Famous cats: meet the 10 most iconic feline characters in fiction

 Famous cats: meet the 10 most iconic feline characters in fiction

Tracy Wilkins

When deciding to open the doors of their home to a kitten, many guardians are inspired by famous cat names to nickname their pet. And believe me: there are many references to very popular kittens, especially when we enter the world of fiction. Movies, series, comics, comics, animations: in all these scenarios it is possible to find totally iconic characters that have conquered aSo if you want to meet some famous cats - drawing or not - take a look at this list we've prepared with the best known "feline" figures in fiction!

1) Garfield, the cat from the cartoon of the same name

Who hasn't heard of Garfield, one of the most famous orange cats in the world? The cat was created in 1978 and was portrayed in comics, but it became so popular that it even won a cartoon and movies in its honor. Garfield is an exotic short-haired Persian cat that has an outgoing, playful, lazy and at the same time partying personality! The pet's gluttonous side is also very popular.stands out, as does their loyalty.

2) Frajola, Piu Piu and Frajola's cat

"I think I saw a kitten!" - is one of the most remembered phrases when we talk about the Frajola cat. With a very striking black and white coat, Frajola is a fictional character from the Looney Toones cartoon series who, with his strong hunting instinct, cannot resist the temptation to chase the bird Piu Piu. He was created in 1945 and conquered the small screens! However, it is worth remembering that thehe Frajola cat - as cats with this same color pattern have also been nicknamed - is not just a breed.

3) Tom, the cat from Tom and Jerry

Just as Frajola the cat loved to chase Piu Piu, Tom is a cat who is always running after Jerry the mouse. Between a lot of confusion and fun, these two get involved in high adventures. The cartoon was created in 1940, but is still successful today and recently won a film that mixes live-action with animation. The character Tom is a Russian Blue cat with a lot of determination!

4) Felix the cat from the cartoon of the same name

If you think that Tom and Frajola are old famous kitties, Felix can go even further! This black cat with a kind of white mask is a character from the silent film era, and was created in 1919. That is, it has been more than 100 years since it existed! Despite being very similar to the Angora cat, Felix is a mongrel cat, that is, it has no defined breed.

5) Salem, Sabrina's cat

In The Dark World of Sabrina a character that definitely catches people's attention is Salem, the protagonist's kitten. Although the Netflix adaptation does not have the amusing comments made by the kitten, unlike the original version, Salem is able to charm anyone with his unique appearance. The black and dark hair, typical of the Bombay cat breed, gives a special touch tohim.

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6) Cheshire Cat, the cat from Alice in Wonderland

One more on the list of famous cats is the Cheshire cat - also known as the Laughing cat - from Alice in Wonderland. One of the most striking features of the character is his wide smile. In addition, he has a very captivating way, accompanying the protagonist Alice throughout her adventure. The Cheshire cat is also inspired by the British Shorthair cat breed (or Hair Cat).Short English).

7) Puss in Boots, the cat from Shrek

It's practically impossible to talk about Puss in Boots without remembering that abandoned cat look he gives in the second Shrek movie. As if that weren't enough, the charismatic and enthusiastic personality of the kitty won over so many people that the character even won an exclusive movie, released in 2011. The breed of the famous Puss in Boots is British Shorthair.

8) Mingau, Magali's cat from Turma da Mônica

Not only international characters are among the famous cats: in Brazil, the cartoonist Maurício de Sousa brought Mingau to life in the Turma da Mônica comic book. In the story, Mingau belongs to Magali, Monica's best friend. He has very white hair and blue eyes, making it hard to resist this cutie! Mingau is an Angora cat.

9) Snowbell, the cat from the movie Little Stuart Little

We can't forget one of the most grumpy kittens on the big screen! Snowbell, who lives in the same family as Stuart Little, certainly marked the childhood of many people. Despite being unhappy about having a mouse as one of his owners, Snowbell shows that he has a good heart at various times in the film. At the same time, he also knows how to have fun. He is of the Persian cat breed.

10) Bichento, Hermione's cat from Harry Potter

For those who are fans of Harry Potter, it should be easy to remember Bichento, the companion of the character Hermione who appears a few times at the beginning of the saga. He yields some funny moments and is also of the Persian breed. Besides him, another kitten that often appears in the story is Madame Nora, from the Hogwarts janitor, Argus Filch. Madame Nora is described as a Maine Coon cat, the largest one in the world.world's cat breed!

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