14 dog movies for those who love animals

 14 dog movies for those who love animals

Tracy Wilkins

No matter how old you are, a puppy movie with a new family, a production about a brave little dog going on adventures or even a movie with an arty Labrador puppy will always steal the hearts of dog lovers. Dog movies are so loved by people that, whether real or animated, success is guaranteed. With extreme cuteness and scriptselaborated, a dog movie can either make you laugh too much or bring you to tears - or even both! If you love a good dog movie, how about having a marathon this weekend? We've separated a selection with the best dog movies for you to grab the popcorn, sit on the couch and get into these stories!

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1) Always By Your Side (2009): one of the best sad dog movies out there

The dog movie Always by Your Side is an adaptation of a true story that happened in Japan

Always By Your Side is a classic sad dog movie, the American version of the story of Hachiko, a cute Akita puppy. In this film, the dog and his guardian Parker Wilson have such a close relationship that the puppy accompanies him to the train station every day and waits for him until he returns from work... until he never comes back. To be consecratedEven more so as one of the top sad dog movies ever made, it is based on true events, telling the story of friendship and overcoming the dog who never gives up on his beloved master.

2) Marley & Me (2008): one of the most famous dogs in movies is super messy and has a beautiful relationship with his owners

How can you not fall in love with the world's most famous labrador movie dog?

It's impossible to talk about dog movies without remembering the feature film Marley & Me. This is the most famous movie with a Labrador dog in the lead role, a breed known for its joy and for bringing fun - exactly what Marley does. Adopted by newlyweds John (Owen Wilson) and Jenny (Jennifer Aniston), the story tells the dog's adventures and mischief. This is a movie about dogs and humans,highlighting the beautiful friendship that can exist between the two. Marley is the typical movie dog that is impossible not to fall in love with. Its success is so great that nowadays it is not difficult to find a dog named Marley around. In addition, this which is considered one of the best dog movies is also an adaptation of a true story.

3) Beethoven (1992): a classic big dog movie

Beethoven, one of the best-known movie celebrity dogs, brings joy and mayhem to the Newton family

A classic puppy movie that arrives and changes the lives of its owners, Beethoven is one of the biggest hits of the genre to date. Have you ever thought about waking up one day and having a Saint Bernard puppy in your bed asking to be adopted? Impossible to say no! In the movie, Beethoven is the typical messy, sweet and full of love pet to give. But the story also has adventure: a veterinarianwants to use Beethoven for scientific experiments, leaving the animal in trouble. Just like Marley, Beethoven is one of the famous movie dogs that served as inspiration for names of many dogs around the world and made everyone fall in love with the dog breed. Movie was so successful that it has some great sequels.

4) K9 - A Good Cop for Dogs (1989): the ideal dog movie for those who also love solving a crime

The dog movie K9 - A Good Cop for Dogs features a police officer and a German Shepherd in the fight against crime

K9 - A Good Cop is one of the best known examples of a movie about a sniffer dog that helps in police work. Straight from the 80's, Michael Dooley (James Belushi) is a police officer who works alone but is forced by his boss to have Jerry Lee, a German Shepherd, as a partner. Using all his sniffing skills typical of the breed, the dog helps to investigate a crime.At the beginning of this classic smart police dog movie, the partnership is not easy, but gradually the two get closer and create a great friendship.

5) 101 Dalmatians (1961): the old dog movie that's still a hit

The movie about dogs on the run from villain Cruella 101 Dalmatians is a favorite among dog lovers

It's hard to find someone who has never seen or heard of the dog movie 101 Dalmatians. This Disney classic is one of the most famous examples of an old dog movie that is still successful today. The first version was released in the 60s in animated form. In the 90s, the version with real actors was released, with Glenn Close in the role of the famous villain Cruella de Vil who wants to use the dogs of the world.It's a dog movie with a lot of adventure and comedy, making us cheer all the time for the dogs to escape from the feared villain. Being one of the best dog movies ever made, even its villain is very famous, winning a live-action with her name in 2021 telling the story from her point of view.

6) Friends Forever (1995): story of overcoming marks this dog drama movie

Friends Forever is a movie with Labrador dog that brings the story of the boy Angus and his friend Yellow

If your weakness is dog movies that show the true friendship between dogs and humans, Friends Forever was made for you. Just like Marley & Me, it's also a Labrador dog movie, but this time telling the story of the boy Angus and Yellow, his yellow Labrador. After a maritime accident, where the boat they were on runs aground and catches fire, the duo must uniteIt is a movie about dog and owner supporting and trusting each other in a beautiful story of overcoming.

