Different names for cats: 100 unusual and creative ideas to call your kitty

 Different names for cats: 100 unusual and creative ideas to call your kitty

Tracy Wilkins

In addition to preparing the whole house to receive a pet, a very important decision must also be thought of by the guardian: the choice of names for cats. It sounds easy, but it's not always. After all, there are so many options for cute cat names that it's hard to decide which is the best and most appropriate to call your new four-legged friend. But have you ever stopped to think that some namesare a bit repetitive? Simba, Frajola, Mia, Lola, Fred, Chico, Amora... everyone knows someone who has a kitty named that.

If you like more creative options, this article is for you! To escape the sameness and embrace more exotic options, the Paws of the House has put together a series of different names for cats and cats of all kinds, take a look and get inspired!

20 different cat names inspired by food

When it comes to choosing different names for male and female cats, why not use everyday things? Sometimes the name of a food, drink or even a spice can make a great nickname for your four-legged friend! It seems like a simple joke, but it is possible to be very creative and bold with your decision, and the name for cats and cats ends up with a twistHere are some suggestions that go beyond the "standard":

  • Rosemary
  • Vanilla; Eggplant; Bistecca
  • Cheddar; Cocada
  • Doritos
  • Cornmeal
  • Lasagna; Lychee
  • Meringue
  • Omelette
  • Paprika; Pitanga
  • Quindim
  • Ravioli; Risotto
  • Tofu; Thyme
  • Waffle

15 cute names for cats and kittens that are not common

If you have cute kittens, cat names need to follow that same line of reasoning, right?! In this sense, some nicknames ended up falling in the taste of the people and became a little cliché, but it doesn't have to be your case. In reality, looking for cute names for cats is not a difficult task, but if you want to give your pet an unusual touch, it is important to run away from nicknamesBelow, we've put together a short list of some of the most creative female and male cat names:

  • Angel; Harlequin
  • Bidu; Bordeaux
  • Cafuné; Chamego
  • Dengo; Doris
  • Levi
  • Mona
  • Pitoco
  • Roseli
  • Tina; Tuca
  • Wanda

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15 cat names with a touch of humor

In addition to cute cat names, which are usually more traditional, you can also use your imagination and choose to add a pinch of good humor when nicknaming your pussy. There are several fun names that will certainly guarantee smiles, laughter and a lot of joy for the whole family. But remember names for cats that do not have a prejudiced content or that can be used to name your cat.be offensive to other people, ok?! Some funny cat name ideas are:

  • Banguela; Bocó; Buchinho
  • Cotoco
  • Dondoca
  • Faustão; Filó
  • Paquita; Patrão; Preguiça
  • Samson; Snooze
  • Typhoon
  • Xereta
  • Angry

+ 25 different male cat names

In addition to all the options that have already been mentioned, we have separated some names for cats according to the sex of your pet! They are unusual nicknames that are sure to give the kittens an extra charm. So, see ideas for more eccentric male cat names:

  • Alfred
  • Balthazar; Borgis
  • Calvin; Chewgato; Clovis
  • Gilberto
  • Icarus
  • Jonas; Jorel
  • Kakashi; Kleber
  • Lineu; Lorenzo
  • Marlon; Marvin; Muriel
  • Nonato
  • Pericles; Pliny
  • Severino; Sheldon; Sirius
  • Ziraldo
  • Walter

+ 25 different female cat names

Just as we have separated names for male cats, we could not fail to do the same with names for female cats, right?! There are a multitude of exotic nicknames to call the kittens and that are sure to highlight your little friend in the crowd. So, check out different name inspirations for cats:

  • Anya; Aurora; Azalea
  • Berenice; Bonnie
  • Carmelita; Cléo; Cora
  • Dakota; Dulce
  • Elza; Eva
  • Holly
  • Josephine
  • Lilica; Lizzie
  • Maitê; Margot; Matilda
  • Nikita
  • Olivia
  • Sakura
  • Tarsila; Tulip
  • Zelda

Before choosing a name for cats, it is important to be cautious

Did you know that cats answer by name? Of course, most of the time they only do this when they are in the mood, but the point is that felines are able to relate and understand that that name belongs to them. Pets are very intelligent and can surprise us in different ways. However, when deciding on a good name for cats, the guardian must pay attention to a fewlittle things to make it easier for the animal to understand and avoid any confusion.

The first point is that the cat's name cannot resemble any training command - such as "sit", "lie down" or "no" - and also cannot be too similar to the name of another family member. This can cause some confusion in the pet's head, who will not know how to differentiate when someone is calling him or not.

Also, felines are better at picking up names that have up to three syllables and end in vowels, so you need to be careful about that too, although there's nothing to stop you from choosing a name that doesn't meet those criteria. But if you want to "make it easy" for your pet, that's good to know.

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Finally, as already mentioned, it is good to avoid terms that are prejudiced or potentially offensive. After all, imagine how uncomfortable it would be to try to call your kitten and someone else hear and feel hurt! Therefore, always prefer lighter, humorous, cute names that are not aggressive or hostile.

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