6 characteristics of the Abyssinian cat, breed of Ethiopian origin

 6 characteristics of the Abyssinian cat, breed of Ethiopian origin

Tracy Wilkins

The Abyssinian cat is a charming feline, with striking physical characteristics and personality. This cat is usually very sought after and popular among pet parents, having a number of admirers around the world. It doesn't matter if it's a kitten or an adult Abyssinian cat: it's a fact that it will be the joy of the house and will be a hit with visitors. So if you still don't know the breed very well and want to get to know it, you can get to know it.If you want to know more about the Abyssinian, just keep reading: we've put together 5 characteristics about the cat of Ethiopian origin. Be careful not to fall in love!

1) Abyssinian cat is playful and has lots of energy

Those who are Abyssinian cat guardians know that their behavior does not match the stereotype of the lazy cat. This breed has a lot of energy to spend and needs adequate space in the home to exercise. One of the biggest recommendations is to invest in environmental enrichment for the Abyssinian to feel entertained and enjoy the activities. Oh, and don't worry: space is notproblem: the Abyssinian cat can adapt anywhere, including apartments. It is considered mischievous, so don't be alarmed if you find it on shelves or even inside cupboards.

2) Exuberance of the Abyssinian cat is unique

The Abyssinian cat is of medium size, distributing all its beauty in a muscular, flexible and slightly arched back. Its high jumps in the air are guaranteed by long and slender legs. The tail of the Abyssinian cat is also long and has a sharper appearance. The paws of the kitten of the breed are oval, bringing even more exuberance to the look of the breed.

3) Unique coat is one of the main characteristics of the Abyssinian cat

Of all the physical characteristics of the Abyssinian cat, surely the one that draws the most attention is its coat. It is very short and silky: orange cats are the most common, but it is also possible to find specimens with brown or blue coats with dark markings, the famous striped cat. All this draws even more attention with the color of its eyes, which can be green, hazel or yellowish.

4) Abyssinian cat facial expression is unmistakable

The shape of the Abyssinian cat's head and its large, erect ears give it an incredibly wild appearance, and its nose pointed towards the forehead and its striking feline eyes only reinforce this, even bringing to mind some mysterious cat legends.

5) Being observant is an interesting personality trait of the Abyssinian cat

This furry cat is very curious and a great evidence of this is that the Abyssinian cat always has a watchful eye on everything that happens around him, without letting any detail escape. Yes, this cat is very observant, and nothing goes unnoticed by him! So, if you notice well the deep and expressive gaze of the Abyssinian cat, it is quite possible that you will be able to understand what catches the attentionof your friend.

6) Abyssinian cat: price of the breed varies from R$ 1,000 to R$ 2,000

If you are planning to buy Abyssinian cat, know that the value of the breed usually varies between R$ 1,000 to R$ 2,000. The price of Abyssinian kittens can be influenced by the sex of the animal and characteristics of its parents. First of all, it is important to check the way in which the animals are treated in the cattery so as not to finance mistreatment.

Tracy Wilkins

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