30 black dog breeds and their physical characteristics (+ photo gallery)

 30 black dog breeds and their physical characteristics (+ photo gallery)

Tracy Wilkins

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Black dogs are often wronged when it comes to winning a family. This is because many people associate this coat color with bad luck and other superstitions. However, it is necessary to demystify this idea and open our hearts to black dogs who, like any other, are always willing to offer love and affection. The black coat is even part of the family's identity.pattern of hundreds of dog breeds. To help you recognize the coat pattern, the Paws of the House has put together the 30 most popular black dog breeds, with a gallery to identify each one. Check it out!

1) The Labrador Retriever with the black coat is all love

Many people are accustomed to the light-haired Labrador, but this dog breed can also have a black coat (which makes it even more special). With a muscular body of large size, the Labrador can measure about 57 cm and weigh up to 35 kg. Its hair is short, dense and double and the colorations include caramel, beige, black and also chocolate. Despite the short coat, the dogs of the Labrador can have a black coat.Labrador breeds need to be brushed daily, as they tend to shed a lot of hair.

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2) Black dog: the Rottweiler is a great companion

Despite the (wrong) reputation of being aggressive, the Rottweiler dog has a lot of affection to give and is generally a great companion to have around. The official colors of this little dog are black and fawn, and the main characteristics of the coat are that it is medium, dense and hard. The size of the animal varies from medium to large, being able to have a height between 55 and 70 cm and weight between 35 and 60 kg, and he hasa fairly strong musculature, but this should not be confused with canine obesity.

3) Dachshund: the black dog breed is super suitable for smaller homes

The small size of the Dachshund breed is one of its biggest advantages: this animal can easily adapt to any place, including small apartments. The color of the hair of the famous sausage dog varies between black and shades of red (from the lightest, close to beige, to the darkest). They can also have small spots in the region of the face and paws, which are shorter and more pronounced.fit perfectly on its long body, which refers to the image of a sausage.

4) The Pinscher is small and full of personality

Another black dog breed ideal for those who live in apartments is the Pinscher. This little dog can have different sizes, from the Pinscher 0 to the miniature, each with its height and weight specifications. Despite the variations, the Pinscher does not usually exceed 6 kg and has a maximum height of 30 cm. The color of its coat can be reddish or black with red spots.

5) Great Dane is a black dog breed that may surprise you

Think of a big, athletic dog: that's the Great Dane, also called the Great Dane. With a dense, short and smooth coat, these animals need to be brushed quite often, as they shed a lot of hair. The colors of the breed can be varied, but black is usually present, even if in the form of spots - the Great Dane can also be totally black. Despite the appearanceimposing, the dog of the breed is very friendly, docile and calm.

6) The black Poodle easily conquers anyone

There is no doubt that the Poodle dog is one of the most beloved dogs in Brazil. But, contrary to what many people may think, this breed is not limited only to white-haired dogs. In fact, the black Poodle dog is also quite popular - and it is also possible to find it in gray, brown and apricot colorations. There are different sizes of the Poodle breed, so its weight is very important.quite variable - between 2 and 23 kg, while the height is usually in the range of 25 to 52 cm.

7) Black Cane Corso has the imposing appearance, but is super companionable

Of Roman origin, the Cane Corso dog has gained a lot of popularity in Brazil since the last century. It is a large and robust-looking black dog breed, which can measure up to 70 cm and has an average weight of 50 kg. The coat pattern of the Cane Corso breed encompasses a wide variety, but without a doubt the black dog is the most charming of all. The breed is super easy to care for.suitable for accompanying hikes and other adventures - in other words, a strong candidate to become a companion for all hours.

8) Black pug is synonymous with cuteness

The Pug's funny appearance is perhaps one of the most striking traits of the little dog. But while the most common to find is the Pug puppy in varying shades of apricot and beige, the little dog with the black fur is truly enthralling. The flattened muzzle and bulging eyes are usually the highlights of the breed's physical characteristics, but this medium-sized dog usually weighs around 10kg andmeasure around 30 cm.

