Drooling cat: what could it be?

 Drooling cat: what could it be?

Tracy Wilkins

Excessive salivation is a common behavior for some dogs, but seeing a cat drooling can be strange because it is not something that recurs. Not always seeing a cat drooling shows an animal health problem. This cat behavior can be a particularity of your kitty. There are furry ones who usually drool when they are happy and purring. However, other factorsworrying can leave the cat drooling a lot.

To understand the reasons for the behavior and what to do when the cat is drooling, the Paws of the House has put together all the information on the subject, just take a look!

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Drooling cat: what can cause the behavior?

There are a number of conditions that can cause a cat to drool excessively, so it's best to check if your cat is experiencing any other discomfort alongside excessive salivation. Below are some reasons why your cat may be drooling excessively:

Dental problems Diseases involving feline oral health, such as gingivitis and tooth decay, can cause pain or discomfort in the cat's mouth, leading to increased saliva production and drooling.

Excitement : the animation can also make the cat drool transparent, which can be because of a game or when they get anxious for food. It is usually no cause for concern.

Nausea or motion sickness diseases involving the cat's digestive system, can leave him drooling due to symptoms of nausea and motion sickness. This may be associated with other manifestations such as vomiting or loss of appetite.

Intoxication and poisoning Certain toxic substances can cause excessive salivation. Toxic plants for cats or household chemicals can be ingested by the animal and leave it drooling. The poisoned cat can also show the symptom.

Systemic diseases Some medical conditions, such as kidney, liver or neurological problems, can also make your cat drool a lot.

Drooling cat: what to do immediately?

Checking the animal's mouth is something that the guardian should do immediately. Carefully check for any objects stuck in the teeth or throat of the drooling cat. Foreign objects can cause irritation and excessive salivation. It is important not to administer medicines or home treatments without the advice of a professional. Some products intended for humans can leave the cat intoxicated andworsen the situation.

Observing if the feline is experiencing other symptoms is also essential. If the kitten is showing vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite or behavioral changes, the guardian should be attentive. This information can be useful in identifying the cause of the problem.

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Taking the cat drooling a lot to the vet is the best solution

As a drooling cat can be a sign of a number of different conditions, it is ideal to go to a veterinary clinic to identify the problem - especially if the excessive salivation is associated with other symptoms and is occurring over a long period. Taking the animal to the vet is essential to have a proper examination. The trusted veterinarian will be able to make a thoroughaccurate diagnosis based on the cat's symptoms, medical history and clinical examinations.

While waiting for veterinary care, provide a quiet and comfortable environment for the animal. Make sure it has access to fresh water and keep it calm.

Tracy Wilkins

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