7) Four Lives of a Dog (2017): the sad dog movie that brings reflections on life

The dog movie Four Lives of a Dog features Bailey, a dog restless about his existence

Four Lives of a Dog is perfect for those looking for a drama movie with a dog to be moved. Based on the bestseller of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron, the feature stars Bailey, a restless Golden Retriever who has many reflections on his existence. Do you know what the meaning of life is? Well, this is what the production reveals by showing the story of a dog that reincarnates four timesIn the same dehydrating style as Always by Your Side, the sad dog movie is a trigger for free crying from those who love dog movies. The feature film also has a sequel, "Together Forever", released in 2019. Bailey returns to help a child neglected by his parents. It is, without a doubt, a drama film with a dog that thrills from start to finish!

8) The Way Home (2019): a movie about dog on an emotional journey

The dog movie On the Way Home brings the combo of cute dog and journey of overcoming. The feature tells the journey of Pitbull Bella to find her owner after being taken to a shelter. The dog movie - based on the book by W. Bruce Cameron, the same as Four Lives of a Dog - puts challenges and learnings on the dog's path that bring her closer to her goal: finding her home. It is a ...example of a movie with a dog living an adventure of emotion. Impossible not to fall in love with the cuteness of Bella!

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9) My Friend Enzo (2019): the bond between owner and dog lasts a lifetime in this surprising dog movie

My Friend Enzo is the perfect dog movie for those who want to see a beautiful relationship of dog and guardian

A dog drama movie always wins over lovers of feature films with pets in the lead. From the same creators of Marley & Me, the dog movie My Friend Enzo is narrated by a witty and philosophical dog named Enzo. The guardian Denny is a driver with a unique talent for driving in the rain. He adopts Enzo who becomes present at all the races. The story of the dog movie recountsthe whole life of the pet and its owner going through a hurricane of dramas, such as the illness and degeneration of Denny's companion, until a legal battle for custody of the couple's daughter. It is undoubtedly an exciting dog movie that makes you reflect when you finish watching.

10) Benji (2019): a remake of the classic old dog movie that portrays the friendship between dog and child

If you were a dog-loving child in the 70s and 80s, you surely have the little movie dog Benji close to your heart. The little Cairn Terrier dog starred in one of the most beloved franchises in children's cinema and is back in a new Netflix movie. The well-known old dog movie features the story of the boy Carter who finds the furry on the street, falls in love and decides to take him with himhome leaving strawberries as clues for the dog to follow. The problem is that Whitney, Carter's mother, has an intense work life and doesn't want to let him stay with the dog. This movie about a dog and his friendly relationship with a child is worth checking out!

11) June & Kopi (2021): a dog movie with cuteness and confusion in double figures

The movie about dogs and their relationship with the new family is perfect for those who want to have fun

If you are looking for a good dog movie with comedy and family confusion, June & Kopi is the ideal option. The feature film portrays the arrival of the mongrel June in a family that already has the presence of the lively Pit Bull Kopi. Together, they turn the family upside down! It is a film about dogs relating to other dogs in the house and adapting to the new home. Impossible not to have fun!watching the messes caused by June & Kopi.

12) Togo (2019): a dog movie with heartwarming story on a life-saving mission

The dog movie Togo presents the heartwarming story of a guardian and his dogs in the quest to save lives

A dog movie based on true events almost always makes you cry, and when it's a story as heartwarming as Togo's, it's impossible to hold back the tears. The dog drama movie tells the story of a man who sets out with a pack of dogs on a super important mission: to bring medicine to an Alaskan population that is suffering from a serious epidemic in the 20th century.Siberian Husky Togo is the leader of the pack and has a beautiful relationship with his owner, united by the goal of saving lives. For those who want a sad dog movie to cry and be inspired, put Togo on your list now!

13) Xico: the magic dog (2020): in addition to portraying the dog's adventure, the movie shows Mexican culture

A movie about dogs and Mexican culture, Xico: The Magical Dog takes a different approach than usual

Anyone who loves to learn more about different cultures will love this movie. Xico the dog is a smart little dog who helps his owner and his best friend on an adventure with an important goal: to stop a company from exploiting a mountain in Mexico to extract wealth from the place. This dog movie is different from today's animations because it is made in 2D. In addition, it is much more than a movieabout dog, as it explores Mexican culture and folklore. It is a great program to enjoy with children on a weekend.

14) Bolt - super dog (2009): super powers, adventure and Hollywood make this dog movie guaranteed fun

Bolt - Superdog is the ideal dog movie to watch with the kids and family

Last but not least, the dog movie Bolt - Superdog is ideal for watching with children and family. The animation is the typical talking dog movie that goes on various adventures. Bolt and his owner Penny are stars of a TV series in which the dog is the main character and has different superpowers. Because of this, the dog grew up believing that he was a superhero. The storylinetakes another turn when Penny is kidnapped and Bolt, in an attempt to save her, flees the studio and ends up in New York. A dog movie that is guaranteed to be funny, adventurous and exciting - that is, with everything a good dog movie lover likes to watch!

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