Best dog breeds for those with children at home

 Best dog breeds for those with children at home

Tracy Wilkins

Adopting or buying a dog for a child is a process that needs to be thought through with a lot of affection, but also with rationality. Many children dream of having a pet in the house and the relationship between dog and child can be very beneficial for both! If you have children, knowing which dog is best for a child is essential before taking one home. After all, dog,he child and any other family member deserve special care and you need to ensure everyone's safety. The decision to give a dog to a child requires a good conversation with the other residents of the house about the adaptation of the new member and the establishment of some rules. To find out which is the best dog breed for children and answer all your questions, check out the following article!

Dog to child: interaction benefits both sides

Many guardians have doubts about adopting a dog for a child. There is the fear of excessive mess, health problems such as allergies to the animal and doubts if the child would have responsibility to take care of a pet. Although in the relationship of dog with child a little mess is inevitable, the benefits are diverse. A dog for a child decreases the chances of sedentary lifestyle, reduces stress, and reduces the risk of stress.and anxiety and helps in the development of affection and education of the child, who gains greater responsibility and learns to follow rules. In addition, it also reduces the risk of respiratory problems in the child. Dog and child keep each other company and both still benefit in the socialization process. Not to mention that both receive all the love from each other. It is a super profitable relationship for the child.everyone!

What is the best dog breed for children? See the 6 most suitable ones

When we talk about the ideal dog for children, it is normal to think of some specific breeds. Even though every dog promotes a series of benefits for the little ones, there are some specific indications of dog breeds for children. But after all, what are the best dog breeds for children? Check out the selection we have prepared below!

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- German Shepherd

Few people believe it, but the German Shepherd and children are the perfect combination. Despite being a huge pet, the German Shepherd is a dog suitable for babies. The breed is docile and very quiet - as well as an excellent watchdog, as they are always vigilant. If the baby manifests any discomfort or in case of emergency, you can be sure that they will warn you that something is wrong. The trainingis often very effective, turning these dogs into loyal and protective friends for children.

- Labrador

A Labrador and a baby means lots of love at home. The same goes for older little ones. Small children, up to 4 years old, usually require a companion with the same energy. This breed is a real big kid, with a lot of willingness to play. Protective and faithful, the Labrador's greatest advantage is their enormous patience: they can earn some more intense "squeezes" and play from the back.But remember: it is important that you always supervise the games so that the dog does not get stressed and the child does not get hurt.

- Shih Tzu

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When it comes to a good dog for little kids, the Shih Tzu is a great option, especially if you are looking for a small-sized furry. Not only does he get along well with the little ones, but he is also very friendly with other animals. The only concern for adult guardians is to pay attention to the games, as this pet usually gets hurt with children who interact with him from the outside.raw form.

- Beagle

The Beagle is a typical child-friendly dog, with enough energy to play until your child gets tired. In addition, the Beagle is docile and sociable and tends to get along well with everyone. Therefore, it is a suitable dog for children, especially those who are carried away and like to be active at all times.

- Boxer

They like children, are protective and very docile: these are the main characteristics of the Boxer breed. Medium-sized dogs, they are very obedient and easy to train, and love to play. They will be great protectors for older children, who already have more dealings with animals and create strong bonds with their pet. Predictable, they do not have a reputation for being aggressive, but they do not let anything go to their heads.Chances are the Boxer is the best dog breed for kids and they and their little ones will become lifelong friends!

- Vira-lata

Great friends at all stages of life, the mongrel stands out in terms of loyalty. They never leave their owners alone, especially if they are children, and they love to play. Training is usually very easy and effective. These dogs value the family that adopted them very much, being loyal to the end. They will be great companions for adventures and can be considered a great breed of dogs.puppy for child.

The adaptation of a dog with a child needs to be safe and supervised

Now that you know which is the best dog for a child, you should pay attention to make sure that the interaction between the dog and the child is safe. As much as there are ideal options of dog breeds for children, the safety of the pet and the little one is only guaranteed with the supervision of an adult. After wondering if St. Bernard, Labrador or Pitbull likes children and choosing thePuppy, adaptation is the most important stage to be completed.

It is very important to teach the child that the dog is a living being that gets hurt and feels pain, just like humans. In this way, you avoid dangerous contact between the two. Making the little one responsible for some pet care, such as bathing, changing food and other things is valid, but everything must be supervised, as well as games. Another concern should be the safety of the dog.Care such as shading windows, securing sockets and closing off access to stairs is essential for the child and the dog.

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