5 ways to prevent urinary tract infection in cats

 5 ways to prevent urinary tract infection in cats

Tracy Wilkins

Urinary infection in cats is one of the most common diseases that can affect felines. It usually develops due to low water intake, causing pain, discomfort and affecting organs that are fundamental to the proper functioning of the animal's body. Urinary infection, despite affecting many cats, can be prevented with special and very simple care.

Urinary infection in cats is a disease that can affect various organs of the urinary tract. Its origin is usually bacterial, but in some cases it can be caused by fungi. The main symptoms are increased frequency of urination, decreased volume of pee, pain when urinating, blood in the urine and urination in unusual places.

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Cat: Urinary tract infection can be prevented by changing habits

Urinary infection in cats usually develops due to poor water intake. In domestic cats, especially the elderly, males and neutered cats, urinary infection is even more common. Certain situations contribute to the feline acquiring the disease. Lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle, for example, are some of them. When the animal does not exercise and only lies down theThis is, in fact, the main reason why neutered cats have a greater chance of contracting urinary infection, since after surgery they tend to be calmer and more sedentary. In addition to sedentary lifestyle, diet is another factor that deserves attention when it comes to preventing the disease. See below 5 fundamental tips for preventing urinary infection in cats!

1) Environmental enrichment is a fun way to prevent urinary infection in cats

Environmental enrichment provides felines with an environment closer to their lifestyle, preventing boredom and making them more active. There are several ways to adopt environmental enrichment in the home to make your pet more lively. The cat will start to explore, climb and move more, thus avoiding sedentariness in a fun way. In addition, the use of water fountainsis also a great idea to prevent urinary tract infection in cats. The sound of running water is attractive to felines, making them more inclined to drink water.

2) Urinary tract infection: cats with easy access to water bowls have a lower risk of contracting the disease.

To avoid urinary tract infection in cats, it is essential that your feline always finds a suitable environment to drink water and also to do his business. Therefore, it is essential that litter boxes and water bowls are always available to felines. Spreading more than one water bowl around the house makes your pet hydrated wherever you are. Keeping the litter box clean.always clean and available in various places in your home also makes the animal do its business whenever it feels like it. Thus, the cat drinks more water and urinates properly, avoiding the risk of a urinary infection.

3) Wet food has a higher concentration of water and helps fight urinary infection in cats

Wet food naturally contains a greater amount of water than dry food. Cats don't have much of a habit of drinking water, so when it's less frequent, it can be extremely dangerous. Wet food increases the amount of water your cat drinks. What's more, cats tend to love wet food!

4) Urinary infection: cat should be fed with food according to its age group.

A fundamental care in feeding kittens is the choice of food. There are specific foods for kittens, adults and the elderly. The difference between them is due to the availability and quantity of different substances. While kittens need more of certain nutrients, the elderly need others. Elderly cats, for example, tend to develop urinary infection more. byIt is essential that each kitten receives the appropriate food according to its age.

5) Stress can favor the emergence of diseases such as urinary infection in cats

When cats go through situations that cause stress or agitation, they tend to drink less water. Changes in routine and the arrival or absence of animals and people in the house are some of the situations that usually make cats stressed. Consequently, they hydrate less, favoring the appearance of urinary infection in cats. So, avoid sudden changes that affect your pet's health and try toA good tip is to bet on the use of pheromones, which calm cats in these situations of routine changes.

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