9) Black dog breed: Doberman is a great guard dog

With smooth, short and thick hair, the Doberman can have up to four types of colors, with the black dog being the most popular among them. But, like the Pinscher, dogs of this breed usually have reddish spots in the region of the face, legs and tail. They are quite strong and imposing dogs, with a friendly temperament. The Doberbam is a great watchdog, as it is always on the alert.

10) Terra Nova is a giant dog that loves water

The Newfoundland falls into the giant dog breeds: it can measure up to 74 cm and its weight ranges from 54 to 68 kg. With a medium, thick and double coat, the colors of this animal can be black, brown or black and white. It is worth taking special care of its coat, as it tends to be oily. Other than that, the Newfoundland is very quiet and affectionate, and it is a dog breed that simply loves to playin the water.

11) The black French Bulldog is quite charming

Another black dog that has a lot of space in the hearts of guardians is the French Bulldog. Although there are variations in the color of this dog's coat, he looks much more charming with darker hair (although there are always spots, usually white, around his body). Still, it is also possible to find him with white, fawn, beige and even brindle fur. This dog measuresabout 35 cm and weighs up to 14 kg.

12) Black dog: Schnauzer has only two color variations

An elegant and incredibly hairy dog is the Schnauzer, which has a double layer of long, dense and smooth hair. Usually, people are more accustomed to finding this breed in the salt and pepper color (white and gray), but the Schnauzer can also be completely black. These two color standards are the only officially accepted and recognized. With a medium size, this little doghas a height ranging from 45 to 50 cm and a weight between 14 and 20 kg.

13) Boston Terrier: black and white dog is quite common

The Boston Terrier is commonly confused with a French Bulldog due to several physical similarities. The coat of this breed is short and smooth, not requiring much care other than regular brushing. The color pattern is usually bicolor, with variations that can be black and white (which is the most common), brown and white or brindle and white. The Boston Terrier weighs an average of 7 kg and measures about 32cm.

14) The Berne Cattleman is a black dog with brown and white spots

Although the Bernese Mountain breed is tricolor, it is included in the list because its coat is mostly black, even with the little spots distributed throughout the body. The Bernese's hair is long, silky and can come in two variations: smooth or slightly wavy. Even so, it does not necessarily need to be brushed every day - three times a week is enough.The Bernese Cattleman is large, measuring between 64 and 70 cm and weighing around 50 kg.

15) English Cocker Spaniel has a wide variety of colors

Although the golden Cocker Spaniel is the most common, the English version of the breed has a wide variety of colors, including black. The English Cocker Spaniel can have only one color or be bicolor and tricolor, which further increases the amount of options. The breed is super docile, friendly and does not usually have behavioral problems. With a smooth, silky and long coat, the Cocker reaches a height of 44 cm.cm and weight around 15 kg.

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16) The German Shepherd has most of its body covered in black hair

The German Shepherd dog breed is another with many particularities involving its coat. Generally this dog is wrapped in a black cape that covers its body, which is precisely the reason why it is considered a black dog. But the presence of spots is natural in this animal, and they can have varying tones, with reddish brown being the most classic. The German Shepherd is large in size,with an average height of 60 cm and weight ranging from 30 to 42 kg,

17) Black Chow Chow is super rare

The Chow Chow is usually associated mainly with a reddish or beige coat, but this is not the only possible color in the breed: the black dog is also a breed standard, although it is less common. Another very striking physical characteristic of the Chow Chow is the blue tongue and the dense and long hair, which make the puppy look even more cute and charismatic. This dog of sizeThe average can measure up to 55 cm and weigh around 20 kg to 25 kg.

18) Scottish Terrier: a very special small black dog

As the name implies, the Scottish Terrier originates from Scotland, but is very successful around the world. This little dog is super adaptable to different environments, has an average height of 25 cm and can weigh up to 10 kg. It has double-layered hair enveloping its entire body, and the black dog is the most popular among the breed's colors.

19) Lhasa Apso can also be dark coat

When we think of a Lhasa Apso, we usually think of a dog with golden, white or brown fur. However, these are not the only possible colors for these animals: the black Lhasa Apso also exists. These dogs require daily care of their fur to avoid knots and other skin problems. Medium-sized, the Lhasa dog can measure up to 25 cm and weigh about 7 kg.

