Belgian Shepherd: learn about the characteristics, personality, types and care of this dog breed

 Belgian Shepherd: learn about the characteristics, personality, types and care of this dog breed

Tracy Wilkins

Anyone looking for a four-legged companion will love having a Belgian Shepherd to call their own! Very similar to the German Shepherd, the Belgian Shepherd has its own particularities. Despite having different variations of the breed, such as the Belgian Shepherd Laekenois and the Groenendael, one thing is certain: the way of this little dog is completely charming. No matter which one you choose to take home, this breed of Belgian Shepherd is the best of - even with its variations - has very similar personality traits and its health care is also usually basically the same. To learn more about the Belgian Shepherd breed, the Paws of the House has separated the main information about this amazing dog. Come and we'll show you!

The origin of the Belgian Shepherd dog breed

If you've always wanted a Belgian Shepherd puppy, you probably already know that there are at least four variations of the dog. They are the Belgian Shepherd Malinois, the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren, the Belgian Shepherd Laekenois and the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael. The latter is the most popular and is usually recognized as the "original". It ended up becoming the official face of the breed, so when someoneWhen talking about a Belgian dog, people usually associate the image of the pet with this specific variation, although there are others.

Regardless of the type of Belgian Shepherd, dogs have very similar characteristics, as they were all initially bred as working breeds. For those who don't know, this is one of the types of sheepdogs that were used for herding and/or guarding property. The Belgian breed became quite popular in the United States and around the world after World War I, although it haswas originally created in Belgium between the years 1891 and 1897.

Because it has many similarities with the German Shepherd dog, Belgian is constantly confused with the German breed. Some even believe that it is as if there are types of "Belgian German Shepherd", but it is not quite like that. The truth is that the Belgian Shepherd dog came from the crossing of other breeds, which included some types of Shepherd - German dog and the Dutch, for example - but he developedSo if you cross a German Shepherd with a Belgian today, the result is going to be a mix of the two breeds - also known as a mongrel - and the "Belgian German Shepherd" pictures are there to prove it.

On the other hand, the Belgian version has some Shepherd dog types. Puppy, in this sense, has minor differences in coat texture, length and hair color. However, anatomically, these Shepherd dog types are identical and are therefore considered a single breed with four variations.

Types of Belgian Shepherd: what are the breed variations?

1) Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

This is the most famous face when it comes to a Belgian Shepherd puppy! Black and with a beautiful and shiny semi-long coat, it was not difficult to understand how this little dog managed to win so many admirers, right? With a strong and fearless personality, the Belgian Shepherd puppy Groenendael - also known as the black Belgian Shepherd - spares no effort to protect his family and isalways on the alert.

Despite having a strong protective instinct, the black Belgian Shepherd is not the aggressive type. On the contrary, he is very companionable and can be quite sociable, but it is important that this type of behavior is taught to him from an early age, if possible still puppy. Belgian Shepherd is very easy to live with, just give him a lot of love and always take care of him very well.

2) Belgian Shepherd Malinois

When it comes to the Belgian Shepherd Malinois, the dog is full of charm and easily wins the hearts of those who approach it. But before taking one of these home, everyone is curious to know one thing about the Belgian Shepherd Malinois: personality. After all, how does this dog behave? Is he an easy animal to deal with on a daily basis? And the answer is: yes! In fact, the breed of Belgian Shepherd Malinois is one of the best in the world.Belgian dog is extremely obedient, making coexistence very peaceful!

What's more, if you're thinking of getting a Malinois, traits such as the dog's intelligence and loyalty to its family can be a highlight. It will always do everything to protect its guardians and can learn everything quickly, which makes it easy to train. Oh, and contrary to what some may think, there are no different types of Malinois. This is a unique variation, butwhich can have different colors.

3) Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

About the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren, coat characteristics are very close to the Groenendael version. The difference, however, is mainly due to the color of the hair. In general, they are fawn or gray, but always accompanied by a kind of black cap - typical of the Groenendael. In addition, the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren - puppy and adult - is very active and territorial. Therefore, they always need toare getting regular exercise and like to play the role of house guard dog. You can trust the puppy to be great when it comes to protecting your family.

Another positive point of this animal is that the Tervuren is one of the Belgian Shepherd breed dogs that has a very resistant health and hardly get sick. But still the monitoring of a veterinarian is extremely important to know if your four-legged friend is healthy.

4) Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

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One of the most striking and different traits of the Laekenois Belgian Shepherd is the appearance of its coat, which has a more reddish coloration and can have some combinations of brown. With a curly, rough and hard coat, this is a very rare Belgian Shepherd dog. In Belgium, they are commonly used to accompany the police and the army, mainly due to their natural instinct for protection.

The most curious thing is that, among the types of shepherds, the Laekenois puppy is the most docile and has a very calm temperament. This is a Belgian Shepherd breed that really likes to feel loved and loved by its family. So, if the idea is to have such a little friend at home, the ideal is to always give him a lot of attention - no matter if it is an adult Belgian Shepherd or a puppy.

Belgian Shepherd: breed characteristics, physical condition and general information

Even though there are some variations of the Belgian Shepherd, characteristics always tend to follow the same pattern - except for the coat, which is the great differentiator between the types of dogs of the breed. So, in addition to their mane, one thing that always impresses in the Belgian Shepherd is size. With an average of 60 cm in height, these dogs are very large and with imposing posture. They also have an athletic body, whichusually weigh between 25 and 35 kg.

In addition, both the Malinois Shepherd dog breed has a well-prepared physical conditioning and likes to be always on the move, typical of a shepherd dog. Breeds still have a very similar skull and muzzle length, as well as a great nose. Some people also talk about the black coat, and in fact two variations of Belgian Shepherd have this, which is the Malinois Shepherd and the ShepherdTervuren.

The difference is that the characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd Malinois differ in length: this is a Belgian Shepherd with short hair, while the Tervuren has long hair. Still, this is one aspect that makes many people confuse the German Shepherd and Belgian: black coat is one thing that always draws attention.

See some pictures of Belgian Shepherd dog

After all, is there a white Belgian Shepherd? Check out the colors of the breed

Many guardians idealize their pet and even the color of its coat. So much so that there is no shortage of people looking for a white Belgian Shepherd to take home. The bad news is that, although there are other breeds - such as the Swiss Shepherd - that have a white coat, none of the variations of the Belgian Shepherd have this type of color. So, there is no point in looking for a Belgian ShepherdWhite Groenendael or something like that because the most common is that this type of breed has naturally darker hair.

So much so that the black Belgian Shepherd is usually the best known face of the breed and is part of the Groenendael group. However, other colors can also be found in the other types of the breed. The Laekenois Belgian Shepherd, for example, usually has a redder coat with shades of brown throughout its body. The Malinois Belgian Shepherd can be found in both black and fawn color with the following colorsblack details, and is one of the most beautiful and striking dogs. Last but not least, we also have the Tervueren Belgian Shepherd, which very much resembles the Groenendael in the matter of coat. It is worth noting that these coat variations often influence the value of the Belgian Shepherd.

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What is the personality of the Belgian Shepherd dog like?

  • Coexistence

Known for their strong protective instincts, the Belgian Shepherd dog breed is extremely brave. It's no wonder that many guardians look to the puppy to help take care of the house, playing the role of guard. The Belgian Shepherd is really great at this, as they are always on the alert and do everything they can to protect their family.

In fact, another point worth mentioning about the breed is its loyalty: the Belgian Shepherd goes to great lengths to show how much it loves its guardians. In return, it only expects to receive a lot of affection and love back. Incredibly, behind the pose of a brave and fearless dog, there is a needy puppy that loves to receive attention and hates to be left alone for long periods. So, if youare thinking of buying a Belgian Shepherd, never forget to make him feel loved, eh?

  • Socialization

The Belgian Shepherd, as it was used for herding and guarding in the old days, is usually very observant. Therefore, it can be suspicious around strangers. This is especially true of the Malinois Shepherd (reserved temperament is part of the breed). No wonder many people wonder if the Malinois Belgian Shepherd is dangerous, but despite the distrust, the little dog is not usually aggressive or aggressive.temperamental.

Groenendael and Tervuren tend to be more friendly, even with children and other pets. Still, socialization is indispensable and should start with the Belgian Shepherd puppy - regardless of the variation - so they will grow up more sociable and less suspicious.

  • Training

Intelligent, the Belgian Shepherd dog can - and should - be trained. However, for training to be successful, it is important that the puppy has an emotional bond with the person who is training him. Positive reinforcement is also a strategy that can be adopted to make the Belgian breed more receptive. The good news is that it doesn't matter if you are going to train a Belgian Shepherd puppy oradult: the dog has great results in training, regardless of age. However, ideally this should start as early as possible.

