Elizabethan collar for cats: which model is best?

 Elizabethan collar for cats: which model is best?

Tracy Wilkins

The Elizabethan collar for cats is a fundamental accessory during the treatment of a wound that is in the process of healing. Widely used after cat castration surgeries, the collar prevents the kitten from licking or biting the area that is bandaged - behaviors that, in addition to leaving the wound exposed, delay recovery. The accessory is widely used in cats - and also in other animals.dogs - but because of its cone shape, it can seem quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are different models of Elizabethan collar! The cat should use the one that best suits its situation, ensuring efficiency and comfort. Want to know the types of Elizabethan collar for cats that exist? Check it out!

Elizabethan collar for plastic cats: more traditional version is very resistant

The Elizabethan collar for cats made of plastic is probably the best known version of the accessory. Its greatest quality is its high resistance. Because of this, it is very suitable for those more agitated cats that keep trying to remove the accessory and lick the wounds on the skin all the time. Another advantage is that, because it is resistant, it prevents the pet from ending up hitting walls and other objects thatare out of sight because of the accessory. Although this cat collar is made of plastic, most models have a rubber edge, which allows the animal to contact the accessory without risk of injury. This Elizabethan collar for cats is also usually cheaper, and can be found in the range of R $ 15 to R $ 20.

Elizabethan cat collar: fabric ensures more mobility and comfort

In the case of the fabric Elizabethan cat collar, the biggest advantage is mobility. With this Elizabethan collar, the cat can move better than with the plastic version, since its material is malleable. In addition, it is the most comfortable model for the animal. On the other hand, the Elizabethan collar for cats made of fabric is less resistant and does not prevent the kitten from hurting itself by bumping intoIt is also not very suitable if your pet is more agitated, as the kitten may end up removing the accessory easily. The Elizabethan cat collar is in the range of R $ 80, but it is possible to find cheaper options.

Flexible Elizabethan collar for foam cats: its padding cushions impacts

The flexible Elizabethan collar for foam cats is another option for those who want more mobility. It looks a lot like the Elizabethan collar for fabric cats, with the difference that it has a foam filling that helps to cushion possible bumps. In addition, the flexible Elizabethan collar for foam cats also offers great comfort to the kitty. The product costs about R $ 40.

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Inflatable cat collar: looks like a cushion and does not affect the field of vision

A different version of the cat collar is the inflatable one. It resembles the kind of neck pillow used on trips. Very soft and comfortable, the biggest advantage of the inflatable Elizabethan cat collar is the fact that it does not affect the cat's field of vision. As it is only around the neck, it allows the cat to see everything around him without any problems. However, it is not in every situation that it can be usedThe cat's body is not completely protected using this model, which is only around the neck. Therefore, depending on where the wound is healing, the protection may not be very efficient, since the pet may end up reaching. As it is an inflatable Elizabethan collar for cats, soft and that brings the great advantage of not harming the skin.cat's eye view, is a little more expensive, being around R$100.

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Elizabethan collar care: cat needs to wear a size compatible with its own

Regardless of the type of Elizabethan collar, the cat needs to be comfortable with the accessory. To do this, you need to choose the right size for your cat. All cat collar models are sold in different sizes, so pay attention to the specifications. It is essential that the object does not touch the cat's whiskers. This part of the body is sensitive and it is the cat's vibrissae that give the notionAs their vision is already slightly impaired by wearing the Elizabethan collar, cats need their vibrissae free more than ever.

Elizabethan necklace: how long should the cat wear the accessory?

Whether it is a flexible Elizabethan collar for cats or the plastic version, the truth is that the kitten may be a little uncomfortable with the accessory, especially at first. Therefore, it is common for every guardian to have the question: how long should the cat wear the Elizabethan collar? The answer is: it depends. The collar for cats is only used during the treatment of a wound or recovery from some injury.The accessory should be kept on until the vet discharges the cat. This period, however, is uncertain, since each case is different. It depends on the response to treatment, the type of wound, the medicine used on the site, the surgery that was done... So only the vet can say how long the cat should wear the Elizabethan collar.

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