Dog blanket: is the use of the accessory necessary in winter?

 Dog blanket: is the use of the accessory necessary in winter?

Tracy Wilkins

With the arrival of winter and the drop in temperatures, it is common for some guardians to look for alternatives to keep the animal more comfortable and warm. In addition to the clothes, the dog blanket is one of the most sought after options to deal with this. Still, there are those who believe that the accessory is not necessary and that only the dogs' coat is enough to keep them you need a blanket on colder days or not? Is the coat enough to cope with the low temperature? See what we found out on the subject!

Dog feels cold and needs care in winter

Anyone who thinks that only humans are sensitive to the weather is mistaken. Dogs also feel cold and, therefore, need special care during the winter. In this case, factors such as age, breed and, especially, the animal's coat can define how much the temperature change can impact your friend. Puppies and the elderly, for example, tend to have more fragile health,Consequently, they are the first to suffer from the cold. In addition, there are some breeds of dogs that feel colder, such as Pug, French Bulldog and Chihuahua, since they have a short coat and small size. To prevent the cold from making your puppy more vulnerable to some diseases, such as flu, cold and even tracheobronchitis, the dog blanket may be the solution.

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The dog blanket is perfect for keeping your friend warm and comfortable

The dog blanket is a good option when it comes to keeping your pet warm and comfortable on cold days. It is usually produced with materials such as cotton and wool, which guarantee the ideal temperature for your friend. Although it is almost always thin, the dog blanket is very warm and great to be used in your doggy's bed. In addition to it, you can also find the comforter for, which is nothing more than a thicker version of the blanket. In this case, it can also be used to warm the animal or even as a mattress.

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Blanket: dog should use the accessory to control body temperature

Although the need to use a dog blanket may vary, there are some factors that make the accessory a fundamental item. Puppies, elderly, short-haired or shorn dogs, for example, may have difficulty controlling their body temperature. In these cases, the dog blanket can lend a hand and ensure your friend's comfort. In addition, it is important to be aware ofto some signs that your dog is cold, such as body shivering, slow breathing and cold paws, muzzle or ears.

How to choose the dog blanket?

There is no shortage of dog blanket options, with prints or neutral colors. If you are looking for a cheap dog blanket, you can find simpler models that fulfill their role or even make one at home. Regardless of the model, the important thing is that the accessory is made of cotton or wool, avoiding synthetic materials, such as microfibers. Another fundamental point is thatdog blanket should not contain ties, sequins or elastic bands - remember that the dog needs something comfortable to sleep on. In addition, it is important for the guardian to pay attention to the size of the blanket.

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