Belgian Shepherd puppy: what you need to know before getting one

Taking care of a puppy is usually not an easy task. Belgian Shepherd or not, the pet in the early stages of its life always needs more specific care. Therefore, it is important to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible to obtain further guidance on its health, especially on vaccination and deworming. In addition, feeding is another important point in the routineNormally, it is recommended that the guardian feeds the animal at least three times a day with the amount indicated by the veterinarian, so it is possible to ensure that the puppy will grow strong and healthy.

Another important point is that when it comes to a Belgian Shepherd puppy, price is not the only thing to think about. To receive a puppy at home, it is important to know that some costs will be part of the care of the animal. In addition to food, it is good to provide a suitable corner for the Belgian Shepherd puppy with everything he needs: bed, water, toys, hygienic mat and a toilet.Many are concerned with value, and Belgian Shepherd goes far beyond that.

5 curiosities about the Belgian Shepherd dog

1) The Belgian Shepherd is one of the best breeds for sports! With an athletic body and plenty of energy, these dogs do very well in various disciplines, such as running and agility.

2) Even today the Belgian dog is often used to work alongside police officers, because they are intelligent and respond quickly to commands.

3) There is no such thing as a "mini Belgian Shepherd." All variations of the breed are large dogs and therefore need adequate living space.

4) The Malinois dog breed is the most popular version in Brazil, but not in the world. Outside, the Groenendael is the most beloved.

5) For those who love dog movies, the Belgian Shepherd has already been on the big screen with the movie "Max - The Hero Dog".

The pictures of the Belgian Shepherd puppy make anyone drool!

Belgian Shepherd: dog requires some important day-to-day care

  • Bathing and brushing:

Brushing the Belgian Shepherd should be done at least twice a week to keep the dog's coat nice and fresh. This way, it is possible to prevent the animal's coat from becoming too tangled. Baths can be given to the pet at least once a month or when it is very dirty.

  • Teeth, ears and nails:

Don't forget to brush your Belgian Shepherd's teeth at least three or four times a week. This is a way to prevent oral problems from appearing, such as tartar and bad breath. In addition, the Belgian Shepherd's ear also needs some attention, and it is important to sanitize it regularly to avoid infections and inflammation in the place. Finally, it is good to cut the Belgian Shepherd's nails by the least once or twice a month, always observing the growth of the area.

  • Physical exercises:

To keep their health strong, this type of dog needs, above all, a routine with daily physical exercises. The Belgian Shepherd is very energetic! Because they are originally herding dogs, the breed is used to long runs and, therefore, a good option is to take your friend to a dog park where he can run a lot until he gets tired.

How is the health of the Belgian Shepherd?

Although the Belgian Shepherd puppy has a very resistant health, it is good to prevent it - and the veterinarian is there for that. The most common problems in this breed are epilepsy attacks, dermatitis, hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia. Therefore, the monitoring of a veterinarian is essential to ensure the health and well-being of the Belgian puppy. Also, do not forget to keep theup-to-date vaccination schedule, as well as deworming.

Belgian Shepherd: price can vary from R$1500 to R$6 thousand

If you are one of the breed lovers and want to know how much a Belgian Shepherd puppy costs, it's time to talk about price! Belgian Shepherd, in general, is sought after according to its variation, and therefore there is a certain difference in values between one and the other. See the price of Belgian Shepherd below:

  • Belgian Shepherd Groenendael: price varies from R$ 1.2 thousand to R$ 4 thousand

  • Belgian Shepherd Malinois: price varies from R$ 3 thousand to R$ 6 thousand

  • Belgian Shepherd Tervuren: price varies from R$ 1.5 thousand to R$ 3 thousand

  • Belgian Shepherd Laekenois: price varies from R$ 2 thousand to R$ 3.5 thousand

In addition to the price of the Belgian Shepherd puppy, it is important to look for a reliable kennel to acquire a specimen. Always look for places with good references and that are well evaluated by other customers. If possible, make some visits to the place to observe how they take care of the animals. Also keep in mind that, when it comes to the Belgian Shepherd, price can change according to the kennel or the kennel.Sex, as well as lineage, are factors that also influence the price of Belgian Shepherds.

X-ray of the Belgian Shepherd

  • Temperament: protective, loyal, very willing and attached to his family
  • Level of intelligence: 14th Tervuren; 15th Groenendael; 22nd Laekenois and Malinois in the ranking of canine intelligence
  • Energy level: high
  • Health: dermatitis, hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia are common
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 14 years

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Updated on: 08/10/2021

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