French bulldog: characteristics, personality and care... learn all about the breed (+ 30 photos)

 French bulldog: characteristics, personality and care... learn all about the breed (+ 30 photos)

Tracy Wilkins

The French Bulldog (also called French Bulldog) is one of the most popular small dogs in existence. The dog breed is ideal if you are looking for a companion that lives well in apartments or gets along well with children. While being super playful, the French Bulldog can also be very calm and accompany you in moments of relaxation at home. Even though it is veryfamous, many people have doubts about the characteristics of the French Bulldog, especially when it comes to the care of brachycephalic dogs, as well as aspects of the personality, origin and care that this little dog needs. The Paws of the House gathered in one article everything about French Bulldog. Get to know a little more and fall in love with this puppy!

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What is the origin of the French Bulldog?

Because of the name, it is inevitable to think that this little dog comes from France. However, there is some evidence that indicates that this breed is descended from the cross of the English Bulldog with hunting dogs of the nineteenth century. Although the emergence of the breed occurred in England, at the height of the industrial revolution, these dogs accompanied the English dressmakers in the move to France, whereOver time, the French Bulldog dog breed became very popular in the country, becoming the four-legged friend of the bourgeois, artists and working class.

It didn't take long for the charming charm of the Bulldog puppy breed to cross the ocean. The first specimen of the breed outside of Europe appeared in 1896 in the United States during the Westminster Kennel Club Show. Later, in 1989, a large French Bulldog puppy show hosted by the American Kennel Club took place.

French Bulldog: dog has striking physical characteristics

Being considered a small breed, the French Bulldog puppy has a very strong and compact body. It has a square-shaped head with some wrinkles, which are one of the most striking characteristics of the breed. The Bulldog puppy's ears are erect and demonstrate its alertness in line with the animal's protruding and rounded eyes. The muzzle of the dog of theThe coat of an adult French Bulldog is flat, short and has the open nostrils typical of a brachycephalic dog. In addition, the coat of an adult French Bulldog will always be short, smooth, soft and shiny.

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French Bulldog vs English Bulldog: what are the differences between the breeds?

Even though the name is similar, the French and English Bulldog are two completely different dogs, starting with their size: while the French Bulldog is small, reaching 35 centimeters and 15kg, its cousin from England is medium and usually has up to 40 centimeters and 30kg. Both are brachycephalic animals, so they have a smaller muzzle than normal, but while the English Bulldog has athe French Bulldog's defining characteristic is its bulging eyes, as if it were always frightened.

The recognized French Bulldog colors are fawn, brindle, with or without white spots. The fawn, also called fawn French Bulldog, has characteristics of a uniform coat that can vary between light or dark tones. While the brindle French Bulldog resembles the appearance of a tiger. White spots are usually accepted, as long as they are not too intense or in large sizes.Other color variations, such as the black, white, blue, chocolate spotted or grayish French Bulldog are not officially recognized by the Brazilian Confederation of Cynophilia (CBKC). Dogs with this type of coat are more susceptible to developing health problems, which can impair the animal's quality of life.

Another very common breed comparison is the Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog. The biggest difference between the two is in physical size. Unlike the Bulldog breed, the Boston Terrier has a wider body structure and thin legs. In addition, the French Bulldog has a flatter muzzle and more visible wrinkles than the other breed.

French bulldog: the personality of the little dog is typical of a friend for all hours

If you're looking for a faithful and loyal companion dog, the French Bulldog is an amazing choice. They are very attached to their owner and will be happy to be by your side at all times. Because of this, they will also need a little extra attention: whenever you spend all day out and about, dedicate a little extra time to them when you get home. This is the best way to avoidproblems such as separation anxiety and sadness.

Other factors that can describe the French Bulldog and its personality are: smart, playful, energetic and mischievous. Due to this docile way of being, the French Bulldog is suitable for children. It is worth mentioning that play between dogs and children should always be supervised by an adult.

The French Bulldog is a brachycephalic dog: be aware of the limitations this causes

One of the main characteristics of all Bulldogs is the "crumpled" and shorter than normal muzzle, common to brachycephalic dogs. As much as this makes their appearance even cuter, it is common for this change in anatomy to cause breathing difficulties in these animals. This is precisely why even if your French Bulldog has plenty of energy, the heaviest exercises,To avoid sedentary lifestyles and overweight, they do need to move daily, but in moderation.

In addition, the French Bulldog feels very hot in the summer and, due to canine brachycephaly, needs even more care to stay hydrated and prevent it from suffering from high temperatures. So, if you've ever wondered if French Bulldog can sleep in the backyard, know that the puppy is more adaptable to indoor environments and its breeding in the backyard is not indicated precisely because of the high temperatures.It's important to make sure they always have plenty of water and a cool place to stay, whether they're an adult French Bulldog or a puppy.

