7 tips to keep your cat indoors

 7 tips to keep your cat indoors

Tracy Wilkins

There are cats that are more of a homebody, while others love to roam the streets and neighborhood. Those who have a kitten that likes to stay at home, hardly face problems with escapes, parasites and other inconveniences. On the other hand, felines that are accustomed to roaming around often bring a lot of concern to their guardians. So, how to make the cat stay at home? What measures can you take?to make the home environment more welcoming for the animal, preventing it from going out into the streets all the time? It may seem like an impossible mission, but it is not: we have separated some tips on how to keep the cat indoors, very happy and with a great quality of life. Look!

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1) Enriching the environment is necessary to keep cat indoors

Sometimes a cat can feel bored of what to do indoors, so it's always good to renovate the place so that the pet feels comfortable and more entertained inside the environment. This makes your pet stop being curious about the world outside and understand that the novelties are greater in your home, being a great way of how to raise cat indoors. The installation ofniches, shelves, hammocks and even new toys - such as scratchers - can have a great effect on your pet's life indoors.

2) To raise a cat in a house or apartment, do not forget to neuter the animal

One of the biggest reasons for a runaway cat is the need to cross or mark territory. Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent this from happening is with cat neutering, since, in addition to the benefits that surgery promotes for the animal's health and avoiding unwanted pregnancy, this procedure also greatly affects these aspects of feline behavior. Thus, the cat no longer hasthe constant need to leave the house for these two reasons, and adapts more easily to staying indoors.

3) Protective screens are essential to prevent cats from escaping

For those who have a stray cat in an apartment, one of the biggest precautions to be taken is to install protective screens on all the windows of the place. This should not happen only for the sake of how to trap a cat indoors, but it is an essential care for the health of the animal. One of the natural instincts of felines is that they love to explore higher places. The problem is that when you liveWithout protective screens, there is a great risk that the cat will try to jump from the window to another place, and end up suffering a big fall. This can cause serious sequelae for the kitten. Other than that, the screens also end up being a good alternative so that cats do not run away.

4) Going for a walk with your cat can help to quell the urge to go outside

We all have curiosities about unfamiliar environments and it's no different with pets - especially cats, who are naturally curious and natural explorers. So if you have a cat who loves to go outside and you don't know how to keep your cat indoors, a good alternative is to take him for regular walks. To make these walks completely safe, don't forget toOnce your cat starts to experience the world in a safe, supervised way, it will help to quell any interest they may have in running away from home.

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5) How to raise cat indoors: feline privacy must be maintained

Cats are animals that value their own privacy, so it is necessary that they have a corner that is only theirs inside the house. So, the tip is to separate a place to accommodate the cat's bed and another for their needs - litter box, feeder and drinker. Also, if you notice that the cat is uncomfortable, isolated or quiet, respect his space. ÀsSometimes the cat just wants to be left alone for a while, but if this happens repeatedly and you notice other behavioral changes, such as lack of appetite, seek help from a veterinarian.

6) Don't forget to limit the animal's access to windows and doors

The first thing to do when you decide to become a pet owner is to pay attention to windows, doors and any small holes that the cat can get into. As already mentioned, windows need to have a protective screen to prevent the cat from jumping. The same goes for doors: when opening them, make sure your pet is not around, or he may be tempted to run out. For those who do not have a cat, it is important to take care of your cat.know how to trap cat in yard, these measures can also help: keep gates always well closed and, if possible, with protective screens around.

7) Playing with the cat and offering lots of love is the key to preventing escapes

In addition to all the tips mentioned above, the guardian should not forget to set aside a little time of the day to dedicate exclusively to his pet. This is a great way to demonstrate that the animal is wanted and loved in the environment in which he lives, and so the kitten does not need to look for another life outside the home. So, play a lot with your kitten and spend quality time with the kitten- always respecting his space, of course.

Tracy Wilkins

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