Can you neuter a cat in heat? See the dangers and precautions!

 Can you neuter a cat in heat? See the dangers and precautions!

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To ensure more well-being for the pet, many people wonder if they can castrate a cat in heat. Castration is recommended to prevent disease, help with population control of the species and prevent unwanted pregnancies for the pet. However, in the case of a female cat, it is important to take the heat periods into account before scheduling the procedure at the vet. We have gathered everything you needknow about the topic to prepare for this moment, including the necessary care after surgery. know more!

Can cats in heat be neutered after all?

Theoretically, the veterinarian can castrate a cat in heat, but this is not the recommendation of professionals because the risk of bleeding is much higher - both during the procedure and during recovery. It is important to remember that castration in females is more invasive than that performed on males, since it is necessary to make an extensive cut in the belly to reach the uterus and ovaries. ByTherefore, many veterinarians recommend neutering your cat after the heat is over, unless it is an emergency. If you are in doubt about your pet's case, seek the opinion of a professional.

How to care for a neutered cat in heat?

Considering the specifics of your pet, perhaps the veterinarian will say that it is okay to neuter the cat in heat. Regardless of when the procedure is performed, it is important to take some special care in the postoperative period of cat neutering to avoid unnecessary bleeding or pain. It is recommended that the cat wear an Elizabethan collar or a surgical garment to prevent contact of the paws orof the muzzle with the surgical site, which could lead to infections or irritation of the stitches. In addition, the veterinarian will indicate some medications that should be ingested or applied to the scar to reduce discomfort and aid recovery. Rest is also essential for the first two weeks. Follow these guidelines carefully and contact the professional who will be able to help you.performed the surgery if you have any questions.

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Can neutered cats go into heat? Learn about remnant ovary syndrome

It's not common, but a neutered cat can go into heat if some of the tissue in the ovary wasn't completely removed during surgery, a condition called Remainder Ovary Syndrome. Watch for typical symptoms of a cat in heat, such as meowing loudly at night, standing in a lordosis position, and rubbing against people and objects. If your cat exhibits these behaviors even after neutering,the ideal is to return to the veterinarian so that the condition can be investigated and, if necessary, a new surgery can be performed.

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