Belgian Shepherd Malinois: learn more about the large dog breed variation

 Belgian Shepherd Malinois: learn more about the large dog breed variation

Tracy Wilkins

The Malinois Belgian Shepherd is a dog that always draws attention, no matter where it goes. With its large size and exuberant coat, it is impossible not to be enchanted by this dog that, on top of that, is extremely loyal and attentive to the family. However, what many people do not know is that the Malinois Belgian Shepherd is actually one of four possible variations for the Belgian Shepherd breed.

Although all types of Belgian dogs are quite similar, each has its own characteristics. Want to know more about the Belgian Shepherd Malinois and better understand what makes it different from other types of the dog breed? The Paws of the House tells you all about the most sought after version of the Belgian Shepherd in Brazil!

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is one of four variations of the Belgian dog breed

The Belgian dog breed can be divided into four variations: Malinois, Groenendael, Tervueren and Laekenois. Of these, the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael is the most popular in the world, but the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is the most successful in Brazil. The four types of the breed are very similar. They are all large in size and are very protective, courageous and loyal guard dogs. The main differences between them includeare in appearance (although they are still quite similar) and in some subtle details in personality. The Belgian Shepherd Malinois, for example, is usually more reserved, while the Groenendael is usually friendlier.

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The coat of the Malinois Belgian Shepherd is short and has a black coat

The appearance of the Malinois Belgian Shepherd is quite striking. It is a very large dog that can reach 60 cm in height and weigh up to 30 kg. In addition to all its size, the coat of this dog is also striking. The Malinois Belgian Shepherd is the only variation of the breed that has short hair. As for color, the most common coat pattern is golden or reddish with black spots on the tail, on the face and on the back.However, it is also possible to find the Malinois Belgian Shepherd completely black.

Is Belgian Shepherd Malinois dangerous?

Many people wonder if the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is dangerous, since he tends to be very suspicious in the presence of unknown people. Being an excellent guard dog, the breed is always watching everything around him. Therefore, it is to be expected that he really has a certain distrust and is more reserved when meeting other people for the first time. However, this does not meanthat the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is dangerous.

The Belgian Shepherd is protective and wants to make sure that there is no danger around. Even with this distrust, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is not aggressive and will not go after anyone. Just approach with caution so that he gains your trust. It is essential to socialize the Belgian Shepherd Malinois puppy from an early age. The process will greatly help tomitigate this behavior.

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois dog is calm, affectionate and totally loyal to its guardian

The Malinois Belgian Shepherd may be more reserved and suspicious at first, but when it forms a bond with its family it becomes a true companion. The dog is extremely loyal to its owner and does everything to protect him and see him happy. It is an intelligent and very obedient dog. So it is very easy to live with a pet of the breed. Even the training of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois puppyusually have great results quickly.

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The personality of the Malinois Belgian Shepherd is super calm. The dog is not very agitated and is always ready to help the guardian in whatever he needs. Despite being an independent dog, the Malinois Belgian Shepherd - puppy or adult - does not like to be left alone so much. It is also worth mentioning that physical exercise should be part of the routine of the dog of this breed. This practice is very important.In addition, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois is a guard dog that naturally has a high level of energy that needs to be spent in a healthy way. The animal loves to run, so it is worth taking a moment of your day to walk with the dog in a place where he feels free to explore.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois: price is the highest among breed variations

How much does a Belgian Shepherd Malinois cost? The price of the breed does not vary much between the types. However, the most expensive is usually the Belgian Shepherd Malinois. The price of the Malinois is usually higher because it is the most sought after version of the breed, especially in Brazil. On average, this dog costs between R$ 3,000 and R$ 6,000, while in the other versions the values reach, at most, R$ 4,000. It is worth mentioning that aBelgian Shepherd Malinois puppy will always be more expensive than an adult.

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