10 protein-rich foods cats can eat and how to offer them

 10 protein-rich foods cats can eat and how to offer them

Tracy Wilkins

Every guardian should know what a cat can and cannot eat, as this avoids health problems caused by toxic foods for them. For the pet to have a healthy diet, it needs to eat a certain amount of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids per day. These substances are essential for the proper functioning of the body, with emphasis on proteins, which are considered theThe nutrient is responsible for providing energy, transporting molecules and building and renewing internal organs, among many other functions.

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Usually, cats eat food specially made for them. But did you know that, in addition to food, there are some foods that we eat that can be eaten by cats as a complement to their diet? Many foods, when prepared correctly, bring several benefits and are a great source of protein for the animal. Do you want to know what they are? The Paws of the House has prepared a list of 10 protein-rich foods for cats with tips on how to offer them. check out!

1) Fish is a meat full of protein that the cat can eat

Did you know that fish for cats is a food that brings many nutritional advantages to animal health? This meat is famous mainly for being rich in omega 3, a nutrient that helps strengthen the bones and immune system of cats. But, in addition, it is a great example of a food rich in protein for cats, thus being a great ally in increasing the animal's disposition.

The fish must be offered to the cat cooked and without bones or thorns. In addition, it must not be raw or seasoned. It is worth mentioning that not all fish can be eaten by the cat. Canned fish are prohibited, as well as cod, because it has too much salt. On the other hand, the cat can eat trout, salmon, tuna and sardines (as long as they are not canned) without problems, as a type of snack and withoutreplace the meal entirely.

2) Cooked chicken is an example of a protein-rich food for cats

If you're wondering if your cat can eat chicken, the answer is yes! To do so, it must follow the same preparation recommendations as fish: it needs to be cooked, boneless and without seasonings. With these precautions, the kitten can eat the meat without problems, but always in moderation, since excess can cause problems such as feline obesity.

The ideal is to offer the chicken in the form of snacks, without exceeding the 10% of daily calories that the animal should consume. When the cat eats chicken in the right measure, it benefits greatly from the high protein level that helps in muscle health. In addition, it is a food with many B vitamins and low in fat (but remember that, even so, excesses can be harmful).

3) Sweet potato is proof that cat foods with protein go beyond meat

It is not only animal meat that can be considered a protein-rich food for cats. Many vegetables are high in protein and can replace meat. A great example is sweet potato! When your cat eats sweet potato, he ingests a high amount of protein that is part of the composition of this vegetable. In addition, this food is rich in fiber, which helps the functioning of the systemThe vegetable is also full of vitamins A, C and B complex, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Without a doubt, sweet potatoes are a great example of foods that are sources of protein and carbohydrates for dogs and cats, but remember: always offer them cooked, in moderation and without seasonings.

4) Beef or chicken liver is a great food that the cat can eat to gain protein

Beef liver and chicken liver are sources of protein and carbohydrates for dogs and cats, so they are very good for animal health and can be included in natural feeding diets without problems, as long as the guardian follows the proper care: cooking, not seasoning and giving small portions. Liver is a cat food full of protein, vitamin C (which helps immunity),In addition, it is a great source of vitamin A, which plays an important role in the health of the cat's skin and eyes . But beware of excess, as this vitamin in large quantities can cause intoxication. Ideally, the cat should only eat liver as a treat on special occasions.

5) Boiled egg is one of the highest sources of protein a cat can eat

The egg is one of the greatest sources of lean protein that exist, so much so that it is always present in the diet of people who practice many physical activities and want to gain muscle mass. In the case of pussies, the egg can also be a great ally for health! The proteins present in the food help to give energy and disposition to the animal. In addition, the egg has the advantage of being one of the bestcat food in relation to the level of fat, as the concentration of lipids present in it is very low. Finally, it is also rich in calcium and iron, which ensures greater bone health. It is worth mentioning that the cat can eat egg as long as it is cooked, and it is not good to overdo it in quantity.

6) Skimmed yogurt is a high-protein food that is allowed in the cat's diet.

Many people wonder if their cat can eat yogurt and the answer is no, since milk (the main ingredient in the composition) is an extremely forbidden food for felines. However, skimmed yogurt is allowed! It has no preservatives or sugars, and it still has a very low fat percentage, so it doesn't hurt the pet. In addition, this version of yogurt has bacteriaAnother benefit of skimmed yoghurt is precisely that it is a natural food extremely rich in protein and vitamins C, D and B complex. Therefore, the cat can eat this food, but always taking care not to overdo it.

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7) Offal is food that the cat eats and receives a high concentration of protein

Giblets, such as gizzards and hearts, are also good options for protein-packed cat foods. These foods, in addition to being extremely protein-packed, are rich in iron, so if you're wondering "I have a cat with anemia: what to eat to improve it?", know that giblets are a great suggestion! Iron is one of the main components of hemoglobin, which is part of blood cells.So, consumption is essential for cases of anemia in cats.

In addition to protein and a high concentration of iron, cats can eat offal because it is also rich in other nutrients such as magnesium, selenium and zinc. Just remember to follow those tips: the meat should be cooked, without seasoning and in small quantities.

8) Peas are a protein-rich cat food that is easy to digest

Another example of what a cat can eat with a lot of protein without being animal meat is peas. This legume has numerous health benefits, starting with its high protein level. The vegetable protein present in peas is very easy to be digested by the pet and, therefore, it is a great option of healthy food to include in the diet. In addition, peas are a good cat food because they are alsorich in fiber, iron, potassium and B vitamins. You can give frozen, raw or cooked peas, just be careful to check that they are not too hard.

9) Cheese is an example of a cat food with a high protein level

The question of whether a cat can eat cheese or not is one of the most common among pet parents. Many cats are lactose intolerant and, in this case, cheese is highly prohibited. However, there are felines that do not have this intolerance. If this is the case with your kitten, there is no problem in offering it, as long as in small quantities. As this food has a considerable amount of fat,It is good to avoid excesses. Cheese is a good idea for cat food (without intolerance) because it has a high concentration of protein and calcium, which helps to strengthen the animal's bone system. The ideal is to offer those cheeses with a harder consistency and that have less salt in the composition. Ricotta is one of the best options.

10) Kibble remains the most complete food a cat can eat

As much as human foods can be great sources of protein and carbohydrates for dogs and cats, it is important to keep in mind that none can replace kibble. It is formulated with all the essential nutrients for the proper development of the kitty's body. This means that cat food (dry or wet) is the most complete food for the pet and is the only one that contains the exact amount of nutrients.proteins indicated for each stage of life, since there are specific versions according to the age of the animal. As human foods are not prepared with kittens in mind, they may not contain all the important substances for the pet and, often, they exist in inadequate proportions for the feline diet. Therefore, chicken, sweet potatoes, cheese or any other food present in this diet is not recommended.list can be offered, but with veterinary supervision and not as the main dish in the cat's diet.

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