French Bulldog: preventive care for the dog's health is essential

Because the eyes are slightly more protruded than normal in relation to the orbits, this region in the French Bulldog turns out to be more sensitive: you should be aware of possible bumps and impacts, even during play. The folds need attention (especially on the face): clean frequently and always dry after bathing to avoid dermatitis. Because you don't need to do manyWhen it comes to exercise, French Bulldogs tend to gain a lot of weight, but you can avoid canine obesity by choosing a balanced French Bulldog food: offer a medium amount of food daily and, of course, keep the routine of light walks up to date. Following all the French Bulldog care, the breed's life expectancy ranges from 10 to 14 years old.

How to care for the French Bulldog?

1) Coat of the French Bulldog dog breed

Does the French Bulldog shed hair? This is one of the biggest questions of those who plan to have a dog of this breed. The animals of this breed do not usually change or shed a lot of hair when they are healthy, but brushing is necessary and should be done periodically so that the pet presents a beautiful coat. During the process, the tutor should always check for any injury, stain or bruise on the dog.If anything is noticed, it is important that the animal is taken to a trusted veterinarian,

2) Bathing the French Bulldog

Hygiene is one of the biggest secrets of how to care for a French Bulldog. This little dog, like any other, needs frequent baths. Bathing once a month is enough for a small French Bulldog, but if the animal gets too dirty, there is no problem in sanitizing it again. Cleaning products should be specific for pets, as this way the natural oils are absorbed.The wrinkles should be wiped well to avoid infection.

3) French Bulldog nails, teeth and ears

Those who are guardians know that there is no animal more affectionate than the French Bulldog. There is no shortage of reasons to have the breed, but it is necessary to reciprocate all this love by taking care of the animal. Cutting the dog's nails is part of this routine, as well as brushing teeth, which should be done frequently to avoid tartar and other oral problems. The little ears of the dog cannot be left out of the routine either.list of care and should be cleaned with a damp cloth at least once a week. At this time it is important to be careful never to go into the ear canal of the French Bulldog.

4) French Bulldog: dog needs a balanced diet

French Bulldog food should be chosen consciously and carefully. The animal needs a balanced diet to maintain its well-being and health. The ideal is to choose the product taking into account the small size, breed and life stage of the furry.

French Bulldog: the breed of dog is full of curiosities.

  • Singer Lady Gaga couldn't resist the charms of the French bulldog and owns two of the breed, and her dog Miss Asia Kinney has even done advertising campaigns.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Beckham also own French Bulldog dogs.

  • The French painter Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) was the guardian of a French bulldog that served as the inspiration for a very famous work of art by the artist.
  • The wrinkles on the face of the French Bulldog exist because of the descent of the English Bulldog and were created by the breeders on purpose. The British dog was initially developed to fight with bulls so that their meat could be tenderized. In this way, the wrinkles were thought so that blood would not fall into the dog's eyes, in case of any injury.
  • Socialization with other pets is essential for the French Bulldog to know how to behave.

    Despite getting along very well with adult humans and children, the French Bulldog can have a territorial temperament that makes its relationship with other animals not so simple. For this reason, it is possible that some animals of the breed are described by their guardians as a French Bulldog angry with other animals. This probability increases if we are talking about males not in the same breed.Even if you don't intend to raise another animal with him, it's good that your puppy knows how to behave in situations where he will be forced to have contact with other pets. So invest in socializing your French Bulldog puppy as soon as he receives all the essential vaccinations. Once he gets used to it, he will love having a canine companion to play with!

    Training the French Bulldog is something that requires a little patience from the guardians

    The French Bulldog's strong personality combined with the large amount of energy it has can make it like to impose its own wills in the house. In other words: the French Bulldog is a stubborn dog. It needs to be trained to learn, in addition to basic commands, to have limits. Because of the temperament, it may be necessary to repeat instructions to the Bulldog a few times: countwith the help of a professional trainer, positive stimuli and enough patience to achieve results with this little one! It is worth mentioning that the teaching of commands to the French Bulldog puppy can be absorbed more easily, which does not prevent training in adulthood.

    French Bulldog newborn puppy price often varies by breeder

    If you're thinking of welcoming a newborn French Bulldog puppy into your home, you'd better prepare your budget: the price range of this puppy varies between $ 3,000 and $ 8,000. Before you decide and go googling French Bulldog puppy names, it's good to take into account how much attention you'll need to give a puppy of this breed - the time availableshould also be put on the scale.

    Also, don't just ask for pictures of French Bulldog puppies, pay a visit to the kennel you intend to get the puppy from. Always make sure that the breeding is healthy for the mothers and that the puppies are also well cared for.

    All about the French Bulldog: breed X-ray!

    • Life expectancy : 10 to 14 years old
    • Average height : 35 cm
    • Average weight : 15 kg
    • Type of coat : short
    • Official colors : fawn French Bulldog, black and white French Bulldog, brindle French Bulldog (dark or light), which is also called spotted French Bulldog.
    • Unrecognized colors White French Bulldog, Brown French Bulldog, Black French Bulldog (other than black brindle French Bulldog, which is allowed). Rarer colors like merle, tricolor and black with brown are also not official.
    • French Bulldog Price : from R$ 3,000 to R$ 8,000.

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