Dog toilet: how to choose the ideal place for your dog to potty at home?

 Dog toilet: how to choose the ideal place for your dog to potty at home?

Tracy Wilkins

No matter if you live in an apartment or at home, teaching your dog to pee and poop in the right place is always a challenge. But what few guardians know is that the dog toilet can make all the difference in these cases. After all, just like you, your four-legged friend also needs a clean and reserved environment to do his business. Whether with old newspaper or witha hygienic mat for dogs, it is important to delimit the area so that the animal understands that it is the right place. To avoid any doubts, we have gathered some tips for choosing the ideal place in the house to make the bathroom for dogs. check it out!

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Dog toilet: the space should be away from the pet's food and toys

Even though dogs are a bit messy, they don't like dirt near the places where they eat, sleep and play. Therefore, when creating the dog toilet you need to consider this factor. In order for your friend to feel comfortable to do his business, it is ideal to place the dog toilet away from the bed, water and food. In addition, it is important that the carpetThe toilet or old newspaper where the animal pees and poops is placed in a place with privacy. Otherwise, your pet may not feel comfortable using it.

The dog toilet should be away from noisy rooms in the house

Just like cats, dogs are not comfortable in noisy places, which can be a decisive factor in making the bathroom unpleasant for them. After all, the noises may coincide with the exact moment when your friend is going potty. To prevent the scare from causing your puppy to look for other rooms in the house, such as the living room carpet and sofa, you need tobe very attentive to this detail and choose a place away from noise. A reserved corner in the service area is ideal for this.

Dog toilet in an apartment: hygienic mats are the best option

If you have a puppy and live in an apartment, you must have already suffered from the lack of space for some of your friend's activities. When it comes to a dog toilet in an apartment, there are some products that can help make the environment more comfortable for your pet. The dog toilet mat, for example, is one of them. Similar to a baby diaper, the mat preventsthat dirt is spread throughout the environment and increases comfort for your dog. For guardians who care about sustainability and prefer items that are not disposable, the washable dog hygienic mat is a great option. If you live in a house with a backyard, it is also important to delimit the right space - which should be away from areas that fall rain, for example.

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Remember: it is important to keep the dog toilet clean at all times!

Regardless of the style of bath you choose for your dog: keeping it clean is always essential. After all, even if your pet knows how to use the dog toilet mat or newspaper correctly, some unforeseen events can happen and he may end up peeing or pooping a little out of place. Therefore, it is important to sanitize your friend's bathroom at least once a day.In addition, the size of the toilet should be compatible with the animal. In this way, you help (and a lot) your puppy to feel good when doing the toilet and prevent him from seeking other less suitable places.

Tracy Wilkins

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