7 dog breeds that look like a fox

 7 dog breeds that look like a fox

Tracy Wilkins

Foxes are charming animals, but it is not possible to breed them as a pet in Brazil, unless you acquire a license. If you are passionate about the appearance and personality of this omnivorous mammal of the Canidae family (which includes dogs, wolves and coyotes), the best idea is to find out which dog breed most resembles a fox and then adopt a puppy. We list below 7 dog breeds that are the most similar to foxes.have similar characteristics to the fox - such as coat color and ear shape, for example - because there is no single answer to which dog breed looks like a fox: there are several!

Finnish Spitz is a fox-like dog

Short and dense golden coat, sometimes with white spots on the chest or paws. Elongated and thin muzzle, triangular-shaped ears and small size. Exuberant tail, with long and silky hair that sways in the wind. These are the characteristics of the Finnish Spitz, but we could well be talking about a fox, couldn't we?

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Shiba inu: dog looks like fox, despite being cuter

The Japanese Shiba inu dog breed is rare elsewhere in the world, but you only need to see a photo of the dog to notice some similarities to the fox: the Shiba inu dog's tail is very bushy and curved, just like a fox's tail. Its friendly face, however, makes this dog a somewhat cuter version than the wild animal.

Dog breed that looks like a fox: Icelandic Shepherd

An adult fox can measure up to 50 cm in height, as can an Icelandic Shepherd. In common, the two animals also have abundant fur in the neck area, which is almost like a frame for their faces. Firm, upward pointing ears, delicate muzzle and fur, lots of fur, in colors such as brown, white and black.

Alaskan Malamute is also a dog that looks like a fox

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The Alaskan Malamute dog is often mistaken for a Siberian Husky when its coat is black and white. But, when its fur has reddish tones, it is a fox that it resembles. The large-sized dog also has triangular ears standing on end.

Akita Inu is another dog breed that looks like a fox

Descended from the Shiba Inu, the Akita is a large dog. Apart from the difference in size (the Shiba is small to medium-sized), its appearance is also reminiscent of a little fox. Not to mention the Akita Inu's personality marked by intelligence and a dose of rebelliousness.

Long-haired Chihuahua: puppy that looks like a fox

One of the smallest dogs in the world is also one of the most mischievous: the Chihuahua can have a short or long coat, and it is in this variation that he resembles a fox. His ears, neck, belly and tail get a silky coat that makes him even funnier!

Lulu of Pomerania: fox-like dog, only miniature

The Zwergspitz is another furry little fella that looks like a mini fox, especially if it has a red, orange, brown or cream coat. Intelligent and outgoing, the German Spitz can be as charming as a fox!

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