20) Black dog: Belgian Shepherd Groenendael is quite muscular and sturdy

The Belgian Shepherd has different variations which are the Malinois, the Belgian Tervuren, the Laekenois and the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael. Each of them have specific physical characteristics, with the Groenendael being entirely black most of the time, but it can also come with white spots in some regions. The dog has a large size, with an average height of 65 cm and a weight that varies.between 20 and 35 kg.

21) English greyhound: a rather athletic black dog

As many people know, the English Greyhound is considered the fastest dog in the world, being able to reach a speed of up to 65 km/h. This happens thanks to its body that is naturally athletic, with a long back and long legs that facilitate its movement. Slim and well defined, the English Greyhound has a short and thin coat, with colors ranging from black, white, red, brown and beige.Dogs of this breed weigh about 30 kg and are between 70 and 75 cm tall.

22) Neapolitan Mastiff is a rather muscular black dog breed

The Neapolitan Mastiff is definitely a big dog! These dogs weigh an average of 60 kg and can reach a height of 70 cm. They are heavy, strong and muscular with drooping wrinkles around the face. They have a short, rough and rather harsh coat, and the colors of the Neapolitan Mastiff are usually black, grey and red. Despite their imposing size, they are calm and docile dogs.

23) Portuguese water dog does not dispense with water games

The Portuguese Water Dog, as its name implies, is a dog of Portuguese origin and loves to play in the water. This breed can have a long or short coat, and the officially accepted colors are black, white or brown - there may or may not be a combination between them. The Portuguese Water Dog is medium-sized, with a maximum height of 70 cm and a weight that varies between 16 and 25 kg.

24) Affenpinscher: this black dog is very charismatic

The Affenpinscher is a dog that originated in Germany and is a descendant of the German Pinscher. They are quite hairy and small, up to 30 cm tall and with an average weight of 6 kg, ideal for those who live in an apartment. About the colors of the Affenpinscher coat, the black dog is the one that stands out the most and the most common type. However, it is also possible to find it in gray, red and black.gold.

25) Boxer: a black dog breed to fall in love with

The colors of the Boxer breed are usually brown, black or brindle, but for those looking for a black dog this is undoubtedly a great four-legged companion. However, as they are medium-sized dogs and quite energetic, they need adequate space to be raised. The Boxer puppy can be up to 60 cm tall, and weigh about 30 kg.

26) Black dog breeds: Sharpei has several colors

The Sharpei breed is very reminiscent of a Bulldog, because both have a rather sturdy body full of folds. Although the most common coat color is caramel, there are different variations of Sharpei colors, from black to white. The Sharpei is a medium-sized dog, which can reach 50 cm in height, and usually weighs around 30 kg.

27) Pitbull: a loving black dog full of charm

Pitbull fans can be happy, because this is yet another black dog breed that is quite popular out there. Although the image of this breed is commonly associated with aggressive episodes, in fact the Pitbull dog is full of love to give. They are medium-sized and athletic dogs that usually measure around 50 cm and weigh up to 30 kg. The maintenance of the hair should be done with brushingweekly.

28) The black Bull Terrier is rarer

Another black dog breed is the Bull Terrier, a serious-looking dog that looks intimidating but is very loving to its family. This breed has different coat colors, but black is not as common as white. There is also a Bull Terrier with red, brindle and tricolour tones. This dog has a height of up to 56 cm and weighs approximately 30 kg.

29) Border Collie: a black and white dog that is pure love

The smartest dog in the world is easily recognized with its black and white coat colors. The Border Collier can be found in brown and white colors, although this variation is rarer. The long or short, double-layered and very dense coat needs regular grooming. In general, they are considered medium-sized dogs and can reach 55 cm and up to 20 kg in weight.

30) Vira-lata: black dog is a classic version of this pooch

There are all kinds of mongrels and for all tastes, but you can't ignore that the black dog wins the hearts of Brazilians. Generally, dogs with this coat color are docile, calm and super loving - but they can also be a bit messy (nothing that a training can't solve). However, black mongrels also tend to suffer a certain prejudice and are more difficult to treat.So, why not open up your home to a beautiful puppy like this? You certainly won't regret it!

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