness tend to be disqualified, as they do not meet the breed standard.

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